Waking Flame

Release Date Aug 23rd 2021 PC/Stadia
Sept 8th 2021 Consoles
Cost 1,500 eso-crowns (Free with ESO Plus) 
Sets Added

Waking Flame Sets

Dungeons Added

Red Petal Bastion

The Dread Cellar

Waking Flame is a DLC for The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO). It is expected to launch on August 23rd for PC/Stadia and Sept 8th 2021 for consoles. Short Description goes here.

This DLC adds 2 new Group Dungeons, and new Waking Flame Sets. It costs 1500 crowns and is free with ESO Plus.



What is the Waking Flame DLC?

Waking Flame is one of the installments of Gates of Obilivion adventure, following Flames of Ambition and Blackwood chapter.



Waking Flame Base Game Patch Features & Content

Two New Dungeons

  • Red Petal Bastion: For centuries, the honorable Knights of the Silver Rose prosecuted crusades against the servants of Oblivion. Now, they wield their Daedric plunder almost indiscriminately. Invade Red Petal Bastion and uncover the truth behind the once noble order's fall.
  • The Dread Cellar: The Empire kept its darkest secrets hidden in the depths of Black Marsh, far from prying eyes—the Dread Cellar, a torture chamber meant to hold those the Empire wanted to vanish. Explore this forgotten abattoir and learn its secrets, old and new.
  • Red Petal Bastion and The Dread Cellar are 4-player Dungeons which can be reached via Glenumbra and Blackwood respectively.
    • Red Petal Bastion’s entrance is in northeastern Glenumbra. The entrance is east of the Burial Mounds.
    • The Dread Cellar’s entrance is located in northern Blackwood, northwest of Wilke.
  • Both Dungeons include a Normal version in addition to a challenging Veteran version. Each dungeon also features challenging Hard Modes for each of their three boss encounters.
  • There are unique item sets, including two new Undaunted Monster Mask sets, only available within the Dungeons.
  • Unique Achievement awards are available for completing the Dungeons, including:
    • Unique Body and Face Markings
    • A unique Memento
    • Several Titles
    • Unique housing items

New Item Sets
Waking Flame adds a number of new item sets for you to acquire via the new dungeons. Please see Waking Flame Sets for more info.

New Collectibles, Outfit Styles & Dyes

  • Outfit Styles 
    • The "Magma Incarnate" helm and shoulders can rarely be obtained by completing the dungeon Veteran Dread Cellar. 
    • The "Prior Thierric" helm and shoulders can rarely be obtained by completing the dungeon Veteran Red Petal Bastion. 
  • Mementos 
    • The "Agonymium Stone" can be obtained by earning the "The Dread Cellar Conqueror" achievement. 
  • Markings 
    • The "Shattered Chivalry Face Tattoo" can be obtained by earning the "Arcane Analyst" achievement. 
    • The "Shattered Chivalry Body Tattoo" can be obtained by earning the "Red Petal Bastion Conqueror" achievement. 
  • Pets 
    • The "Scorion Pyreling" pet can be obtained by earning the "Waking Flame Explorer" achievement. 
  • Dyes
    • The "Moonshadow Orchid" dye can be obtained by earning the "Waking Flame Delver" achievement. 

New Furnishings  
New Bust and Trophy furnishings have been added to commemorate victory in Red Petal Bastion and the Dread Cellar. In addition, completing these dungeons on any difficulty unlocks purchase of two new achievement furnishings from Undaunted Quartermasters – the Silver Rose Banner and Agonymium Stone, Inert.

New Achievements and Titles  
Waking Flame introduces 47 new achievements, 4 new titles, 6 new collectibles, and 1 new dye. 

  • The "of the Silver Rose" title can be obtained by earning the "Bastion Breaker" achievement. 
  • The "Seeker of Artifacts" title can be obtained by earning the "Prior Offenses" achievement. 
  • The "The Dreaded" title can be obtained by earning the "Battlespire's Best" achievement. 
  • The "Incarnate" title can be obtained by earning the "Unshaken" achievement. 

New Motifs  
Waking Flame has 2 new Motifs available for testing and will be released sometime after the DLC launches.  

  • The first motif is the Sul-Xan Motif. The Sul-Xan Chapters can be obtained by the Rockgrove Weekly Quest. The associated style item, the Death-Hopper Vocal Sac, can be obtained by defeating Rockgrove Bosses. 
  • The other motif is the Black Fin Motif. The Black Fin Chapters, as well as the style item (The Marsh Nettle Sprig), can be obtained by completing Blackwood Delve Dailies. 

