Dungeons in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) are isolated areas within the various locations featuring a large amount of enemies and at least one Boss. Defeating the bosses is usually required to clear the dungeon or complete any associated quests. Dungeons content is more difficult than the standard overworld activities. There are several types of dungeons with varying difficulties and requirements for group size:

  • delve-eso-dungeonDelves - Also known as Solo Delves. Any player can enter the Delve at any time, and you will likely come across other players inside the delve, even if they're not in your group.
  • group-delve-eso-dungeonGroup Delves - Found in Craglorn, these Delves are harder than regular Delves and are designed for groups of 2 - 4 players. Group delves are instanced so you will only be able to see your group members within.
  • publicdungeon-eso-dungeonPublic DungeonsThere is at least one in each quest zone (exceptions are Cyrodiil and some DLCs). Each consists of a quest boss, several mini bosses and a group event boss. Any player can enter the Public Dungeon at any time, even if they are not in your group. You can earn a skill point in each Public Dungeon by completing the "group event" boss. Public dungeons also have achievements you can earn.
  • groupdungeon-eso-dungeonGroup Dungeons - These are much more difficult than Delves and Public Dungeons and are designed with 4 players in mind. Group Dungeons are instanced and feature tougher enemies and multiple bosses. The bosses in Group Dungeons often feature mechanics that must be managed by the whole group. They also drop Set Items. Group Dungeons each have a non-repeatable quest associated with them that will reward a Skill Point upon completion and each dungeon has a set of achievements to earn. Finally, all Group Dungeons have a Normal mode with a recommended level for entry and a harder Veteran mode which is accessible for players at Level 50.
  • trial-eso-dungeonTrials - These are designed as endgame content for groups of 12 Players and are much larger in scale than any other dungeon type. Trials represent some of the toughest challenges for players with special mechanics that require teamwork and coordination to overcome, but they also present unique rewards that cannot be obtained anywhere else. Each Trial has Normal and Veteran modes, as well as leaderboards and their own set of achievements.



Elder Scrolls Online Dungeons Listing


Dungeon Name Dungeon Type Zone
Barrow Trench Delve Greenshade
Bewan Delve Auridon
Black Vine Ruins Delve Malabal Tor
Burroot Kwama Mine Delve Grahtwood
Carac Dena Delve Greenshade
Claw's Strike Delve Reaper's March
Dead Man's Drop Delve Malabal Tor
Del's Claim Delve Auridon
Entila's Folly Delve Auridon
Fardir's Folly Delve Reaper's March
Gurzag's Mine Delve Greenshade
Harridan's Lair Delve Greenshade
Hoarvor Pit Delve Malabal Tor
Jode's Light Delve Reaper's March
Kuna's Delve Delve Reaper's March
Mehrunes' Spite Delve Auridon
Mobar Mine Delve Grahtwood
Naril Nagaia Delve Greenshade
Ne Salas Delve Grahtwood
Ondil Delve Auridon
Roots of Silvenar Delve Malabal Tor
Shael Ruins Delve Malabal Tor
The Scuttle Pit Delve Grahtwood
The Underroot Delve Greenshade
Thibaut's Cairn Delve Reaper's March
Tomb of Apostates Delve Malabal Tor
Vinedeath Cave Delve Grahtwood
Aldunz Delve Alik'r Desert
Coldrock Diggings Delve Alik'r Desert
Divad's Chagrin Mine Delve Alik'r Desert
Sandblown Mine Delve Alik'r Desert
Santaki Delve Alik'r Desert
Yldzuun Delve Alik'r Desert
Crypt of the Exiles Delve Bangkorai
Klathzgar Delve Bangkorai
Rubble Butte Delve Bangkorai
Torog's Spite Delve Bangkorai
Troll's Toothpick Delve Bangkorai
Viridian Watch Delve Bangkorai
