Player Housing or Homestead is the Elder Scrolls Online's player housing system, launched on February 6th, 2017, with Update 13.  It released on the PTS January 3rd, 2017.

Homestead offers you your pick from nearly 40 unique homes. After completing the Homestead tutorial quest, you'll be given your first home: a modest room at a local inn. When you're ready to expand, additional homes ranging from a cozy tree home in Greenshade to a charming villa in Malabal Tor to a sprawling manor estate in The Rift are available across Tamriel.

Homes are styled after the game's 10 playable Races, and they come in furnished or unfurnished versions. In general, you can purchase any homes you like, regardless of your character's race or alliance. The exception is Imperial-style homes, purchase of which requires that you own the Imperial Edition of ESO (available as the “Digital Imperial Edition Upgrade" in the Crown Store for 2,100 crowns). Once you own the Imperial Edition of ESO, a character of any race can purchase an Imperial-style home. All the homes available when Homestead launches will be located in ESO's base zones – not in DLC zones – making it easy to find, purchase, and visit these locations from anywhere in Tamriel.

If you're a hero struck with wanderlust, you're in luck – you can own multiple homes, so you will always have a place to hang your hat. If you dream of eventually owning every available home, you can. All homes are account-based, so every one of your characters will have access to them once purchased.





Player Housing/Homestead Information

  • There are 5 house sizes: apartment, small, medium, large and manor, and are themed after each of the 10 Races.
  • In addition to the Crown Store house options it has been reported there will be six houses available on Vvardenfell
  • Players can earn the free apartment through a quest at launch
  • You can upgrade to bigger houses with in-game gold and players can own multiple houses, one of every home!
  • Houses are account wide for all characters
  • There will be a new Furniture Crafting system for decorating the houses as well as selling to other players
  • Players can host other players and guilds in their homes
  • There will be thousands of items to use as Decoration
  • Home ownership is tracked in the new Housing tab of the Collections window. This tab describes each home in detail, and allows you to travel to that particular home. This also displays any homes that you haven’t yet acquired and allows you to preview them, which you can read more about below.
  • Homes have limits on the number of items, collectibles, and visitors that may be present, with larger homes having higher caps. The number of objects you can place in your home is doubled for those with an active ESO Plus membership. In the event your ESO Plus membership lapses, you won’t be able to add any additional items to your home until you drop below the regular item cap. You will be able to remove items in order to do so.
  • Dueling is allowed in homes, but is disabled inside inn-rooms or apartments.
  • Pets, Assistants, and Mounts cannot be summoned inside of homes, but can be placed inside homes as decorations.





Player Housing/Homestead Details

At launch, you will have access to nearly 40 unique homes. You will complete a quest to receive a small room at an inn and you can expand from there. The homes you can acquire are themed after the game’s 10 Races and can come furnished or unfurnished. You can purchase any of them you’d like regardless of your race or Alliance. Imperial style homes do require the Imperial Edition of the game to own. Players can own multiple homes and they are available to all of the characters on your account!


How to buy an ESO Home

There are 3 different ways you can purchase homes in ESO which are listed below. The easiest way to preview homes you have not yet purchased is to go to the new “Houses” section in the Crown Store, highlight the home you want to check out, and click “Preview”. This will teleport you to the home so you can do a walkthrough while making your purchase decision. You can also preview homes from the Collections window, and also by simply finding the home in the world and clicking on its door. Previewing brings you into a personal experience where you can explore the prospective home, including both furnished and unfurnished versions.

1. Purchase the home in the Crown Store for Crowns.

  1. Open the Crown Store and explore the new “Housing” tab.
  2. From there, you can preview and later purchase any of the new homes via crowns.


2. Find Canthion the Housing Broker to acquire a quest that grants you a free apartment.

  1. Canthion the Housing Broker can be found within the banks of Daggerfall City, Davon’s Watch, or Vulkhel Guard, depending on your alliance. If you want a free apartment – highly recommended! – talk to him, and he will bestow the quest.
  2. Completion of this quest awards a small inn-room located in the zone associated with your alliance.
  3. Afterwards, you may purchase the other inn rooms for a nominal fee or can repeat the quest on another character in a different alliance to acquire the other rooms.


3. Find homes scattered across Tamriel, make sure you have the prerequisites, and purchase them for in-game gold.

  1. First, you must find the home in-game, click on the door, and follow the purchasing instructions.
  2. Most homes require you to complete certain prerequisites before you can purchase them for gold. For example, to purchase the Daggerfall Covenant Manor, you must have previously completed the Hero of the Daggerfall Covenant achievement.
  3. You must own the Imperial Edition version of ESO in order to purchase any Imperial homes.
  4. Homes can be purchased for crowns at any time, bypassing the above requirements.


