Graven Deep is a 4-player group dungeon located in High Isle in The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO). It is part of the Lost Depths DLC. It features Normal and Veteran Modes. Players can use the Group & Activity Finder tool to easily find groups to tackle this dungeon with.

Graven Deep Guide including all Graven Deep Sets, Boss Mechanics, and group role recommendations for Tank, DPS, and Healer.

Tamriel’s sailors whisper warnings about Graven Deep, a strange region of the Abecean Sea where any ship that enters vanishes without a trace. Join former pirate Dhulef as he hunts for information on the legendary Druid King’s voyage to the Systres and seeks to uncover an ancient secret buried far beneath the waves.

All who sail the Abecean Sea know of the perils of Graven Deep, a mysterious region infamous for the disappearance of many a vessel. Unfortunately for you, your ship is this treacherous region’s latest victim, and you and your party have washed up on a mysterious uncharted island at the center of it all. Thankfully, you are not alone, as the Mages Guild explorer Dhulef has also survived the shipwreck and has a mission for you.
Sail to (or shipwreck upon) an uncharted island, battle your way through an ancient Dwarven complex, and solve the mystery of Graven Deep—what you discover beneath the waves may have consequences for the Legacy of the Bretons adventure to come. Is your team ready to help Dhulef delve into this underwater facility?


Graven Deep Veteran Walkthrough & Strategies



Suggested group composition for Graven Deep

  • Tank
  • DPS
  • Healer



Graven Deep Walkthrough

The Euphotic Gatekeeper

  • Throw poison at you, you need to approach the three open holes in the area and interact with them with the synergy that appearsto get rid of it.
  • Jump around the area and then roll around.
  • Teleports forward and leaves a decoy behind. The decoy will explode after a while dealing poison damage.



  • Summon skeleton minions to assist him and stomps the ground.
  • Periodically the boss will summon a Skeleton Sacrifice, a glowing Skeleton minion that moves toward him. If you let Varzunon absorb this minion he will grow bigger and stronger.
  • Summon a cloud that is firing projectiles at you. 
  • Static ground AOE.
  • Spawn a skeletal arm that grasps a player.


Zelvraak The Unbreathing

  • Charged conal attack and Ice damage AOEs
  • Cast mass fear
  • Summon a sea Orb that slowly descends to the ground. You need to deal damage to it before it touches the ground to survive
  • Apply a deadly DOT to a select player. You need to catch the glowing ghost that has appeared in the area and retrieve your soul back and get rid of the DOT.
  • When Zelvraak's dealth drops to 50%, he will send the group to a void-like realm, copy of the same area. You need to collect the standing ghosts fast to return to the main area. 
  • At around 75% and 25% Health, the Boss will split into four Shades


How to Find Secret Boss Mzugru

You can find the entrance to its area, in Uncharted Island right before The Euphotic Gatekeeper. Get into the Security Depot, you will need to activate several control knobs in the correct order to summon the boss. (Delta – Beta – Alpha – Gamma)


How to Find Xzyviian, Defense Crawler

You can find Xzyviian in the Dwarven Station area of the Dungeon. You need to pass a moving lasers trap before reach this boss at southern part of the area.

Activate the Defense Systems and pass through the moving lasers. If they touch you, you lose health and teleport at the beginning of the path. Use Plate Stomp to “clear” paths and “save” your progress.


How to find Chralzak Sphere 9402-A

THe Chralzak Sphere 9402-A can be found on the Southern part of the last area, Tempest Observatory. You need to use the Levers to create a path to the other side. Once you have opened the path, get to the other side, use the lever there and spawn the Boss.


Graven Deep NPCs

  • Dhulef


Graven Deep Rewards

  • Pet: Mulberry Hermit Crab
  • Memento: Dhulef's Bubble Ward
  • Bust: Euphotic Gatekeeper
  • Title: Breathless
  • Title: Graven Deep Champion
  • Head Marking: Touch of the Draoife Face Marks
  • Trophy: Euphotic Gatekeeper
  • Reinforced Dwarfglass Window, Massive
  • Dye: Brightfern Green
  • Title: Fist of Tava



  • A Warning to Those Who Follow
  • A Second Warning
  • Your Final Warning
  • Logbook of Druid Anwas by Druid Anwas
  • Logbook of Druid Betrys by Druid Betrys



  • Dungeon Gallery




  • Graven Deep Challenger
  • Graven Deep Champion
  • Graven Deep Conqueror
  • Graven Deep Vanquisher
  • Drowned Sailor Slayer
  • Giant Undead Slayer
  • Wildlife Preservation
  • A Bone to Pick
  • Respect for the Dead
  • Share and Share Alike
  • Back to Sleep
  • Greedy for Ghosts
  • Mechanical Archeology


Graven Deep Map

graven deep map 1 eso wiki guide

graven deep map 2 eso wiki guide

graven deep map 3 eso wiki guide

graven deep map 4 eso wiki guide

graven deep map 5 eso wiki guide

graven deep map 6 eso wiki guide



  • Mzugru, Security Drone
  • The Euphotic Gatekeeper
  • Xzyviian, Defense Crawler
  • Varzunon
  • Chralzak, Sphere 9402-A
  • Zelvraak the Unbreathing

Set Drop

Collectibles in the area

  • Touch of the Draoife Face Marks
  • Touch of the Draoife Body Marks
  • Brightfern Green dye
  • Dhulef's Bubble Ward
  • Mulberry Hermit Crab pet
  • Breathless title
  • Fist of Tava title


  • Hadolids
  • Pangrits
  • Drowned Captains
  • Wraiths


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