Artaeum Information

artaeum eso location summerset chapter

Faction Neutral
Previous Zone Summerset
Next Zone Any
Number of Quests ??
Unique Achievements 66
Summerset Secrets ??

Artaeum is a Location in Elder Scrolls Online. Following the main quest will reveal the Psijic Order and give players access to Artaeum.

For the first time in history, the long-closed borders of Summerset are open to foreigners by decree of Queen Ayrenn. But darkness looms over the ancestral home of the High Elves, and whispers stir of Daedric followers organizing in the shadows. Summerset was added with the Summerset Chapter and is accessible to all characters of all levels and Factions.

Players gain access to Summerset (after downloading the DLC) by accepting a quest via the menu interface or downloading the quest voucher via the crown store. All enemies, and resource nodes are Battle Leveled.

Summerset has the following Overland Sets: Wisdom of Vanus , Gryphon’s Ferocity, Grace of Gloom.

The Summerset Trial "Cloudrest" drops the following Sets: Mantle of Siroria Set, Arms of Relequen Set, Aegis of Galanwe Set.


DungeonsPublic Dungeons (Delves)



crafting stations iconCrafting Stations

Group%20BossElite Spawns

  • None

eso house icon elder scrolls onlinesPlayer Housing

  • None

Dark%20AnchorAbyssal Geysers

  • None


achievement categoryicon craftingCrafting Motifs & Styles


Artaeum Maps

Artaeum Set Crafting Stations

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Artaeum Survey Maps

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Artaeum Dungeons

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Artaeum Treasure Maps

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Artaeum Skyshards

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Artaeum World Bosses



Artaeum Quests

All Summerset Locales & Summerset Trivia:

Cities, Settlements & Farms

  • Cephorah Tower
  • Colosseum of the Old Ways
  • The Dreaming Cave
  • Psijic Relic Vaults

Caves, Mines, Ruins & Crypts

  • College of Psijics Ruins

Delves, Public Delves, Dungeons & Arenas

World Elites, World Bosses

  • None

Points of Interest

  • Artaeum Craftworks
  • Colosseum of the Old Ways


  • Artaeum Wayshrine


Artaeum Galley

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      What is that little squiggle of a road on the southeastern shore? I have been all over Artaeum and cannot find a way to access that road! Is it part of a quest??

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