List of Available Homes

Name Type Cost (Gold) Location & Style Furnishings Cap Trophy Cap Collectibles Cap
Willowpond Haven
willowpond haven eso wiki guide
Notable Homes          
Sword-Singer's Redoubt
sword singers redoubt eso wiki guide
Notable Homes          
kelesan'ruhn eso wiki guide eso wiki guide
Large Home   Necrom, Telvanni Peninsula 300 20 4
Shadow Queen's Labyrinth
shadow queens labyrinth eso wiki guide
Large Home   Brass Fortress, Clockwork City 350 55 5
The Fair Winds
the fair winds eso wiki guide
Manor 13,000 Crowns Vastyr, Galen 350 55 5
Journey's End Lodgings
journeys end lodgings eso wiki guide
Inn Room 3,000 Padomaic Crest, Telvanni Peninsula 15 1 1
Emissary's Enclave
emissarys enclave eso wiki guide
Large Home 1,300,000 Necrom, Telvanni Peninsula 300 20 4
Ancient Anchor Berth
ancient anchor berth eso wiki guide
Inn Room 3,000 Sapphire Coast, High Isle 15 1 1
Highhallow Hold
highhallow hold eso wiki guide
Manor 10,000 Crowns Sapphire Coast, High Isle 350 55 5
Ossa Accentium
ossa accentium eso wiki guide
Manor   Fargrave City District 350  55 5
Agony's Ascent
agonys ascent eso wiki guide
Manor     350 55 5
Sweetwater Cascades
sweetwater cascades eso wiki guide
Manor   Niben Forest, Blackwood 350 55 5
Doomchar Plateau
doomchar plateau eso wiki guide
Manor   Broken Coast, Malabal Tor 350 40 5
Pantherfang Chapel
pantherfang chapel eso wiki guide small
 Manor    Bloodrun, Blackwood 350  55 5
Pilgrim's Rest
pilgrims rest eso wiki guide small
Inn Free to ebonheartpact crest

3,000 Gold
Leyawiin, Blackwood 15 1 1
Water's Edge
waters edge eso wiki guide small
 Estate 6,200 / 7,800 Crowns Leyawiin, Blackwood 300  4 20
Snowmelt Suite
snowmelt suite eso wiki guides
Inn Greymoor Expansion Inside The Lonely Troll in Solitude 15 1 1
Proudspire Manor
proudspire manor eso wiki guides
Estate Greymoor Expansion Between the Bards College and Vundling's House, Solitude 300 4 4
Bastion Sanguinaris
bastion sanguinaris eso wiki guides
Manor Greymoor Expansion Near Greymoor Keep, Vampiric Style 350 5 5
Mara's Kiss Public House
Mara's Kiss Public House (Vulkhel Guard Inn)
Inn Free to aldmeridominion crest

3,000 Gold
AD - Vulkhel Guard
15  1  1
The Ebony Flask Inn Room
The Ebony Flask Inn Room (Ebonheart Inn)
Inn Free to ebonheartpact crest

3,000 Gold
EP - Ebonheart
 15  1  1
Golden Gryphon Garret
golden gryphon garret
Inn Summerset
Free via Room to Spare
Inside The Golden Gryphon in Alinor 15 1 1
Saint Delyn Penthouse
saint delyn penthouse
Inn Morrowind
Free via Room to Spare
Inside Abbey of St. Delyn in Vivec City 15 1 1
The Rosy Lion
The Rosy Lion (Daggerfall Inn)
Inn Free to daggerfallcovenant crest

