Endgame Guides for Elder Scrolls Online are those that teach players how to approach level-cap play. At this level, players focus on maximizing their builds and often engage in challenging group content focused around obtaining gear, titles and cosmetics exclusive to successful challengers. TESO has a current level cap of 50. The content available at this level is being called Veteran Content. It is divided in:

PvP  PvE 

Regular solo or duo play by questing and exploring in Cyrodiil. With the added risk of player ambushes

Enter Veteran Rank zones to encounter challenging endgame content and progression in your Veteran Rank. This playstyle will focus on similar tasks as those involved in leveling.

Small Group:
Squads of four players can take over land in Cyrodiil  and influence the Alliance War.

4- player Group:

  • Small groups can take on Veteran Dungeons, that are the continuation of the story left off by lower level dungeons. There are 28 in the game already, and the players will be encouraged to complete them several times to obtain more and different rewards.
  • Adventure Zone: Craglorn. This area is a PvE zone built with the objective of challenging groups of four players while they participate in questing, dark anchor hunting, skyshard locating, special crafting, etc.
Large Group:
Big player groups can heavily influence the Alliance War by organizing and executing Keep sieges, keep defense, taking an Elder Scroll or cutting off enemy supply lines around Cyrodiil.
12 - player Group:
Trials are TESO's answer to raids. This challenging 12 man content will require group coordination and limit the amount of resurrects before a failure. To add to the competitiveness of these feats, trials will feature leaderboards with timers and penalties for deaths and the like.


Guides for PVP


Guides for PVE


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      since there is no lfg tool in cyrodil and nobody groups pug in the zone, does that mean there is no end game pvp content? Guess if you have friends who play with you you could play in an empty zone but i have yet to see any 'groups' or anything other than randomness in cyrodil - so i quit after a few days of effort and just dont get it.

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