Bahraha's Curse is a Set in Elder Scrolls Online. It was added with the Theives Guild DLC.

Bahraha's Curse Set

LEVEL 50      CHAMPION 160

(2 Items) Adds 1206 Maximum Health

(3 Items) Adds 1096 Maximum Magicka

(4 Items) Take 40% less damage from traps

(4 Items) Adds 1096 Maximum Stamina

(5 Items) When you deal damage, you have a 25% chance to create desecrated ground for 5 seconds, which reduces the Movment Speed of enemies within by 70%, damages them for 860 Magic Damage every 1 second and heals you for 100% of the damage done.


Bahraha's Curse Information


Where to find

  • Hew’s Bane
  • Delve bosses have a chance to drop a waist or feet set piece from the zone they are located in.
  • Each boss also has a small chance to drop a unique set piece.
  • Overland group bosses have a 100% chance to drop head, chest, legs, or weapon set piece from the zone they are located in.
  • Public dungeon bosses have a chance to drop a shoulder, hand, or weapon set piece from the zone they are located in.
  • Treasure chests found in the world have a chance to grant any set piece that can drop in that zone:
    • Simple chests have a slight chance of dropping an item set piece.
    • Intermediate chests have a good chance of dropping an item set piece
    • Advanced and Master chests have a guaranteed chance of dropping an item set piece.
  • If you have the Treasure Hunter Champion Passive, both the above chances and quality of an item will be improved.
  • Treasure chests found from a Treasure Map have a guaranteed chance to drop one random set piece that can drop in that zone.
  • Major quests have been updated to reward a green or blue-quality set piece.
  • Regular monsters throughout Tamriel have a small chance of dropping any item set piece that can drop in that zone.



  • Values listed are at Legendary Champion 160
  • This Set comes in Light, Medium and Heavy Armor. You can only get Medium and Heavy Armor from doing Daily Heists in Hew's Bane.
  • This Set has a weapon of every type in the game.
  • This Set is bind-on-equip




    • Anonymous

      30 Apr 2018 14:17  

      This set procs off any damage, for, ground, air, direct, as well as other proc dmg. This set is affected by the cp: master at arms and elemental expert. The healing is affected by all healing cp. The effect is a little wider than the animation and can stack with other skills thst are similar and multiply the effect of healing with multiple targets. The snare last 4 secs after running into the proced aoe. Comes in all armor types, light, med, heavy. Can be farmed at world bosses. Jewels have higher drop rate on heist. Trap perk works with PvP/E traps but not aoes. This set is magic based and stacks with such. Damage is unique, it's magic but smh type is direct...though it will not proc some direct dmg sets. World bosses drop purple gear. That's all I've found out about this set.

      • Anonymous

        01 Mar 2017 08:28  

        Does the damage of this set proc from DoTs ? Or only direct damage?

        I'm thinking about using this set together with black rose on my Mag DK tank.

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