3,000 Gold
DC - Daggerfall
 15  1  1
Barbed Hook Private Room
Barb Hook Private Room (Skywatch Apartment)
Apartment 11,000 Gold AD - Skywatch
50  1  1
Flaming Nix Deluxe Garret
Flaming Nix Deluxe Garret (Mournhold Apartment)
Apartment 13,000 Gold EP - Mournhold
 50  1  1
Sisters of the Sands Apartment
Sisters of the Sands Apartment (Sentinel Apartment)
Apartment 12,000 Gold DC - Sentinel
50  1  1
Autumn's Gate (Nimalten House)
Small Home 60,000 Gold EP - Nimalten
100  5  2
Black Vine Villa
Black Vine Villa (Black Vine House)
Small Home 54,000 Gold AD - Baandari Trading Post
 100  5  2
Captain Margaux’s Place
Captain Margaux's Place (Daggerfall House)
Small Home 56,000 Gold DC - Daggerfall
 100  5  2
Cyrodilic Jungle House
Cyrodilic Jungle House (Baandari House)
Small Home 71,000 Gold AD - Baandari Trading Post
100  5  2
Hammerdeath Bungalow
hammerdeath bungalow
Small Home 65,000 Gold Orc - Stormhaven 100 5 2
HumbleMud (Dhalmora House)
Small Home 40,000 Gold  EP - Dhalmora
 100  5  2
Kragenhome (Kragenmoor House)
Small Home 69,000 Gold EP - Kragenmoor
 100  5  2
Moonmirth House
Moonmirth House (Laughing Moons House)
Small Home 50,000 Gold AD - Laughing Moons Plantation
 100  5  2
Snugpod (Eldenroot House)
Small Home 45,000 Gold AD - Elden Root
100  5 2
Twin Arches
Twin Arches (Hallin's Stand House)
Small Home 73,000 Gold DC - Hallin's Stand
100 5 2
Bouldertree Refuge
Medium Home 190,000 Gold AD - Longhaven
 200  10  3
Cliffshade (Marbruk House)
Medium Home 255,000 Gold AD - Marbruk
200 10 3
Domus Phrasticus
Domus Phrasticus (Cyrodill Gate House)
Medium Home 295,000 Gold Neutral - Elinhir
200  10  3
Exorcised Coven Cottage
exorcised coven cottage
Medium Home 250,000 Gold Barbaric - Glenumbra 200 10 3
Grymharth's Woe
Grymharth's Woe (Windhelm House)
Medium Home 280,000 Gold EP - Windhelm
200 10  3
House of the Silent Magnifico
House of the Silent Magnifico (Sentinel House)
Medium Home 320,000 Gold DC - Sentinel
200  10  3
Mournoth Keep
Mournoth Keep (Halcyon House)
Medium Home 325,000 Gold DC - Halcyon Lake
200  10  3
Ravenhurst (Fell's Run House)
Medium Home 260,000 Gold DC - Fell's Run
200 10  3
Sleek Creek House
Sleek Creek House (Rawl'kha House)
Medium Home 335,000 Gold AD - Rawl'kha
 200  10  3
The Ample Domicile
The Ample Domicile (Stormhold House)
Medium Home 195,000 Gold EP - Stormhold
200  10  3
Velothi Reverie
Velothi Reverie (Narsis House)
Medium Home 323,000 Gold EP - Narsis
 200 10  3
Ald Velothi Harbor House
ald velothi harbor house
Medium Home 332,000 Gold Redoran - Vvardenfell  200  10  3
Dawnshadow (Dune House)
Large Home 1,275,000 Gold AD - Dune
300  20 4
Enchanted Snow Globe Home
Large Home N/A Nibenese Imperial - Eastmarch 300 20 4
Forsaken Stronghold
Forsaken Stronghold (Lakewatch House)
Large Home 1,285,000 Gold DC - Lakewatch Tower
300 20 4
Gardner House
Gardner House (Wayrest House)
Large Home 1,015,000 Gold DC - Wayrest
300  20  4
Hunding’s Palatial Hall
Hunding's Palatial Hall (Port Hunding House)
Large Home 1,295,000 Gold DC - Port Hunding
 300  20  4
Mathiisen Manor
Mathiisen Manor (Mathiisen House)
Large Home 1,025,000 Gold AD - Mathiisen
300 20  4
Old Mistveil Manor
Old Mistveil Manor (Riften House)
Large Home 1,020,000 Gold EP - Riften
 300  20  4
Quondam Indorilia
Quondam Indorilia (Mournhold House)
Large Home 1,265,000 Gold EP - Mournhold
 300  20  4
Stay-Moist Mansion
Stay Moist Mansion (Hatching Pools House)
Large Home 760,000 Gold EP - Near Hatching Pools
 300  20  4
Strident Springs Demesne
Strident Springs Demesne (Arenthia House)
Large Home 1,280,000 Gold AD - Arenthia 
 300  20  4
The Gorinir Estate
The Gorinir Estate (Cormount House)
Large Home 780,000 Gold AD - Cormount
 300  20  4
Alinor Crest Townhouse
alinor crest townhouse
Large Home 1,025,000Gold Alinor-Summerset 300 20 4
Amaya Lake Lodge
amaya lake lodge
Large Home 1,300,000Gold Hlaalu - Vvardenfell 300 20 4
The Orbservatory Prior
the orbservatory prior
Large Home 12,000 Crowns Clockwork - Clockwork City 300 20 4
Pariah's Pinnacle

