A Tangled Net


Malabal Tor, Baandari Trading Post


Gold Coast Gauntlets
High Leveled Gold

A Tangled Net is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO).

Quest Information

Eraral-dro wants to neutralize the Gold Coast mercenaries in Malabal Tor so his people will be safe from reprisal.



  • Eraral-dro



  • Drug the mercenaries' kegs.
  • Talk to Eraral-dro.
  • Gain support from the Baandari traders.
  • Find Eraral-dro.
  • Talk to Tabil.
  • Buy off the mercenaries.
  • Talk to Captain Aurelia Blasio.
  • Return to the tradepost.




  • Note
    Add the Powder to the Mercenaries' Kegs 
    - Make sure you add them when the Gold Coast Brewer is not near the kegs. If he is, just wait for him to walk away. 
    Buy off the Colovian Mercenaries 
    - Mercenaries are on the bottom floor of the building, the entertainers are at the upper floor. 
    - Vitellia Strabo – Want to punch something – Sadelia would be a good fit 
    - Yggnast – Just want to relax – Kagun would be a good fit 
    - Longstig – Want food – Athemel would be a good fit 
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