ESO Sets in Elder Scrolls Online are obtained via Crafting, as drops from mobs and bosses across Tamriel, from PvP vendors in Battlegrounds or Cyrodiil and from Dungeons and Trials. Some sets can be acquired from Maelstrom Arena or Dragonstar Arena. See also: Set Crafting Locations  for the locations on where the Crafted Sets can be made. See Unique Set Pieces for special Elite World Boss Drops.

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ESO Sets Updated to Murkmire DLC



All ESO Sets presented in alphabetical order, with links to how to find them. Users on desktop can mouse over the sets to preview. All sets are categorized for easy distinction by the following markers, if no L/M/H markers are present, the set can come in any type.

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All ESO Sets Alphabetical Order


Aegis of Galanwe H summerset-set

Adept Rider crafted-setssummerset-set
(3 traits)

Affliction H

Agility weapon-set

Akaviri Dragonguard H

Alessia's Bulwark crafted-sets
(5 traits)

Alessian Order H

Almalexia's Mercy L

Amber Plasm L shadows-of-the-hist-set

Arch-Mage L

Archer's Mind M

Armor Master crafted-sets imperial-city-sets
(9 Traits)

Armor of the Seducer crafted-sets
(3 traits)

Armor of the Trainee

Armor of the Veiled Heritance H

Armor of Truth H

Arms of Relequen M summerset-set

Ashen Grip crafted-sets
(2 traits)

Aspect of Mazzatun H shadows-of-the-hist-set

Assassin's Guile morrowind-set
(3 traits)

Automated Defense morrowind-set

Bahraha's Curse thieves-guild-set

Balorgh Wolfhunter DLC ESO monster-set

Barkskin M

Bastion of the Heartland H

Battalion Defender H murkmire-sets

Battlefield Acrobat M murkmire-set

Beckoning Steel H

Beekeeper's Gear H

Berserking Warrior H

Black Rose H imperial-city-sets

Blessing of the Potentates weapon-set

Blooddrinker M horns-reach-set

Blood Moon M Wolfhunter Set ESO

Blood Spawn monster-set

Bloodthorn's Touch L

Bone Pirate's Tatters M

Brands of Imperium H imperial-city-sets

Briarheart M orsinium-set

Bright-Throat’s Boast L murkmire-set

Buffer of the Swift L

Burning Spellweave L

Caluurion's Legacy L dragon-bones-sets

Champion of the Hist H murkmire-sets

Chokethorn monster-set

Clever Alchemist crafted-sets thieves-guild-set
(7 Traits)

Combat Physician L

Coward's Gear morrowind-set

Crest of Cyrodiil H

Crusader M

Curse Eater L

Curse of Doylemish H dragon-bones-sets

Daedric Trickery crafted-sets morrowind-set
(8 traits)

Darkstride M

Dead-Water’s Guile M murkmire-sets

Deadly Strikes weapon-set

Death's Wind crafted-sets
(2 traits)

Defending Warrior H

Desert Rose L

Destructive Mage L

Domihaus monster-set horns-reach-set

Draugr Hulk M

Draugr's Heritage H

Draugr's Rest L horns-reach-set

Dreamer's Mantle L

Dreugh King Slayer H

Duneripper's Scales H

Durok's Bane H

Eagle Eye weapon-set

Earthgore monster-set horns-reach-set

Ebon Armory H

Elemental Succession Lorsinium-set

Elf Bane H

Embershield H

Endurance weapon-set

Engine Guardian monster-set

Essence Thief Mimperial-city-sets

Eternal Hunt crafted-sets thieves-guild-set
(9 Traits)

Eternal Warrior H

Eyes of Mara crafted-sets
(8 traits)

Fasalla's Guile H

Fiord's Legacy M

Flanking Strategist M dark-brotherhood-set

Flame Blossom L horns-reach-set

Footman's Fortune H

Fortified Brass crafted-sets clockwork-city-set
(4 traits)

Galerion's Revenge imperial-city-sets

Glorious Defender H orsinium-set

Gossamer L shadows-of-the-hist-set

Grace of Gloom H summerset-set

Grace of the Ancients weapon-set

Grave-Stake Collector crafted-sets murkmire-set
(7 traits)