pariahs pinnacle
Large Home 13,000 Crowns Orc - Wrothgar 300 20 4
Earthtear Cavern
Earthtear Cavern (Craglorn Estate)
Manor 16300Crowns Neutral - Belkarth Region
300 20 4
Daggerfall Overlook
Daggerfall Overlook (Daenia Dolmen Manor)
Manor 3,780,000 Gold DC -  Near Daggerfall
 350  40  5
Ebonheart Chateau
Ebonheart Chateau (Ebonheart Manor)
Manor 3,785,000 Gold EP -  Ebonheart
300  20  4
Grand Topal Hideaway
Grand Topal Hideaway (Topal Bay Island)
Manor 15000 Crowns AD - Fisherman's Isle
300 20 4
Serenity Falls Estate
Serenity Falls Estate (S'ren ja Manor)
Manor 3,775,000 Gold AD - S'ren-ja
300 20  4
Coldharbour Surreal Estate
coldharbour surreal estate
Manor 1,000,000 Gold  Daedric -  Coldharbour 300 20 4
Hakkvild's High Hall
hakkvilds high hall
Manor 3,800,000 Gold Nord - Craglorn 300 20 4
Lakemire Xanmeer Manor
lakemire xanmeer manor
Manor 15,000 Crowns Murkmire 300 20 4
Princely Dawnlight Palace
princely dawnlight palace
 Manor 14,000 Crowns Hew's Bane 300  20 4
The Erstwhile Sanctuary
the erstwhile sanctuary
Manor 13,000 Crowns Gold Coast 300 20 4
Hall of the Lunar Champion
hall of the lunar champion
Manor Quest Reward Elsweyr 300 20 4
Sugar Bowl Suite
sugar bowl suite
Inn 3000 Gold Elsweyr 15 1 1
Jode's Embrace
jodes embrace
Manor   Elsweyr 350 40 5
Colossal Aldmeri Grotto
colossal aldmeri grotto
Manor 15,000 Crowns Alinor - Summerset 350 40 5
Grand Psijic Villa
grand psijic villa
Manor N/A Alinor - Artaeum 350 40 5
Hunter's Glade
hunters glade
Manor 8,000 Crowns Barbaric - The Rift 350 40 5
Linchal Grand Manor
linchal grand manor
Manor 14,000 Crowns Redguard - Hew's Bane 350 40 5
Tel Galen Tower
tel galen tower
Manor 8,000 Crowns Telvanni - Vvardenfell 350 40 5
Lucky Cat Landing
lucky cat landing eso wiki guide
Manor  4,400Crowns Southern Elsweyr 200 40 10
Potentate's Retreat
potentates retreat eso wiki guide
Manor   Southern Elsweyr 200 40 10
Forgemaster Falls
forgemaster falls eso wiki guide
Manor   Wrothgar 200 40 10
Thieves’ Oasis
thieves oasis eso wiki guide
Manor   Bangkorai 350 55 5
Antiquarian's Alpine Gallery
antiquarian's alpine gallery eso wiki guide
 Manor   Western Skyrim, Hjaalmarch - Nord 300 / 600 20 / 40  4 / 8
Stillwaters Retreat
stillwaters retreat eso wiki guide
Manor 7,000 Crowns Western Skyrim, Frozen Coast - Nord 350 / 700 55 / 110 5 / 10



No two player-decorated home interiors will be identical in Homestead. You can put your own personal touch on every home you own by crafting or buying furnishings and Housing Decoration, and you can place them wherever you like with the game's new Housing Editor. Some homes even have outdoor spaces that you can decorate! Let your imagination run free and create a place to call your own like no other in Tamriel.

Homestead introduces over 2,000 unique decorative and furniture items which you can use to personalize your homes. You can fill your home with furnishings that include (but are not limited to) tables and chairs, chests, armoires, beds, bars, and counters. Once your furniture is in place, you can put the finishing touches on your home with decorative items such as books, food, barrels, paintings, light fixtures, plants, trees, and more. Will you choose a Khajiiti-style home and fill it with Nibenese-style furniture? Or perhaps a Breton-style home with an eclectic combination of Argonian- and Bosmer-styled décor. The possibilities are limitless.

You will be able to either craft or buy new furniture and decorations for your house and can use the housing editor to move them all around. Some homes will feature outdoor real estate that can be further customized.

The housing editor contains multiple tabs and categories for ease of asset selection.