Cryptwatch Fort Delve Glenumbra
Ebon Crypt Delve Glenumbra
Enduum Delve Glenumbra
Ilessan Tower Delve Glenumbra
Mines of Khuras Delve Glenumbra
Silumm Delve Glenumbra
Crestshade Mine Delve Rivenspire
Erokii Ruins Delve Rivenspire
Flyleaf Catacombs Delve Rivenspire
Hildune's Secret Refuge Delve Rivenspire
Orc's Finger Ruins Delve Rivenspire
Tribulation Crypt Delve Rivenspire
Bearclaw Mine Delve Stormhaven
Farangel's Delve Delve Stormhaven
Koeglin Mine Delve Stormhaven
Norvulk Ruins Delve Stormhaven
Pariah Catacombs Delve Stormhaven
Portdun Watch Delve Stormhaven
The Corpse Garden Delve Deshaan
Knife Ear Grotto Delve Deshaan
Lady Llarel's Shelter Delve Deshaan
Lower Bthanual Delve Deshaan
Taleon's Crag Delve Deshaan
The Triple Circle Mine Delve Deshaan
The Bastard's Tomb Delve Eastmarch
The Chill Holow Delve Eastmarch
The Frigid Grotto Delve Eastmarch
Icehammer's Vault Delve Eastmarch
Old Sord's Cave Delve Eastmarch
Stormcrag Crypt Delve Eastmarch
Avanchnzel Delve The Rift
Broken Helm Hollow Delve The Rift
Faldar's Tooth Delve The Rift
Fort Greenwall Delve The Rift
Shroud Hearth Barrow Delve The Rift
Snapleg Cave Delve The Rift
Atanaz Ruins Delve Shadowfen
Broken Tusk Delve Shadowfen
Chid-Moska Ruins Delve Shadowfen
Gandranen Ruins Delve Shadowfen
Onkobra Kwama Mine Delve Shadowfen
Shrine of the Black Maw Delve Shadowfen
Emberflint Mine Delve Stonefalls
Hightide Hollow Delve Stonefalls
Inner Sea Armature Delve Stonefalls
Mephala's Nest Delve Stonefalls
Sheogorath's Tongue Delve Stonefalls
Softloam Cavern Delve Stonefalls
Traitor's Vault Delve Artaeum
Midnight Barrow Delve Blackreach
The Scraps Delve Blackreach
Halls of Regulation Delve Clockwork City
The Shadow Cleft Delve Clockwork City
Aba-Loria Delve Coldharbour
The Cave of Trophies Delve Coldharbour
The Vault of Haman Forgefire Delve Coldharbour
The Grotto of Depravity Delve Coldharbour
Mal Sorra's Tomb Delve Coldharbour
The Wailing Maw Delve Coldharbour
Balamath Delve Craglorn
Buried Sands Delve Craglorn
Exarch's Stronghold Delve Craglorn
Fearfangs Cavern Delve Craglorn
Haddock's Market Delve Craglorn
The Howling Sepulchers Delve Craglorn
Ilthag's Undertower Delve Craglorn
Loth'Na Caverns Delve Craglorn
Molavar Delve Craglorn
Serpent's Nest Delve Craglorn
Tombs of the Na-Totambu Delve Craglorn
Bloodmayne Cave Delve Cryodiil
Breakneck Cave Delve Cryodiil
Capstone Cave Delve Cryodiil
Cracked Wood Cave Delve Cryodiil
Echo Cave Delve Cryodiil
Haynote Cave Delve Cryodiil
Kingscrest Cavern Delve Cryodiil
Lipsand Tarn Delve Cryodiil
Muck Valley Cavern Delve Cryodiil
Newt Cave Delve Cryodiil
Nisin Cave Delve Cryodiil
Pothole Caverns Delve Cryodiil
Quickwater Cave Delve Cryodiil
Red Ruby Cave Delve Cryodiil
Serpent Hollow Cave Delve Cryodiil
Toadstool Hollow Delve Cryodiil
Underpall Cave Delve Cryodiil
Vahtacen Delve Cryodiil
Garlas Agea Delve Gold Coast
Hrota Cave Delve Gold Coast
Bahraha's Gloom Delve Hew's Bane
Shark's Teeth Grotto Delve Hew's Bane
Teeth of Sithis Delve Murkmire
Tsofeer Cavern Delve Murkmire
Abode of Ignominy Delve Northern Elsweyr
Darkpool Mine Delve Northern Elsweyr
Desert Wind Caverns Delve Northern Elsweyr
Predator Mesa Delve Northern Elsweyr
The Tangle Delve Northern Elsweyr
Tomb of the Serpents Delve Northern Elsweyr
Forsaken Citadel Delve Southern Elsweyr
Moonlit Cove Delve Southern Elsweyr
Archon's Grove Delve Summerset
Eton Nir Grotto Delve Summerset
King's Haven Pass Delve Summerset
Tor-Hame-Khard Delve Summerset
Wasten Coraldale Delve Summerset
Ashalmawia Delve Vvardenfell
Khartag Point Delve Vvardenfell
Matus-Akin Egg Mine Delve Vvardenfell
Nchuleft Delve Vvardenfell
Pulk Delve Vvardenfell
Zainsipilu Delve Vvardenfell
Chillwind Depths Delve Western Skyrim
Dragonhome Delve Western Skyrim
Frozen Coast Delve Western Skyrim
