An Enchanter in the Elder Scrolls Online gathers Runes found throughout the world. They can then be used at Enchanting Tables to assemble Glyphs, which are enchantments that can be applied to Jewelery, Armor or Weapons. See Glyphs for their usage.

Runes in ESO

Please see the Runes page for a detailed list of all the available runes and their properties.

  • Potency ( Square) determines the level of the item that can be enchanted with the glyph. There are Additive Potency and Subtractive Potency runes.
  • Aspect ( Circle ) determines the strength of the enchantment (within the range for the level of the enchanted item),
  • Essence ( truncated Triangle) will determine the magical effect each of which can be used for only one of the kinds of glyph, weapon, armor, or jewelry.

An enchanter can collect and combine runes, one of each type, to translate their hidden language into a description of their magical properties.


Glyphs in ESO

Enchanters create Glyphs by combining runes of three different types: Potency, Aspect and Essence. They can then create Armor, Weapon and Jewelery glyphs depending on unlocked skills and available materials.

Please see the Glyphs page for a detailed list of all available glyphs.

Runes can also be extracted from Glyphs by opening the "Extraction" tab at an enchanting table. Chose a Glyph from your Inventory to perform an extraction. Remember that performing the extraction process will destroy the Glyph.



Enchanting Tips

Enchanting in ESO is a time-consuming vocation that can yield high performance equipment at high levels. Crafting Legendary Glyphs and selling them at Guild Traders is great way of making gold, and can also significantly impact your gameplay.

Farm glyphs from dungeons and monsters, and trade with friends for deconstruction fodder. Scout the land at night to easily spot runes and a chance to harvest coveted Aspect ones. Invest into the hireling and do daily writs and Enchanting Surveys to maximize your chances of getting legendary Kuta runes.

As with any Crafting Vocation, Inspiration gain can be boosted by 10% from ESO Plus, 10% from the Orc Race and 20% from the Inspiration Boost Champion Skill.



Enchanting Leveling Guide

Leveling up Enchanting is an arduous process. It has been made easier with incremental patches, but it is still the slowest ranking of the professions.

Deconstruction always grants more inspiration than creation and yields materials. Items made by another player gives the most inspiration, enhanced with higher level and better item quality.

  1. Find a crafting partner who is near your crafting level.
  2. Each partner creates glyphs for the maximum level as possible in the following progression: 4, 16, 26, 36, 46, Champion: 10, 40, 80, 100
  3. Trade the items to each other.
  4. Deconstruct the glyphs made by the other person.

The table at the bottom of this page shows the XP (inspiration) required for each level. Please see Glyph Deconstruction Guide for XP details.

Enchanting Writ Guide

You may also craft writs to not only obtain experience, but also gain special tempers and other items.

  • Quest Giver: Consumables Crafting Writs Board
  • Prerequisite Quest: Enchanter Certification
  • Rewards: Enchanter's Coffer and Enchanting Inspiration
Enchanting     Reward Materials Turn-in
1 Enchanter's Coffer I
1,000 Inspiration
Trifling Glyph of Magicka, Health or Stamina Consortium Trading Post
aldmeri_icon.png: Vulkhel Guard in Auridon
daggerfall_icon.png: Daggerfall in Glenumbra
ebonheart_icon.png: Davon's Watch in Stonefalls
2 Enchanter's Coffer II
2,000 Inspiration
Petty Glyph Magicka, Health or Stamina Alliance Supply Depot
aldmeri_icon.png: Elden Root in Grahtwood
daggerfall_icon.png: Wayrest in Stormhaven
ebonheart_icon.png: Mournhold in Deshaan
3 Enchanter's Coffer III
4,000 Inspiration
Minor Glyph Magicka, Health or Stamina Refugee Relief Site
aldmeri_icon.png: Marbruk in Greenshade
daggerfall_icon.png: Shornhelm in Rivenspire
ebonheart_icon.png: Stormhold in Shadowfen
4 Enchanter's Coffer IV
6,000 Inspiration
Moderate Glyph Magicka, Health or Stamina Fighters Guild Provisioner
aldmeri_icon.png: Velyn Harbor in Malabal Tor
daggerfall_icon.png: Sentinel in Alik'r Desert
ebonheart_icon.png: Windhelm in Eastmarch
5 Enchanter's Coffer V
8,000 Inspiration
Strong Glyph Magicka, Health or Stamina Privateer Drop-Off
aldmeri_icon.png: Rawl'kha in Reaper's March
daggerfall_icon.png: Evermore in Bangkorai
ebonheart_icon.png: Riften in The Rift
6 Enchanter's Coffer VI
10,000 Inspiration
Major Glyph Magicka, Health or Stamina Mages Guild Locus 1
Hollow City in Coldharbour
7 Enchanter's Coffer VII
13,000 Inspiration
Grand Glyph Magicka, Health or Stamina Belkarth Quartermaster 2
Belkarth in Craglorn
8 Enchanter's Coffer VIII
16,000 Inspiration
  Belkarth Quartermaster 2
Belkarth in Craglorn
9 Enchanter's Coffer IX
20,000 Inspiration
  Belkarth Quartermaster 2
Belkarth in Craglorn
10 Enchanter's Coffer X
20,000 Inspiration
  Only available if you own Orsinium DLC
Otherwise writs will remain at Level 9
Orsinium Quartermaster 3
Orsinium in Wrothgar


Enchanting Inspiration Leveling Guide

Level Experience Needed To Complete Skills Available to Unlock
1 640 Potency Improvement I & Aspect Improvement I
2 3,995 Keen Eye I
3 6,920 Hireling I
4 8,900 Aspect Extraction I
5 10,560 Potency Improvement II
6 13,040 Aspect Improvement II
7 16,360 Keen Eye 2
8 17,960 --
9 21,880 --
10 24,400 Potency Improvement III
11 26,989 --
12 29,400 Hireling II
13 30,200 --
14 31,000 Keen Eye III
15 32,600 Potency Improvement IV
16 34,200 Aspect Improvement III
17 35,800 --
18 39,610 --
19 43,420 Aspect Extraction II
20 45,750 Potency Improvement V
21 48,080 --
22 50,500 --
23 52,920 --
24 55,560 --
25 58,200 Potency Improvement VI
26 61,280 --
27 64,360 --
28 67,660 --
29 70,960 Aspect Extraction III
30 74,700 Potency Improvement VII
31 78,440 Aspect Improvement IV
32 82,400 Hireling III
33 86,360 --
34 90,980 --
35 95,600 Potency Improvement VIII
36 100,440 --
37 105,280 --
38 116,280 --
39 128,600 --
40 135,200 Potency Improvement IX
41 141,800 --
42 149,280 --
43 156,760 --
44 164,647 --
45 173,073 --
46 181,840 --
47 191,080 --
48 200,760 --
49 211,320 --
50 Potency Improvement X

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