  • The Place tab allows you to place furnishings and collectibles from a categorized list of available options.
  • The Purchase tab contains a large list of furnishings available for a la carte crown purchase.
  • Nearly every item in the Purchase tab is also available via crafting or from other in-game sources with a few exceptions for items found exclusively in Crown Store bundles.
  • In addition to directly selecting any placed items in editor mode, you may also retrieve placed furnishings from a list of placed items in the Retrieve tab of the editor, without needing to locate them in the home.
  • You can also search each tab by item name to further filter your results.

There will be over 2,000 decorative items running the range from tables and chairs to books and plants. You’ll be able to obtain decor via the following:

  • Crafting them using existing Skills
  • Purchasing them with gold through merchants
  • Buying them in the Crown Store

If you're an experienced adventurer, you'll want to venture out after Homestead launches and collect prestigious from Veteran Arenas, Dungeons and Trials.  Once earned, you'll be able to proudly display these special monster-themed busts in your home as proof of your victories against some of Tamriel's most difficult challenges.

Beyond normal furnishings you can get from the Home Goods Furnishers, you can further personalize your home with rare and unusual items from the Achievement and Luxury Furnishers, both new with Homestead.  Achievement furnishers will stock special items that can be purchased after completing a specific achievement from questing, and this will be retroactive. For those bourgeois types, a luxury furnisher will sell rare and expensive premium goods for limited times.

You’ll also have the option to keep pets, mounts and items like assistants, Crafting stations, target skeletons and light fixtures in your home. Copies of Shalidor’s library books can be placed and read in your home after you purchase them from Mages Guild merchants after you complete a set. You’ll also be ale to craft, test class builds, and have parties and gatherings from your comfy confines.


Furnishing Crafting

You can now engage in Furniture Crafting for yourself, your friends, or to sell to others!

  • To craft a furnishing, you will need to obtain a specific furnishing plan, similar to the way existing Provisioning recipes work.
  • All tradeskill disciplines now have a new tab at their respective stations for furnishing plans.
  • Each tradeskill has a unique type of plan and primarily uses a new type of material:
  • Plans can be found in containers across the world, purchased from certain merchants, dropped from monsters, or even obtained from pickpocketing (or murdering) Tamrielic citizens.
  • Higher quality plans will require knowledge from multiple Craft Skills. Example: An elaborate canopy bed may require rank 9 in the passive skill Woodworking, rank 7 in Tailoring, and rank 3 in Metalworking.
  • Furnishing crafting also utilizes several additional types of materials. Furnishings in a particular racial style require multiple style items associated with that race. You do not need to know the Motif of a race to learn or craft their furnishing plans. Rosins, Tempers, and Tannins are often needed for Green-quality furnishings and higher. Each plan is unique, and certain special plans may require custom ingredients be located and included. All plans, ingredients, and output items are tradeable.


Additional Info

Here are a few more random tidbits they shared regarding the new housing feature:

  • As a homeowner, you can set a primary residence. This primary residence is used to determine which home is visited when friends or guildmates try to visit your home while you are offline. When you are online, other players may social jump directly to you in any home, provided they have access to that home.
  • Houses are instanced, so you don’t have to worry about racing to grab the perfect spot of land
  • Furniture you create via Furniture Crafting can be sold to other players
  • You will be able to preview homes before you purchase, both furnished and unfurnished
  • You will be able to allow friends and guildmates to visit your home; they can travel to your home via the group, friends, or guild lists while you’re in it, or by selecting “Visit House” by clicking on your name in those same lists when you’re offline
  • You can grant trusted friends permission to decorate existing placed items in your home (they cannot add or remove items from your home)
  • You can also allow those who are not on your friends list or in your guilds to visit and/or decorate your home by adding them as a “Visitor” or “Decorator” in your House Settings
  • Homeowners may rescind access to visiting players at any time, resulting in the immediate eviction of that player from their home.
  • You’ll be able to conveniently fast travel to your homes via the World Map, similar to how Wayshrines currently work (but cost free), as well as directly via the Collections menu
  • You can allow visitors into your new home – a visiting player simply needs to teleport to you
  • Homes are secure – other players are not able to break into homes and steal items. Sorry, Thieves Guild!


Furnishings are a new kind of inventory item that may be placed in a home, and can be identified by the word “Furnishing” on their tooltip. These function like any other inventory item until it is time to place them in a home.

