You must first find Caralith. She can be found west of Bloodtoil Wayshrine where the east-west road meets the south road. She will ask you to find Arithiel in a cage, who will in turn guide you to the next phase. Arothiel is nearer the ruin, south of the stream in a cage near a tent.

Abamath is a dungeon located in Malabal Tor  in The Elder Scrolls Online. This dungeon grants a quest and has Provisioning materials and several Books.

"When the Daedra-worshiping Ayleids fled from Alessia's Slave Rebellion in Cyrodiil, many of the clans went south into Valenwood. Legend has it that the Abamath Ayleids drove a tribe of Wood Orcs out an existing cave system and converted it to their own uses."
―Abamath Ruins Loading Screen

Abamath Ruins Walkthrough

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General Information


  • Arithiel: Rescue Arithiel from the Worm Cult in Abamath: obtained by Caralith, Eralin.
  • The Soul Trap: Rescue a Khajiit's soul from an Ayleid puzzle lock: obtained by Ayleid Sarcophagus.


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Achievements / Books

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Abamath Map

Map malabal tor Public Dungeons small

abamath small


  • Name: 
  • Location: Location of boss
  • Possible Loot: ??

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NPCs in the area

Notable Items


  • Worm Cult
  • Igozai (Ogrim)

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