Akaviri Style is a craftable armor and weapon style in Elder Scrolls Online.

Aetherial Style 

Gem Needed N/A
Location Dropped Weapons and Armor
Level required to learn N/A
Sets in this Style Immortal Warrior, Quick Serpent, Wise Mage, Berserking Warrior, Defending Warrior, Destructive Mage, Healing Mage, Poisonous Serpent and Twice-Fanged Serpent.


Heavy Armor

cuirass of the yokeda.png Helm_of_the_Yokeda.png pauldron of the yokeda.png greaves_of_the_yokeda.png gauntlets of the yokeda.png sabatons_of_the_yokeda.png girdle_of_the_yodeda.png


Medium Armor

ophidian_jack.png Ophidian_helm.png ophidian_boots_of_celerity.png ophidian_chausses_of_celerity.png ophidian_bracers_of_celerity.png Ophidian_Spaulders_of_Celerity.png ophidian belt of celerity.png


Light Armor

Aetherial_Robe.png Aetherial_Hat.png Aetherial_Shoes.png Aetherial_Breeches.png Aetherial_Gloves.png Aetherial_Epaulets.png Aetherial_Sash.png


Weapons and Shield

craglorngod_1hhammer_a.png craglorngod_1hsword_a.png craglorngod_2hsword_a.png craglorngod_2hsword_b.png craglorngod_bow_a.png craglorngod_shield_a.png craglorngod_staff_a.png craglorngod_staff_b.png


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