House of the Silent Magnifico is a Player Housing in the Elder Scrolls Online.


House of the Silent Magnifico


House of the Silent Magnifico


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After the death of his beloved daughter Haruzeh at the Running of the Dunerippers, the Magnifico Z’za retired to his house in Sentinel and never spoke again, spending his last days playing endless games of hammergammon with his trained monkey, Lizard.


How to obtain House of the Silent Magnifico

  • Can be purchased unfurnished from the crown store for 4,100
  • Can be purchased furnished from the crown store for 5,100



House Information

  • Space for Furnishing: 200
  • Space for Trophy Collectibles: 10
  • Space for Other Collectibles: 3




  • 2 Storey Medium Home
  • Private access to rooftop



  • Rooftop is un-editable as its part of the "outside" world



House of the Silent Magnifico Screenshots

    • Anonymous

      08 Oct 2017 17:41  

      This house also have the Redguard Bed, Wide Lattice.
      To get this bed you need to buy the house furnished with crowns.
      Cant buy it or craft that bed.

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