Green Pact H

Grothdarr monster-set

Gryphon's Ferocity M summerset-set


Hagraven's Garden H horns-reach-set

Hand of Mephala H shadows-of-the-hist-set

Hanu's Compassion L Wolfhunter Set ESO

Hatchling's Shell H

Hawk's Eye M

Haven of Ursus H Wolfhunter Set ESO

Healer's Habit L

Healing Mage L

Heem-Jas' Retribution M shadows-of-the-hist-set

Hide of Morihaus H dark-brotherhood-set

Hide of the Werewolf M

Hircine's veneer M

Hist Bark crafted-sets
(4 traits)

Hunding's Rage crafted-sets
(6 traits)

Hunt Leader M orsinium-set

Ice Furnace H

Iceheart monster-set

Ilambris monster-set

Immortal Warrior H

Imperial Physique imperial-city-sets

Impregnable Armor morrowind-set

Indomitable Fury L murkmire-set

Infallible Mage L

Infector M morrowind-set

Infernal Guardian monster-set

Innate Axiom crafted-sets clockwork-city-set
(2 traits)

Inventor's Guard morrowind-set

Ironblood H horns-reach-set

Jailbreaker M

Jailer's Tenacity H Wolfhunter Set ESO

Jolting Arms H

Jorvuld's Guidance L dragon-bones-sets

Juggernaut H

Kagrenac's Hope crafted-sets
(8 traits)

Knight Slayer morrowind-set

Knight-Errant's Mail H

Knightmare H

Kra'gh monster-set

Kvatch Gladiator crafted-sets dark-brotherhood-set
(5 Traits)

Kyne's Kiss M

Lamia's Song L

Law of Julianos crafted-sets orsinium-set
(6 Traits)

Leeching Plate H imperial-city-sets

Leki's Focus M

Leviathan M

Light of Cyrodiil L

Light Speaker L

Livewire H clockwork-city-set

Lord Warden monster-setimperial-city-sets

Lunar Bastion H thieves-guild-set

Mad Tinkerer L clockwork-city-set

Magicka Furnace L

Magnus' Gift crafted-sets
(4 traits)

Mantle of Siroria L summerset-set

Mark of the Pariah H orsinium-set

Marksman's Crest M

Master Architect morrowind-set

Maw of the Infernal monster-set

Mechanical Acuity crafted-sets clockwork-city-set
(6 traits)

Medusa H

Meridia’s Blessed Armor H

Meritorious Service L imperial-city-sets

Might of the Lost Legion crafted-sets murkmire-set
(4 traits)

Mighty Chudan monster-set shadows-of-the-hist-set

Molag  Kena monster-setimperial-city-sets

Moondancer L thieves-guild-set

Moon Hunter L Wolfhunter Set ESO

Morag Tong M

Morkuldin crafted-sets orsinium-set
(9 Traits)

Mother's Sorrow L

Naga Shaman crafted-sets murkmire-set
(2 traits)

Necropotence L

Nerien'eth monster-set

Netch's Touch L

Night Mother's Embrace Set M

Night Mother's Gaze crafted-sets
(6 traits)

Night Terror M

Night's Silence crafted-sets
(2 traits)

Nightflame monster-set

Nikulas' Heavy Armor H

Noble Duelist's Silks L

Noble's Conquest crafted-sets imperial-city-sets
(5 Traits)

Nocturnal's Favor crafted-setssummerset-set
(9 traits)

Oblivion's Edge M

Order of Diagna H

Orgnum's Scales crafted-sets
(8 traits)

Overwhelming Surge L



    • Anonymous

      02 Jan 2019 17:03  

      All ESO Sets listing is still missing "Arms of Infernace", "Arms of the Ancestors", "Destruction Suite", "Relics of the Physician, Ansur", "Relics of the Rebellion" and "Treasures of the Earthforge" from first 6 veteran dungeons. Also Level Up Advisor sets "Broken Soul" and "Prophet's" are missing.

      • Anonymous

        31 May 2018 11:39  

        Thanks a lot for this website, definitely best ESO wiki around, my favourite and I visit every day, cheers!:)

        • 30 Jan 2018 21:30  

          Anyone know if they're going to fix the interaction between overload and lamia, I get that it used the be broken op but that was long ago before they reworked how the set works entirely I dream of a day where the sorc healer non resto is competitive with my non-resto night blade healer

          • 01 Nov 2017 21:07  

            The malestrum knightblade. Race: khajiit. Head and shoulders Validreth set heavy divines. All body:black rose divines all armour max stamina enchants. Jewelry marksman gold or drough king with weapon damage glyphs. Weapons: Two-handed sword or maul nirnhoned and bow nirhoned or infused.