Shadowgreen Delve Western Skyrim
Argent Mine Delve Wrothgar
Coldperch Cavern Delve Wrothgar
Nikolvara's Kennel Delve Wrothgar
Thukhozod's Sanctum Delve Wrothgar
Watcher's Hold Delve Wrothgar
Zthenganaz Delve Wrothgar
Chiselshriek Mine Group Delve Craglorn
Hircine's Haunt Group Delve Craglorn
Mtharnaz Group Delve Craglorn
Rkhardahrk Group Delve Craglorn
Rkundzelft Group Delve Craglorn
Ruins of Kardala Group Delve Craglorn
Zalgaz's Den Group Delve Craglorn
Toothmaul Gully Public Dungeon Auridon
Root Sunder Ruins Public Dungeon Grahtwood
Rulanyil's Fall Public Dungeon Greenshade
Crimson Cove Public Dungeon Malabal Tor
The Vile Manse Public Dungeon Reaper's March
Lost City of the Na-Totambu Public Dungeon Alik'r Desert
Razak's Wheel Public Dungeon Bangkorai
Bad Man's Hallows Public Dungeon Glenumbra
Obsidian Scar Public Dungeon Rivenspire
Bonesnap Ruins Public Dungeon Stormhaven
Forgotten Crypts Public Dungeon Deshaan
Hall of the Dead Public Dungeon Eastmarch
The Lion's Den Public Dungeon The Rift
Sanguine's Demesne Public Dungeon Shadowfen
Crow's Wood Public Dungeon Stonefalls
Nchuthnkarst Public Dungeon Blackreach
Village of the Lost Public Dungeon Coldharbour
Imperial Sewers Public Dungeon Cyrodiil
Orcrest Public Dungeon Northern Elsweyr
Rimmen Necropolis Public Dungeon Northern Elsweyr
Karnwasten Public Dungeon Summerset
Sunhold Public Dungeon Summerset
Forgotten Wastes Public Dungeon Vvardenfell
Nchuleftingth Public Dungeon Vvardenfell
Labyrinthian Public Dungeon Western Skyrim
Old Orsinium Public Dungeon Wrothgar
Rkindaleft Public Dungeon Wrothgar
Volenfell Group Dungeon Alik'r Desert
The Banished Cells I Group Dungeon Auridon
The Banished Cells II Group Dungeon Auridon
Blackheart Haven Group Dungeon Bangkorai
Vaults of Madness Group Dungeon Coldharbour
Darkshade Caverns I Group Dungeon Deshaan
Darkshade Caverns II Group Dungeon Deshaan
Direfrost Keep Group Dungeon Eastmarch
Spindleclutch I Group Dungeon Glenumbra
Spindleclutch II Group Dungeon Glenumbra
Elden Hollow I Group Dungeon Grahtwood
Elden Hollow II Group Dungeon Grahtwood
City of Ash I Group Dungeon Greenshade
City of Ash II Group Dungeon Greenshade
Tempest Island Group Dungeon Malabal Tor
Selene's Web Group Dungeon Reaper's March
Crypt of Hearts I Group Dungeon Rivenspire
Crypt of Hearts II Group Dungeon Rivenspire
Arx Corinium Group Dungeon Shadowfen
Fungal Grotto I Group Dungeon Stonefalls
Fungal Grotto II Group Dungeon Stonefalls
Wayrest Sewers I Group Dungeon Stormhaven
Wayrest Sewers II Group Dungeon Stormhaven
Blessed Crucible Group Dungeon The Rift
Imperial City Prison Group Dungeon Cyrodiil
White-Gold Tower Group Dungeon Cyrodiil
Cradle of Shadows Group Dungeon Shadowfen
Ruins of Mazzatun Group Dungeon Shadowfen
Bloodroot Forge Group Dungeon Craglorn
Falkreath Hold Group Dungeon Craglorn
Fang Lair Group Dungeon Bangkorai
Scalecaller Peak Group Dungeon Stormhaven
March of Sacrifices Group Dungeon Greenshade
Moon Hunter Keep Group Dungeon Reaper's March
Depths of Malatar Group Dungeon Gold Coast
Frostvault Group Dungeon Eastmarch
Lair of Maarselok Group Dungeon Grahtwood
Moongrave Fane Group Dungeon Northern Elsweyr
Icereach Group Dungeon Wrothgar
Unhallowed Grave Group Dungeon Bangkorai
Castle Thorn Group Dungeon Western Skyrim
Stone Garden Group Dungeon Blackreach
Black Drake Villa Group Dungeon Gold Coast
The Cauldron Group Dungeon Deshaan
Asylum Sanctorium Trial Clockwork City
Aertherian Archive Trial Craglorn
Hel Ra Citadel Trial Craglorn
Sanctum Ophidia Trial Craglorn
Sunspire Trial Northern Elsweyr
Maw of Lorkhaj Trial Reaper's March
Cloudrest Trial Summerset
Halls of Fabrication Trial Vvardenfell
Kyne's Aegis Trial Western Skyrim
Rockgrove Trial  


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