PvP Campaign Changes
For Update 31, the existing No-CP Cyrodiil and Imperial City campaigns will now also prohibit proc sets from firing.

New Collectibles
Update 31 brings a few new collectibles and items for you to acquire through various means:

  • Costumes 
    • Urgarlag will now offer Moongrave Fane, Lair of Maarselok, and Icereach monster masks and shoulders. 
  • Emotes 
    • The "Wargame Trebuchet" can be obtained by earning the "Siege Specialist" achievement. 
  • Adornments 
    • The "Grave Elegance Mask" can be obtained by earning the "Lyranth's Liaison" achievement. 

New Homes
There are two new homes available for testing in this update!

  • Sweetwater Cascades: Set in an idyllic location between Khajiiti and Imperial lands, this tranquil villa draws upon the Anequina Aqueduct for its dancing fountains and deep cisterns. After relaxing outside, retreat indoors to enjoy healthy nourishment and restful sleep.
  • Doomchar Plateau: Forged in the fires of the Deadlands, this lava-ringed plateau features a stunning view of Daedric landmarks and a solid foundation on which to build your very own Daedric dwelling. Live dangerously within the realm controlled by Prince Mehrunes Dagon!
    • Note: Doomchar Plateau can be previewed from its entrance southwest of the Dra’bul wayshrine in Malabal Tor, but is not yet available to own.

New Furnishings
Update 31 introduces several new furnishings and updates to existing furnishings:

  • Rolis Hlaalu, the Mastercraft Mediator, has 7 new furnishing plans available for purchase:
    • Diagram: Deadlands Torture Rack
    • Pattern: Leyawiin Tapestry, Hunting Party
    • Blueprint: Leyawiin Divider, Carved Starfish
    • Praxis: Leyawiin Hearth, Carved Wood
    • Design: Leyawiin Bowl, Squid Special
    • Formula: Blackwood Cottage Painting, Unframed
    • Sketch: Leyawiin Lightpost, Ornate
  • As usual, Rolis has also handed the prior set of furnishing plans over to his assistant, Faustina Curio. These can now be purchased at the reduced price of 100 writ vouchers:
    • Diagram: Dwarven Minecart, Ornate
    • Pattern: Solitude Yarn Rack, Colorful
    • Blueprint: Solitude Well, Noble
    • Praxis: Solitude Hearth, Rounded Tall
    • Formula: Vampiric Cauldron, Distilled Coagulant
    • Design: Provisioning Station, Solitude Grill
    • Sketch: Dwarven Crystal Sconce, Mirror
  • Faustina has bundled up the Western Skyrim plans into a new Furnishing Folio, which can be purchased for 700 writ vouchers and contains the following plans:
    • Diagram: Vampiric Chandelier, Azure Wrought-Iron
    • Pattern: Solitude Loom, Warp-Weighted
    • Blueprint: Solitude Game, Blood-on-the-Snow
    • Praxis: Ancient Nord Monolith, Head
    • Formula: Winter Cardinal Painting, In Progress
    • Design: Solitude Smoking Rack, Fish
    • Sketch: Blackreach Geode, Iridescent
  • A new set of 21 Leyawiin Structural Furnishing Recipes are now available from Leyawiin Reward Coffers, which can be obtained by completing World Boss or Delve Boss daily quests in Blackwood. These include a variety of walls and platforms, as well as several doors, a wooden stairway, and other structural elements!
    • Please note this requires the Blackwood Chapter to access.

Update 32 Prologue Quest – An Apocalyptic Situation
The Dread Lady, Lyranth the Dremora, needs your help to investigate the activities of Mehrunes Dagon cultists and determine the nature of a situation she believes could spell the doom of the mortal world. Join her on an adventure that will take you across Tamriel and possibly even to realms beyond!

  • To begin the Deadlands Prologue Quest for testing, you’ll need to first obtain the free Crown Store Quest Starter item, Lyranth’s Letter.
  • Venture to Daggerfall, Davon’s Watch, or Vulkhel Guard (depending on your Alliance) and find Lyranth’s messenger Rogatina Cinna outside the city walls.
  • Talk to Rogatina to begin the first of two quests: An Apocalyptic Situation.




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