  • After you enter a home you own, you can enter the housing editor and start placing furnishings.
  • Once placed, a furnishing is removed from your inventory or bank and is stored in the house, counting towards the maximum number of items that can be placed in the home.
  • You can see how close you’re getting to the item limit through the housing menu which displays a House Information panel. From there, you can see the current and maximum value for Furnishings and Collectibles.
  • You can place each object at any location and at any angle. The only limitation beyond the Furnishing caps is there is a small safe area near the main entrance which cannot be filled with items.
  • Note that certain furnishings such as chairs and crafting stations may not be usable if placed at an unusual location or orientation (you’ll know if an item is placed in a bad location if it highlights red).
  • In addition to furnishing items, you can also place assistants, mounts, non-combat pets, and a new category of furnishing collectibles called Trophies that includes Undaunted Busts.
  • There are separate limits for furnishings, furnishing collectibles, and other collectibles such as pets or mounts.


Specialty Furnishings
Many types of housing objects have additional functionality when placed, including the following:


  • Any of the currently-available Assistants (Nuzhimeh the Merchant, Pirharri the Smuggler, and Tythis Andromo the Banker) can be placed in your home, and will offer their services to you and visitors as normal.

Light Sources

  • Objects such as torches, braziers, and lamps can be lit or extinguished at will after being placed.


  • Many chairs, thrones, benches, pews, stools, and other seating objects throughout Tamriel are now interactive. You just need to approach the furniture and interact with it to sit down, provided there is room and the furniture is placed in an accessible location. This applies to seating placed in homes as well as those found in the world. Seating objects that aren’t placed in a level, open area may not be valid for interaction.

Target Skeletons

  • A Target Skeleton can be used to practice with new weapons, abilities, and combat in general. It does not fight back, but is a resilient opponent, roughly as difficult to put down as the second boss from Veteran Spindleclutch II (Bloodspawn).
  • To learn to craft a Target Skeleton, you can purchase the plan from Rolis Hlaalu, the Mastercraft Mediator in each alliance capital, in exchange for Writ Vouchers.
  • Writ Vouchers are obtained through Master Writs, and Rolis Hlaalu will appear after you start or complete a Master Writ. You can find the description for these below.
  • Crafting a Target Skeleton requires an Animus Stone in addition to a variety of other ingredients. The Animus Stone is a new crafting material that is also available in exchange for Writ Vouchers.
  • Shortly after being defeated, the Target Skeleton will reform itself.

Guild Reprints of Shalidor’s Library

  • After you complete a collection from Shalidor’s Library, a Mages Guild reprint of that collection will be available on any Mystic for a moderate fee.
  • Each reprint contains individual volumes of every book in that collection. These reprint volumes can be placed in your home, and you or your guests can read them at any time.
  • Reading a reprint volume does not grant Mages Guild reputation or progress towards Shalidor’s Library–only the original version of a book counts for that!

Standard Crafting Stations

  • Crafting stations can be purchased from Rolis Hlaalu, the Mastercraft Mediator, for a modest number of Writ Vouchers.
  • Once placed in the home, these can be used like any other crafting station.
  • Note: Crafting stations will not work if placed at an angle or inside other objects.

Attunable Crafting Stations

  • Attunable Crafting Stations can be purchased from Rolis Hlaalu, the Mastercraft Mediator, in exchange for Writ Vouchers.
  • These items can be activated at any item set crafting site in the world, permanently attuning the station to the unique energies of that item set and binding the station to you.
  • Once attuned, the station can be placed as a furnishing in your home and used by you and your guests to craft items from the set it is attuned to.

Unique Objects

  • There is also a variety of unique objects, from Dark Anchor Pinions that open and close, to decoy Elder Scrolls that swap between offensive and defensive visual effects, all with their own unique interactions and effects.


Furnishing Sourcing and Locations
Home furnishings can be found from a number of sources, including:

Furnishing Crafting

  • See the Furnishing Crafting section below this one for the juicy details!

Luxury Furnisher

  • A new NPC, Zanil Theran, can be found in the Hollow City within Coldharbour over the weekend and has a cycling inventory, similar to Adhazabi Aba-daro the Golden in Cyrodiil.
  • Look for Zanil Theran inside “Cicero’s Food & General Goods” when he sets up shop!

Achievement Furnishers

  • Some items are gated by a specific achievement or accomplishment, and is themed to that requirement.
  • Completing the requirements listed on the item will allow you to purchase copies of the item for gold or AP.
  • These can be found throughout Tamriel, including Cyrodiil, and offer rewards for various heroic deeds.
  • Each item is bind on pickup.

Home Goods Furnishers

  • These vendors can be found throughout Tamriel in each alliance’s main city and all capitals, and offer a number of basic home commodities as well as local plants and natural stone from the region they are located in.

Purchase Tab in Housing Editor

  • Furnishings purchased from the Housing Editor are bound, but may be moved to other homes that you own.
  • These items are purchased for crowns, and cannot be sold for gold.

