Flames of Ambition

Location Deshaan
Gold Coast
Cost 1500 crowns
Free with ESO PLUS
Sets Added Flames of Ambition Sets
Delves Added The Cauldron
Black Drake Villa

Flames of Ambition is a DLC for The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO). Flames of Ambition releases on March 8th of 2021 for PC, Mac, and Stadia, as well as consoles on March 16th, 2021. Flames of Ambition is where it all begins for the Gates of Oblivion, discover secrets and reveal the threat that will lead to the Blackwood Chapter.

This DLC adds 2 new Group Dungeons, and new Flames of Ambition Sets. It costs 1500 crowns and is free with ESO Plus


What is the Flames of Ambition DLC?

The adventure begins in the first DLC for the Gates of Oblivion expansion which is the Flames of Ambition. In this DLC, players can find two exciting new PvE challenges to Tamriel: The Cauldron and Black Drake Villa. And in these challenging new dungeons, you must assault a shrine to the Prince of Destruction and race to uncover a mysterious tome before it is lost to fire and ash.

Players will also be joined by fan-favorite characters such as Eveli Sharp-Arrow (Orsinium DLC) and the outcast Dremora Lyranth (Imperial City DLC), plus have an opportunity to earn unique rewards including powerful new items and fantastic collectibles. All these discoveries within these two dungeons will set up and follow the events for the Blackwood Chapter.



Flames of Ambition Base Game Patch Features & Content

The Gates of Oblivion Begins

The epic Gates of Oblivion adventure opens wide with new dungeons that reveal the threat of Mehrunes Dagon and lead directly to the Blackwood Chapter.

The Cauldron

Join two unusual saviors to penetrate the defenses of The Cauldron and stop the Order of the Waking Flame from completing their deadly ritual

Black Drake Villa

Gather your allies and explore a once-opulent villa in a race against time to recover a mysterious book before dark forces burn everything to ash in Black Drake Villa

Remnants from the Deadlands

Claim powerful new item sets and special collectibles as you strive to conquer both dungeons and earn DLC-unique Achievements and honors



Flames of Ambition DLC Gallery





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