            • 01 Nov 2017 20:29  

              The Hybrid Templar: Race: Imperial. Helmet and shoulders: molar keona impenetrable. All armour with max magic glyphs. All body: clever alchemist Impenetrable heavy. Jewelry potentates with two spell damage glyphs and reduce cost of magic glyphs.Weapons: two handed nirnhoned malestrum or any nirn sword and staff infused healing with spell/weapon damage glyphs.Your jabs are magic based and you use reverse slice with shuffle. And dawn breaker of smiting.

              • 01 Nov 2017 20:10  

                The Vicious Warden: Race: High elf. Helmet and shoulders: valkin skoria impen with mag glyphs on all armour. All body vicious death impenetrable.jewlery: will power arcane with spell damage enchants.duel wields: torags pact nirnhoned with frost damage enchants. Works well in group battle.

                • 24 Oct 2017 16:55  

                  THE PVP IMPERIAL NIGHTBLADE DPS TANK:). Hi readers im really proud to present you my build this one is for pvp but still works for vet dungeons. MUNDUS: Warrior. GEAR:Head & Shoulder: Validreth heavy impen or blood spawn. All the body HEARTLAND Impen with max stam enchants. jewlery is FURY with weapon damage glyph. Mainhand: Malestrum weapon or a nirnhoned weapon with any enchant that works 4 u. Off-hand is sword n impen board enchant sword with weapon damage glyph. and bam a pvp tank dps build. Have a nice day.

                  • 24 Oct 2017 15:33  

                    THE SORC POWER HEALER: Hello everybody intoduding the Argonion Sorc Healer put everything into magic attributes. GEAR: Mainhand: spell power cure resoration staff - powered - weapon/spell damage.back-up hand: 2 swords -spell power cure - percise or defending.Head and shoulders: troll king - impen - heavy. the jewlery is spell power cure with spell damage enchantments.the rest of the body is Transmutation impen with max magika enchants and two small pieces with health enchantment. Ok I have played ths character for two years this is my baby lol, and im offering him to you readers. I have finished white gold tower on vet with all other vet dungeons and its a great set for pvp/pve, I have healed small to large groups also emperor's with this build its also great for dishing out dps with about 3500 spell damage when everything is procked. ps be sure you get the 10% healing mundus. i hope u injoyed this read.

                    • 24 Oct 2017 05:26  

                      THE SORC POWER HEALER. Ok the Argonion sorc power healer set i have been using for pvp/pve vet dungeons. troll king. spell power cure. transmutation. powered staff with two one handed swords swords.

                      • 24 Oct 2017 04:50  

                        test hello eso gamers i have a few builds that i would like to submit, I gave names to my builds hope its not to corny or if its out there sorry i just wanted to put my ideas out there so this on is for pvp lol. THE BULLY redguard stam sorc. Main hand - two handed sword - sword singer - infused - any enchant will do. Off-hand -bow-Ravenger -infused- weapon\spell damage glyph.Head - validreth - heavy - impen - max stam enchant on all armor. Shoulders - heavy - impen. Chest - Ravenger - impen. Gloves - Ravenger - impen. Belt - sword singer - impen. Boots - Ravenger - impen. Pants - Ravenger - impen. jewlery Sword singer - weapon damage enchantments. ENJOY THE READ.

                        • Anonymous

                          01 Oct 2017 20:40  

                          Not necessary but three more tabs to categorize, DPS, Tank and Healer sets will save people a lot of time when deciding what gear they need/want for their builds. I'm trying to create a spreadsheet for these three and it hurts my brain lol.

                          • Anonymous

                            14 Jun 2017 19:04  

                            Wtf man, where's the old interface? Wth is this bullcrap? Have YOU tried going throug that goddamn list wtf is wrong with you?

                            • Anonymous

                              10 Jun 2017 18:50  

                              This list is ass to go through, should have just put all sets into ONE list where it displays set bonuses in a handy column. Seperating dlc from non-dlc is *****ing tedious.

                              • 12 May 2017 08:54  

                                This page has been revamped! There's now an alphabetical list of all sets, as well as the categories with comparison tables that everyone was used to.
                                We have also added TOOLTIPS (mouseovers) to the page, please disable Adblock as it seems to block the code! Some slow loading may occur when you first mouse over a link to get a tooltip, be patient for a little bit and it'll catch up! :)

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