Champion Points or Champion Skills in Elder Scrolls Online can only be acquired once you reach level 50. These were added in Update 6 with the Champion System.

From the Dark Brotherhood update, Champion Ranks replace Veteran Ranks in player progression.

Once you reach level 50 your progress is measured by the amount of Champion Points you have earned. Every time you are granted a Champion Point it will be for The Warrior, then The Thief and finally The Mage. It will rotate through all three of these before you will get another point in the same one. So in order to get 10 points to place in any of The Thief Constellations, you will have to gain 10 in The Warrior and 9 in The Mage.

Spending 10, 30, 75 and 120 points in the stars of a single Constellation will grant the player automatic Passive Skills that are unique to that Constellation. Below are all the Skills that can be acquired from these trees.

The Lord


Under the Warrior's influence, the Lord grants you Health and improves your vitality.

The Lord in Elder Scrolls Online, is a minor constellation located within The Warrior Constellation. In the Champion System  in Elder Scrolls Online, this constellation boosts the player's healing effectiveness and Armor. There is also a Mundus Stone that when activated, increases Maximum Health.


Players may spend up to 100 Champion Points in each Passive Skill (star) in this constellation, for a total of 400. Diminishing returns are a factor here. As the player puts more and more points into a star in this constellation they will get less and less benefit.


The Lord Champion Points


star2.pngQuick Recovery

Increases the effectiveness of healing received by [0-15]%.


star2.pngHeavy Armor Focus

Increases your Physical Resistance by [0-5280] % while wearing 5 or more pieces of Heavy Armor



Increases the effectiveness of damage absorbing effects by [0-25]%.


star2.pngExpert Defender

Reduces damage taken from Light and Heavy Attacks by [0-35]%.


great_star2.pngField Physician

(Unlocks at The Lord Rank 10) Reduces damage received while resurrecting another player by 15%.



(Unlocks at The Lord Rank 30) Increases another player's Magicka Recovery by XX for 8 seconds after you resurrect them.



(Unlocks at The Lord Rank 75) Absorbs [x] damage for 5 seconds after you are resurrected.



(Unlocks at The Lord Rank 120) Absorbs [x] damage for 15 seconds after drinking a potion.



The Lord Mundus Stone Effects & Locations

Increases Maximum Health by 1280 (1952 with 7 Legendary Divine Traits)



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