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Faction grahtwood-aldmeri-dominion-location-eso-wikiAldmeri Dominion
Previous Zone Greenshade
Next Zone Reaper's March
Number of Quests ?
Unique Achievements 7
Malabal Tor Secrets ?

Malabal Tor is a location in Elder Scrolls Online and is located in the Aldmeri Dominion Faction. Located in the northern region of Valenwood, the area is described as "The deepest heart of the Valenwood, where little light reaches the forest floor", and as such the region features large trees and dim light and a variety of bugs and pests. Crafting materials, reagents and runes can be found here.


Malabal Tor has the following Overland Sets: Salvation Set, Spinner's Garments Set and Thunderbug's Carapace Set.



Malabal Tor Maps


Malabal Tor Chest Map




Malabal Tor Quests

Quest Name Obtained Reward
House and Home In Velyn Harbor (after turning in To Velyn Harbor) by talking to Lieutenant Ehran 231 gold
One Fell Swoop In Velyn Harbor by talking to Sergeant Linaarie Vest of Long Sight, 231 gold
The Drublog of Dra'bul In Velyn Harbor (after turning in One Fell Swoop) by talking to The Green Lady 115 gold
The Unkindest Cut In Velyn Harbor by talking to Angardil 231 gold
The Show Must Go On In Fuller’s Break by talking to Elandora 235 gold
Raise the Curtain In Fuller’s Break (after turning in The Show Must Go On) by talking to Salgaer Acrobat’s Boots, 293 gold
The Storm's Call In Ilayas Ruins by talking to Mariel the Ironhand Cuirass of Storms, 288 gold
A Nord in Need In Dead Man’s Drop by talking to Battered Shield 53 gold
Nature's Best Friend In Deepwoods by talking to Liane Shapeshift Slayer, 235 gold
The Hound's Men In Deepwoods by talking to Rondor Dagger of the Green Sister, 293 gold
The Tale of the Green Lady In Deepwoods (after turning in The Hound's Men) by talking to Oraneth Valenwood Heartleaf, 235 gold
The Summer Site In Falinesti Summer Site by talking to Tharuin the Melancholy Helmet of the Planes, 235 gold
Lost Daughter In Tomb of the Apostates by talking to Bosmer Vase 57 gold
Export Business In Crimson Cove by talking to Peras 283 gold
Naval Intelligence In Crimson Cove by talking to Glanir Glanir’s Smoke Bomb, 283 gold
Proving the Deed In Fighter’s Guild by talking to A courier when you are near the Fighter’s Guild Aelif’s Shadowband, 470 gold
Chateau of the Ravenous Rodent In Malabal Tor by talking to Shalidor (Mages Guild) Uncle Leo’s Choker, 470 gold
Reap What Is Sown In Dra'Bul (after turning in The Drublog of Dra’bul) by talking to The Green Lady Axe of the Houndslayer, 1 Skill Point, 298 gold
The Hound's Plan In Dra'Bul (after turning in Reap What is Sown) by talking to Shaman Glazulg 239 gold
Buyer Beware In Vulkwasten by talking to Bataba Blade of the Ayleid King, 1 Skill Point, 303 gold
Something Rotten In Vulkwasten by talking to Peruin Rotmech Sandals, 243 gold
For Everything a Season In Vulkwasten by talking to Alphrost Frostbringer, 121 gold
A Father's Promise In Tanglehaven by talking to Treethane Dailithil Greaves of the Wolf-Father, 298 gold
Arithiel In Abamath by talking to Caralith Arithiel’s Ring, 478 gold
The Soul Trap In Abamath Ruins by talking to Ayleid Sarcophagus 239 gold
The Prisoner of Jathsogur In Jathsogur (after turning in The Hound’s Plan) by talking to Silvenar Sapmagic Ring, 303 gold
Shock to the System In East of Bloodtoil Valley by talking to Yinz-Hei Sword of Sizzling, 243 gold
A Wedding to Attend In (after turning in The Prisoner of Jathsogur) by talking to Silvenar 121 gold
Payment In Kind In Bloodtoil Valley by talking to Mathragor 303 gold
Z'en and Mauloch In Bloodtoil Valley by talking to Journal of a Z’en Priest Amulet of Z’en, 121 gold
Valley of Blades In The Harborage by talking to The Prophet appears when you hit L35 Sword Saint’s Choker, 1 Skill Point, 486 gold
A Tale Forever Told In Valeguard by talking to Shandi Tonic of Accelerated Time, 494 gold
Fulfilling One's Fate In Valeguard/Ouze by talking to Spinner Gwilon 308 gold
A Novel Idea In Valeguard by talking to Farandor 247 gold
Back to Rest In Valeguard by talking to Moranda Gem Array Totem of Y’ffre, 247 gold
Restore the Silvenar In Silvenar by talking to The Silvenar The Hound’s Helm, 1 Skill Point, 313 gold
The Misfortunate Minstrels In Silvenar by talking to Laen the Doorwalker 125 gold
Shipwrecked Sailors In Jode's Pocket by talking to Seaman Henaril 123 gold
The Captain's Honor In Jode's Pocket by talking to First Mate Valion (after turning in Shipwrecked Sailors) Storm Shield, 123 gold
The Maormer's Vessels In Jode's Pocket by talking to Striker Aldewe 123 gold
Blind Man's Bluff In Jode's Pocket by talking to Captain Khammo Belt of the Sightless Pirate, 303 gold
The Ties that Bind In Wilding Run by talking to Nilaendril Ulthorn’s Regret, 377 gold
Brothers and Bandits In Black Vine Ruins by talking to Daine 231 gold
Awakening In Treehenge by talking to Finoriell 251 gold
The Dark Night of the Soul In Treehenge (after turning in Awakening) by talking to Hengekeeper Lara Rootsong Amulet, 313 gold
Sacred Prey, Hunt Profane In Treehenge by talking to Aniaste 121 gold
Enemy of My Enemy In Baandari Tradepost by talking to Eraral-dro 313 gold
A Tangled Net In Baandari Tradepost by talking to Eraral-dro Draught of Intoxicating Strength, 313 gold
The Dark Mane In Silvenar (after turning in Restore the Silvenar) by talking to Lord Gharesh-ri 125 gold

Malabal Tor Locales and Trivia:

external image Hoarvor.png?v2
Excerpt from Healer's Fieldbook:
Once an area attracts a Hoarvor infestation, it is difficult to eradicate the pests. Just one window or door left open, one unconscious reveler left in the streets, or a pet not properly cared for can attract the beasts. If this happens, the first priority is to disengage the creature's proboscis as quickly as possible and treat the wound.
Hoarvors are uncannily good at locating areas of strong blood flow, and if not removed carefully can cause more damage to the victim upon removal of the feeding-bore. Wounds must be kept perfectly clean to avoid complications, and every healer knows deep puncture wounds are difficult to treat. To discourage proliferation and drive an infestation out, one must burn a mixture of viper's bite leaves and hazemoss, especially at night. Placing frost salts in a circle around a dwelling can prove helpful at deterring the creatures, as well.






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