Tel Var Stones is a currency that came with the patch Imperial City . There are several rules that affect the obtaining of the Tel Var Stones which makes it different from the other currency.

How To Obtain

  • Killing monsters, daedra and enemy players in Imperial City, while the monsters' difficulty will affect the amount of Stones that you will receive. The amount of Stones will be divided evenly between all contributing members of the group.
  • Boxes of Tel Var Stones from completing the main story quests and daily quests in the Imperial City.
  • Chests in the Imperial City.
  • Scamps wandering in the Imperial Sewers will have a random drop of Tel Var Stones. They will attempt to flee from players and will portal away if players fail to slay it.


Losing Tel Var Stones

  • Players will lose 50% of the Stones carrying when killed by an enemy player.
  • Being killed by a monster or daedra will lose 50% of the player's carried Stones.
  • Boxes of Tel Var Stones carried will not be affected until opened.
  • Tel Var Stones can be stored in the bank with restriction requiring minimum of 50 Stones for each deposition. Stones stored in the Bank are safe.


Tel Var Stone Multiplier

  • Collecting stones will increase the Tel Var Stone Multiplier as it will give players more Stones from killing NPC enemies.
  • Having 100 Stones will grant a multiplier of 2.
  • Having 1000 Stones will grant a multiplier of 3.
  • Having 10,000 Stones will grant the highest multiplier of 4.


Items Can be Acquired by Tel Var Stones

Tel Var Armor Merchants

  • Phoenix Set (1000) / (10,000) per piece
  • Shield Breaker Set (1000) / (10,000) per piece
  • Black Rose Set (1000) / (10,000) per piece
  • Meritorious Service Set (1000) / (10,000) per piece
  • Powerful Assault Set (1000) / (10,000) per piece
  • Reactive Set (1000) / (10,000) per piece
  • Each box will contain a random piece of the armor set
  • Phoenix Armor Box (800) / (8000)
  • Shield Breaker Armor Box (800) / (8000)
  • Powerful Assault Box (800) / (8000)
  • Meritorious Service Box (800) / (8000)
  • Black Rose Box (800) / (8000)
  • Reactive Armor Box (800) / (8000)
  • Imperial Reward (600) / (6000) - contains a random set item



















Tel Var Stones Furniture


Furniture with the use of Tel Var Stones are available below. Note that some of the furniture are also available using Crowns and/or Writ Vouchers.






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      Percent of Tel Var Stones lost via PvP Incorrect30 May 2016 15:18  

      According to the official Elder Scrolls Online website article, the percent of Tel Var Stones lost due to a PvP death is 80% not 100%.

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