Dragonhold DLC

Location Elsweyr
Cost 2000Crowns
Zone Added Pellitine (Southern Elsweyr)

Dragonhold DLC is a DLC for The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) released in October 2019. Dragonhold is the final content that will be added to the Season of the Dragon adventure, and its focus is introducing a new zone calledSouthern Elsweyr. The native Khajiit in Elsweyr call Southern Elsweyr “Pellitine” and Northern Elsweyr “Anequina.” See Dragonhold Sets for new sets added with this zone.

What is the Dragonhold DLC?

The Dragonhold DLC is a zone-focused DLC that will introduce Southern Elsweyr (Pellitine), a lawless wasteland to explore. New quests, delves, and World Bosses have been added, and of course daily Dragon Hunt daily quests like in Northern Elsweyr. There are also many powerful new tools and weapons to be found in Pellitine.

You must fight alongside your allies to reform the ancient Dragonguard order and finally put an end to the reign of the Dragons before Tamriel falls!


ESO Dragonhold Review

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Dragonhold DLC Base Game Patch Features & Content

You may view the cinematic trailer for both Scalebreaker and Dragonhold released during E3 2019 below.




The ancient Khajiiti kingdom known as Pellitine lies in shambles. Devastated by a terrible plague and its purging fire decades ago, Southern Elsweyr devolved into a lawless region beset by slavers, pirates, and brigands. As refugees from the surrounding land slowly make their way to the zone’s capital of Senchal, the city’s few remaining defenders muster for their last stand against the chaos.

However, worse things threaten the people of Pellitine. The Dragons, free from the Halls of Colossus, have brought their rage south. Bolstered by a cult of worshipers known as the Order of the New Moon, they devastate the region and continue their secret schemes.

These challenges and more await those willing to venture into the scorched confines of Southern Elsweyr. Consisting of three unique biomes (including scorched-but-recovering wilds, old-growth forests, and tropical grasslands) and packed with new delves, world bosses, quests, and Dragon hunts, this new zone contains plenty to keep you engaged.

The odds are stacked against you, but rest assured, the benefits gained by exploring Southern Elsweyr make it all worth it. The Dragonhold DLC boasts more rewards than any previous DLC story zone, including new titles (such as the much-requested “Pirate” title), tons of new collectibles (including a mix of costumes, mementos, and outfit styles), item sets, and more. Pellitine might be in ruins, but untold riches await those who know where to look! 



In the Dragonhold main questline, you work with fan-favorite character Sai Sahan (returning for this storyline) to gather a rag-tag group of pirates and adventurers and restore the ancient order known as the Dragonguard. Once thought lost to history, this ancient organization of Dragon hunters must return to aid the Khajiit of Elsweyr against the Dragon threat.

The Redguard swordmaster is not your only companion in this endeavor, however. When you start the zone’s main story, a powerful and famous ally from Elder Scrolls lore joins you. No spoilers, sorry! Together, you and your new allies must seek out the secrets of the lost Dragonguard order and fight against the machinations of the mighty Dragon Laatvulon and his New Moon cultists.



Dragonhold brings the year-long Season of the Dragon saga to its epic conclusion. Starting with the Wrathstone DLC and continuing with the Elsweyr Chapter and Scalebreaker DLC, the story that began at the start of the year reaches its climax in this final DLC of 2019.

In addition to its typical main-story quest content, Dragonhold features bonus quests that let you and your allies put an end to the machinations of the Dragon Kaalgrontiid (from the Elsweyr Chapter main story). You delayed the terrible Dragon’s plans in Elsweyr. Now, in Southern Elsweyr, his schemes must be stopped for good before he can gain the power of the gods!

To unlock the Season of the Dragon finale quests, you must complete both the Elsweyr and Dragonhold main story questlines. You don’t have to complete the stories from this year’s two Dungeon DLCs, but you should if you want to see the whole picture!


New Achievements, Titles & Collectibles

Dyes & Titles

  • The Pellitine Coral Dye is obtained by completing the "Return of the Dragonguard" achievement.
  • The "Hero of the Dragonguard" title is obtained by completing the "Hero of the Dragonguard" achievement.
  • The "Dragonslayer" title is obtained by completing the "Pellitine Dragon Hunter" achievement.
  • The "Lunar Champion" title is obtained by completing the "A Hero's Song" achievement.
  • The "Master Grappler" title is obtained by completing the "Grappling Bow Pathfinder" achievement.
  • The "Guardian of Elsweyr" title is obtained by completing the "Bright Moons over Elsweyr" achievement.
  • The "Soul Mage Maven" title is obtained by completing the "Soul Magic Skill Master" achievement for reaching the maximum rank of the Soul Magic skill line.


  • The Regal Dragon Imp cosmetic pet collectible is obtained by earning "The Dragon's Wrath" achievement.
  • The Wall of Life Brush Memento is awarded from the "Leaves on the Wind" achievement.
  • The Mask of Alkosh collectible hat is awarded from the "Return of the Dragonguard" achievement, accomplished by completing the Dragonhold main questline.
  • The Khunzar-ri's Rest collectible furnishing is obtained by completing the "A Hero's Song" achievement.
  • The Aeonstone Formation collectible furnishing is obtained by completing the "Fall of the Dark Aeon" achievement. This particular furnishing may have some unusual interactions with the flooded aeonstone crater in the Potentate's Retreat home ....
  • The Khajiit of the Moons Replica collectible furnishing is obtained by completing the "Pieces of History" achievement which entails bringing all twelve pieces of Khajiit of the Moons, an ancient Khajiiti tapestry, to the Senchal Palace.



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