Greymoor Expansion

Cost 39.99 USD
Zone Added Western Skyrim (Blackreach)
Sets Added Greymoor Sets
Skills Added Scrying Skills
Vampire Skills rework
Trial Added Kyne's Aegis
Delves Added 9

Greymoor is an Expansion for The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO). It is expected to launch in June 2020. This Chapter brings all-new adventures to The Elder Scrolls Online players, including a new zone Western Skyrim, A gothic main story questline, Antiquities system, a massive new 12-player Trial, new world event, dungeons, quests and more.

See Greymoor Sets for a list of all sets added with this expansion. See Mythic Items for new one-piece bonus sets added with this expansion via the Antiquity system.





What is Greymoor Expansion?

Supernatural harrowstorms plague Western Skyrim, and dark beasts, led by a powerful Vampire Lord, devour souls to further their mysterious plans. In The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor, The Elder Scrolls Online’s newest Chapter, you must defend the besieged Nords and uncover the evil behind this monstrous resurgence.



Greymoor Base Game Patch Features & Content









Antiquities System

Antiquities are a new sort of activity for players to do in Greymoor that send players on a treasure hunt of sorts. The way this works is that players will find these items in various qualities by looting containers or as quest rewards and they must Scry the puzzle in order to give them clues on where to search. Players can solve these puzzles in different ways, with the most optimal outcome revealing only one location on the map where they might find their loot. However, if players solve the puzzle in a less than optimal manner, there will be multiple locations they must search, and some of these are dead-end leads. Since these locations will be randomized per player, there is no way to know which is the right location, so if you want to save time you’ll get good at these puzzles real fast. 

Players will look for dirt mounds in the area or areas revealed on their map and when they find them they will again solve a mini game (a different one) to reveal a chest with rewards ranging from cosmetics, to mounts and even the new Mythic Items.

Mythic Items are a new powerful addition coming to the Elder Scrolls Online with the Greymoor chapter and they use an intriguing Kiss/Curse system that provides the player with amazing benefits in exchange for taking a penalty in other areas. For instance there are boots you can acquire that make it so that you cannot be rooted or snared, but in exchange for this awesomeness you cannot Sprint. This will allow for new powerful Builds that revolve entirely around these items, and should motivate players to do the Antiquities activity, since there is no other means of obtaining these. Though, we do not know if they are Bind on Equip or Bind on Pickup. Just how many of these items there are in the game is unknown, but players have a higher chance of gaining them if they do higher quality Antiquities, and these items should be tradeable.



Greymoor is available in following different versions:

  • The Greymoor Physical Collector's Edition is available ONLY as a physical version and includes the brand-new Greymoor Chapter (note: NOT the base game or previous Chapters) in addition to a selection of unique physical and digital items, including
  • Greymoor Pre-purchase Standard Edition: For new players, this version includes the base game, the Morrowind, Summerset and Elsweyr chapter
  • Greymoor Pre-purchase Digital Upgrade: For existing players, this version includes the base game
  • Greymoor Pre-purchase Digital Collector's Edition: For new players, this version includes the base game, the Morrowind Collector's Edition, Summerset Collector's Edition and Elsweyr chapter
  • Greymoor Pre-purchase Digital Collector's Edition Upgrade: For existing players, includes exclusive bonus content and pre-purchase items:
    • Bonus content
    • Exclusive Mount: Crypt Warden Death Hound
    • Exclusive Pet: Death Hound
    • Exclusive Skyrim Emote Pack
    • Exclusive Outfit Style: Sword Thane Outfit Style
    • Exclusive Memento: Orb of Magnus
    • Pre-purchase items
    • Nord Noble Adornment
    • Nord Noble Costume
    • Sacrificial Pocket Mammoth
    • Preview Crown Crate
    • Western Skyrim Treasure Maps  

New Collectibles

  • Pets
  • Mementos
  • Costumes
    • Antiquarian Robes: Acquired by completing the "Master of the Eye" achievement.
    • Master Field Cartographer: Acquired by collecting and combining all of the Cartographer Fragments found in the Nchuthnkarst public dungeon.
    • Antiquarian Field Garb: Acquired by completing the "Master Antiquarian" achievement.
  • Hats
    • Reach-Mage Ceremonial Skullcap: Combine 20 Arena Gladiator's Proofs with a Reach Mage's Ferocity, available for purchase from War Researchers in Cyrodiil.
  • Adornments
  • Skins
  • Outfit Styles
  • A new Undaunted trophy and bust for completing the Kyne's Aegis trial on normal and Veteran difficulty respectively.
  • Dyes 
  • Titles 
  • New Furnishings
    • A wide range of recipes for Solitude style furnishings can be obtained from monsters and containers across Western Skyrim.
    • Recipes for Vampiric furnishings can be found in the caverns beneath Western Skyrim, and from Harrowstorms.
    • A selection of new conservatory furnishings and other offerings can be purchased from Masela, the Home Goods Furnisher in Solitude.
    • A set of new achievement furnishings are available for purchase from Netinndel, the Achievement Furnisher in Solitude, after completing achievements in Greymoor.
    • New Vampiric paintings can rarely be found in treasure chests in the caverns beneath Western Skyrim, while new Western Skyrim themed paintings can be found in treasure chests in Western Skyrim.
    • All the new and unique furnishings found from the Antiquities system, as listed in the Antiquities section above.
    • A brand new music box for recovering all of the missing instruments for the Bards College in Solitude!
  • New Motifs 
    • Blackreach Vanguard Motif chapters, as well as the associated style item Gloomspore Chitin, can be obtained from completing delve and world boss dailies in Blackreach: Greymoor Caverns and Western Skyrim. 
    • The Ancestral High Elf, Ancestral Orc and Ancestral Nord Motif chapters, as well as their associated style items of Etched Adamantite, Etched Manganese and Etched Corundum, are sourced via the Antiquity system. 



Greymoor Lore

Greymoor (sometimes spelled Graymoor), also called Black Moor or Darkmoor, is a settlement located in the tundra of Whiterun Hold, immediately west of the Skyrim city of Whiterun. Fort Greymoor guards the strategic crossroad which connects Whiterun with the Reach, Hjaalmarch, and Haafingar.



Greymoor DLC Gallery





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