ESO Plus is a monthly subscription feature of Elder Scrolls Online. Players do not need to subscribe to play the game, but those who opt into this system received added benefits such as free access to DLC zones and increased item storage.

Eso Plus Benefits

DLC Game Packs
Full access to all DLC game packs 1
More Crafting Storage
Unlimited storage for crafting materials 2
Free Crowns
1500 crowns per month for mounts, pets, & more 3
Extra Bank Space
Double Bank space for your account
More Gold & XP
10% increase to Gold & Experience acquisition 1
Bonus to Crafting
10% increase to Crafting Inspiration & Trait Research rates 1
More Furniture Space
Double Furnishings & Collectibles space in player housing
Costume Dyeing
Exclusive ability to dye costumes
Transmutation Crystals
Double currency cap for Transmutation Crystals

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