Trials are special PvE group instances in Elder Scrolls Online, which can be identified by the trial-eso-dungeon icon.  They have special mechanics and group tactics for 12-player groups to accomplish, and present unique rewards for players. 

What is a trial?

An ESO trial is designed for a group of 12-players and has a leaderboard for ranking against other 12 player groups. Each trial has a repeatable quest and upon completion, players will receive a reward coffer. (Note:  each character may only receive one coffer per week.).   Trials also have Normal and Veteran modes, although the leaderboard and the majority of achievements are restricted to Veteran mode. Trials also have an additional Hard mode which can be activated manually within the dungeon itself.  Each trial has a Vitality Bonus system, which affects the final score based on the number of remaining lives but does not force the trial to end if that limit is reached.

There are "free" trials that come packed with the base game, that can be found in Craglorn. DLC trials necessitate purchase of specific downloadable content, zones and chapters.

Why do trials?

Unique rewards and achievements are awarded for completing trials, such as special armor and jewelry sets. Each week, there is a trial selected for teams to compete for leaderboard position. Players who finish on the leaderboard after the weekly trial closes will receive special legendary items in their email  in-box.

Trial Rewards include:

List of Trials in ESO trial-eso-dungeon




ESO Trial Achievements

Name & Image Points Title Reward Dye Reward

ability_warrior_032.pngAetherian Archive Completed

Defeat the Celestial Mage, freeing her from the Serpent's control.
50 n/a
Julianos White

achievement_update11_dungeons_002.pngAetherian Archive Conqueror

Defeat the Celestial Mage in Veteran Aetherian Archive.
50 Mageslayer n/a

achievement_022.pngAetherian Archive Difficult Mode

Defeat the Celestial Mage after taunting her by smashing the Aetherial Orbs.
50 n/a n/a

achievement_026.pngCraglorn Trials Conqueror

Complete Hel Ra Citadel, Aetherian Archive, and Sanctum Ophidia at their highest difficulties.
50 n/a n/a

achievement_026.pngDragonstar Arena Champion

Conquer all challengers and earn the title of Dragonstar Arena Champion!
50 Dragonstar Arena Champion n/a

achievement_026.pngDragonstar Arena Conqueror

Conquer all challengers on the increased difficulty version of Dragonstar Arena.
50 Boethiah's Scythe
Adamantine Silver

ability_warrior_032.pngHel Ra Citadel Completed

Defeat the Celestial Warrior, freeing him from the Serpent's control.
50 n/a
Warrior's Steel

achievement_update11_dungeons_001.pngHel Ra Citadel Conqueror

Defeat the Celestial Warrior in Veteran Hel Ra Citadel.
50 Shehai Shatterer n/a

achievement_022.pngHel Ra Citadel Difficult Mode

Defeat the Celestial Warrior after enraging him through the destruction of his statue army.
50 n/a n/a

ability_ava_003.pngHel Ra Citadel: The War Horn

Sound the war horn in Veteran Hel Ra Citadel and defeat the ancient warriors who answer.
5 n/a n/a

ability_warrior_032.pngSanctum Ophidia Completed

Defeat the Celestial Serpent.
50 n/a
Ophidian Jade

achievement_darkbrotherhood_038.pngSanctum Ophidia Conqueror

Defeat the Celestial Serpent in Veteran Sanctum Ophidia.
50 Ophidian Overlord n/a

achievement_022.pngSanctum Ophidia Difficult Mode

Defeat the Celestial Serpent after desecrating the sacred banners of the Scaled Court
50 n/a n/a

achievement_024.pngSanctum Ophidia: Feeding Pit

Use the feed pile in Sanctum Ophidia and survive the ensuing battle.
5 n/a n/a

achievement_020.pngTime Trial: Aetherian Archive

Completed the Aetherian Archive within a time limit of 33 minutes.
50 n/a
Aurora Green

achievement_020.pngTime Trial: Hel Ra Citadel

Completed the Hel Ra Citadel within a time limit of 33 minutes.
50 n/a
Dragonstar Red

achievement_020.pngTime Trial: Sanctum Ophidia

Completed the Sanctum Ophidia within a time limit of 33 minutes.
50 n/a
Scaled Court Brown

achievement_020.pngTime Trial: Weekly

Completed a Weekly Trial within 33 minutes.
50 n/a
Celestial Violet

achievement_029.pngTrials Blocker

Block 1,000,000 points of damage in Trials.
10 n/a n/a

achievement_027.pngTrials Damage Dealer

Deal 1,000,000 points of damage in Trials.
10 n/a n/a

achievement_028.pngTrials Healer

Heal 1,000,000 points of damage to allies in Trials.
10 n/a n/a

achievement_026.pngWeekly Trial Complete

Complete a Weekly Trial.
50 n/a
Mundus Blue

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