Undaunted Busts

  • Beginning with Homestead, the final boss of each Veteran Dungeon, Trial, or Arena will drop a collectible bronze bust of one of the iconic monsters from that piece of content. Busts are account-wide collectibles, and can be placed once in each owned home. Busts from Trials and Arenas include a marble stand. There are a total of 34 Undaunted Busts available in Homestead.


  • Though rare, you may catch aquatic-themed decorations while fishing at a fishing hole.
  • These decorations will differ based on the type of fishing hole – some things come from the ocean, while others come from fresh waters. For example, Starfish can only be found in oceans and not from lakes.

Shadowy Supplier

  • The Shadowy Supplier will rarely award one of a selection of Dark Brotherhood-themed decorations.


Housing Achievements

In Homestead, you can expect to see a variety of new achievements for everything from decorating your home in a certain way, to learning an impressive number of furniture plans, to beating up Target Skeletons. Of particular note, we’ve added four new titles:

  • Clan Father or Clan Mother, awarded for acquiring the Aldmeri Dominion Manor, Serenity Falls Estate.
  • Lord or Lady, awarded for acquiring the Daggerfall Covenant Manor, Daggerfall Overlook.
  • Councilor, awarded for acquiring the Ebonheart Pact Manor, Ebonheart Chateau.
  • Count or Countess, awarded only after you’ve acquired all three of the titles above.


Player Housing Images

Craglorn Cavern

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    • Anonymous

      I didn’t mind buying the house even though it seemed a little expensive. But does every service have to cost almost as much as the house? There should be a warning before buying the house. I would of just spent the crown’s on gameplay items instead.

      • Anonymous

        Yes I'd really like it for there to be able for married players (in-game) to share a home together. My gf and I are trying to find a game that can do so, and I really thought it'd be ESO since we can marry in-game.

        • Anonymous

          So explain to me why not how but why the Devs decided it was okay to allow people to create awesome structures with floors and stuff in the house decorator but somehow not allow peoples abilities to work on the platforms they create. Like, why? You can put training dummies on platforms wayyy in the sky and they turn green (symbolizing they can be used) but if you activate a ground aoe it goes through the floor to the ground below. This completely defeats the purpose of even allowing you to put them on floating man made platforms. You can be making soooo much more money ZOS if you allowed people to make artificial floors with compatibility with abilities. What's the point of even selling floors in the crown store?

          • Anonymous

            Are there any plans to allow housing to be shared between players? Wife and I play and it would be easier to consolidate all of our decorations into a single house.

            • Anonymous

              Maybe its just me but anyone else get annoyed with everyone comparing Skyrim to ESO? Sure they are both Elder scrolls but they are completely different games with different features. Could they do what they did with Skyrim more then likely but will they unlikely but if they did it would more then likely be in small chunks like more DLC or other crown purchases.

              • Anonymous

                Wonder why they didn't make this meaningful like it was in Skyrim – ability to store as much crap as you want. Right now, it's meaningless.

                In Skyrim, you can put your inventory in a chest. You can also place mannequins and dress them with rare armor you have found. You have glass display cases and racks that allow you to present rare weapons/items.

                I won't waste my time in ESO on housing.

                • Anonymous

                  I was previewing Mathiisen Manor empty, then furnished. Once furnished, I heard music playing in the back of the house and went to investigate. The music was the normal lute music played in inns and was located in the hedge under the balcony. No player could be found. Having never purchased a furnished house, does the music come with this furnished house? I really have no desire to spend 7500 crowns to find out.

                  • Anonymous

                    I just finished grinding quests for like a week and only now am I able to buy that bosmer medium home for 190k. The smaller homes are very reasonably priced for their size if you ask me, but there's a steep slope when you get to the bigger houses. 3 mil for a place I can't even store my nirnroot in? I don't think all the gold I've ever made in this game could add up to 3 bloody million and I've been playing on ps4 since launch. I think the bigger houses need to come way down on the price, because it seems you can't afford it unless you're the guildmaster of a prominent trading guild. Keep the price for the smaller houses, but at least bring the prices of those estates and manors below a million because the only people I know who could buy it are also the same people who drop hella cash on crowns every other week. If the manors all cost around maybe 550k and the large houses around a quarter million, I think that would keep the houses affordable while also making sure you grind for the view.

                    • Anonymous

                      So are there any PROs to have a home, like some asked, can you store stuff? Can you rest to get some kind of special buff? Can you actually sit in chairs or lay in beds? Can you read the books that you've discovered in peace?

