Coldharbour Surreal Estate is a Player Housing in the Elder Scrolls Online.


Coldharbour Surreal Estate


Coldharbour Surreal Estate



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The overlooked acreage atop a floating plateau in Molag Bal's Oblivion realm of Coldharbour is avialible to be developed however you like. It's a secluded location, very quiet and private, even scenic in its own austere way.


How to obtain Coldharbour Surreal Estate

  • Can be bought unfurnished for 1,000,000 Gold coins
    • Requires "The God of Schemes" achievment
    • Requires "A Friend in Need" house quest completition
  • Can be purchased unfurnished in the Crown Store for 5,600 crowns



House Information

  • Traditional Furnishings: 350 (700)
  • Special Furnishings: 5 (10)
  • Collectible Furnishings: 50 (100)
  • Special Collectibles: 5 (10)
  • Population: 24




  • Just a wide plain area


  • There is no option to purchase this house furnished
  • There is a lot of furnishable plain platforms below the edge of the main area



Coldharbour Surreal Estate Screenshots

View from entrance

Default furnishings view

All default furnishings removed

All default furnishings removed

Side platforms below main area

Side platforms below main area


 House furnitures, included:



Boulder, Coldharbour Fan x19

Boulder, Coldharbour Shard x16

Boulder, Coldharbour Spikes x20

Rocks, Coldharbour Cluster x22

Sapling, Petrified Ashen x19

Sapling, Withered Thicket x9

Shrub, Glowing Thistle x20

Tree, Petrified Ashen x6

Tree, Strong Withered x5

Tree, Towering Withered x3

Coldharbour Glowstalk, Seeding x9

Coldharbour Glowstalk, Sprout x1

Coldharbour Glowstalk, Strong x5

Coldharbour Glowstalk, Towering x2

Coldharbour Glowstalk, Young x5

Flower Patch, Glowstalks x14


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