Treasure Maps in ESO are obtained via random drops and reveal the location of special loot and stashes in all areas of the game.

To obtain the secret loot, you must:

  1. Have the map in your inventory
  2. Find the specific location of the stash
  3. Consume the map to "dig" the treasure.

Treasure Maps











    • Anonymous

      17 May 2020 23:53  

      you know some of the treasure maps are easy to know the locatin of if theres water or something easy to tell the place but some maps look like that could be everywhere and its just bad to even try to find it on your own

      • Anonymous

        12 Nov 2018 19:32  

        "Consume the map to "dig" the treasure." Of *****ing course. I threw the maps away because I thought, "Hey, I'll just look online for it, boom." Nope, gotta waste inventory space with all the maps the game*****s on me. I looked at another page (can't remember if it was this wiki, another, or some random page) but it didn't say you needed to keep the map and "consume" it.

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