                      Can you craft at a fireplace or are there other crafting/dying benches? Like, can you have a stable guy in there to upgrade your horse or a maid/butler?

                      What are the REAL pros of having a "homestead"?

                      • Anonymous

                        why can't i see corinthian at the aldmeri dominion bank how am I supposed to do that mission for an apartment ***** can anyone help I'm also a wood elf if that matter ( scoobysnack girl) at Gmail please help this is so frustrating

                        • Anonymous

                          Is there a limit as to how many you can invite to your home? Can I allow my entire guild access? And how many can be inside at once?

                          • Anonymous

                            So I looked at most of the prices for the medium homes and oh boy are they expensive! 4800 crowns for a furnished Grymharth's Woe. Isn't that around $35? That's not all though. You see all those chests, dressers and cabinets? They aren't usable...yep, you can't store anything in them. Maybe they'll get around to adding that utility in but for now all the house is is to sit around with your friends and emote.

                            • Anonymous

                              Permissions and crown purchases - it took me forever to notice more options available on the retrieve menu. I kept looking here for help on finding this little tidbit but there was no help.

                              • Anonymous

                                I keep going to the bank in Davon's Watch and guess what, no Canthion the Housing Broker. I have restarted the game over and over hoping it would fix it but nothing. Anyone else having this trouble?

                                • Anonymous

                                  Can we store Materials and Ingredients etc. at our home? Are the Chests and Barrels we can make functional as containers?

                                  • Anonymous

                                    My only question is whether you can sell a house back? Most people upgrade houses when they can by getting some funds from selling their smaller properties before buying the newer/bigger one. Will that be possible or once you buy a house are you stuck with it?

                                    • Anonymous

                                      I'm glad that they're at least going to put in housing since the gameinformer way back when said they weren't going to do that. The only thing that I think most players are thinking is that with the increase of new players don't make the houses so expensive that even the higher levels have to look at and say "Dang, that's really expensive" even though i'm sure most of them are set regardless. I say make people who want the big fancy houses spend either a decent amount of gold or make them pay a considerable amount of crowns. Some people may not like that idea, but honestly a lot of money and time goes into the game every day and for the houses to be so expensive that someone who has like 50k can't even come close to affording a medium house would be outrageous. I say big houses should be at least close to 50k because that's expensive but for the low levels seeking a big house it's a lot to work for when they start out. Then when you think about the expense of someone making everything through skill trees that you have to grind to get up that's a lot of time and money. Or even just to have it furnished for you. I have the game for xbox one and won't get to see the housing till February and am looking forward to it. I just hope by then I'll be able to afford and customize a house without it being overly pricey. If there was a small leak as to how much they plan on making them it would at least answer our questions as to how hard we need to grind these next few months until they drop. They don't have to but it'd be nice to actually see what they think they're worth and for us to be able to give them our opinion as the players if we agree or not.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        The Pricing for some of these houses are no doubt are bound to be huge. I hope they at least make it reasonable like they made it in Skyrim. Let's face it, Skyrim didn't offer very much customization until Hearthfire. Even then, compared to what they claim the housing is going to be like, Hearthfire is nothing to this. Honestly, with the amount of stuff we can use crowns on and the fact that most MMORPGs are free they should make them fairly priced. I agree that you should have to work for the big houses at least a little bit, but for the medium houses they look like something Skyrim would've offered. I know this is above and beyond Skyrim, but Skyrim's houses were that big or even bigger. I am a low level and I agree with the higher ups saying you should work a little bit for them, but don't blow them out of proportion. I'm afraid that's what's going to happen, but idk it may not. I believe the most expensive parts should be the furnishings rather than the house itself. Think about it, the houses are most likely going to cost a bit, but shouldn't the furnishings cost more considering they're what truly make the house?

                                        • Anonymous

                                          I'd hope that the small houses will be pretty affordable, but it would be ridiculous to think that a new player could afford the largest homes. What's the point of investing time into the game if you can just get everything right away?

                                          • Anonymous

                                            This is a great idea and our group is excited to own a house. We hope that this is affordable to everyone. It would be very disappointing if this opportunity was only available to those players who have been playing for a ages. New players will not be as excited and lets face it, word of the mouth is the best advertisement and if folks speak of negative things it can go a long way. I like playing this game and it would be boring if there are many restrictions especially since creating all the new updates to the game. Thanks.

                                            • Anonymous

                                              Just please don't make the houses a million for the larg houses to new players and those that don't have time to farm that much gold it would be very disappointing to them if they can't get actual houses until a few months later.

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