Group Dungeons in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) are a type of Dungeon that are designed with 4 players in mind. Group Dungeons are instanced and feature tougher enemies and multiple bosses. Group Dungeons often feature advanced mechanics that must be managed by the whole group. Proper group composition and coordination is required to overcome the challenges within.

  • All Group Dungeons have a Normal mode with a recommended minimum level, but can be accessed at any level via the world map. However, you cannot access Normal mode dungeons via the Dungeon Finder if you are below the minimum level for the dungeon.
  • All Group Dungeons also feature a Veteran Mode which is accessible to Level 50 characters only. This mode features more difficult mechanics and drop more powerful loot, including Monster Sets from the final boss of each dungeon. See the Veteran Content page for more information. Some are locked behind higher CP levels when using the Dungeon Finder. However, you can access them via the world map by setting your group difficulty to Veteran before any member enters the dungeon.
  • Some of the older Group Dungeons from the Base Game have a Version I and II, which can be selected upon entering the dungeon. These take place in similar maps but with a different set of enemies and objectives. The quests from Version II dungeons continue the story previously established in Version I dungeons.
  • Group Dungeons each have a non-repeatable quest associated with them that will reward a Skill Point upon completion and each dungeon has a set of Achievements to earn.
  • New dungeons are usually added when new DLC is released.
  • The Group & Activity Finder's Dungeon Finder is a tool designed to help players find other players to do group content with. The Group & Activity Finder can be used by any player as soon as they reach Level 10.
    • From the tool, select Dungeon Finder and specify your Role type (Tank, Healer or Damage Dealer).
    • You can then choose a Random Normal or Veteran Dungeon. Completing a random dungeon via the Dungeon Finder for the first time in the day will reward you with a daily bonus premium reward which includes Undaunted Exploration Supplies and XP. Any subsequent random dungeon completions on the same day will grant a regular bonus reward instead.
    • You can also specify which dungeon(s) you would like to run. You can queue for multiple dungeons at once and you will be able to select normal or veteran versions of the dungeons as well. You will not earn a bonus reward for completing dungeons you've specified.
    • When using the Dungeon Finder, the Dungeon and players will be scaled to Level 50 + 160 CP except when you've pre-established a group and then used the Dungeon Finder to fill in missing spots. In this case, players will be scaled to the Group Leader.
    • Once a full group is found, players can click Join to be teleported to the beginning of the dungeon.
    • Upon completion, all group members are removed from the instance after a 2-minute delay and sent back to where they were before joining the group.



Base Game Group Dungeons

Arx Corinium


Zone: Shadowfen
Gear Sets: Lamia's Song, Undaunted Infiltrator, Medusa
Monster Set: Sellistrix
Difficulty: Easy

The Banished Cells I


Zone: Auridon
Gear Sets: Sanctuary, Jailbreaker, Tormentor

Monster Set: Shadowrend
Difficulty: Very Easy

The Banished Cells II


Zone: Auridon
Gear Sets: Sanctuary, Jailbreaker, Tormentor

Monster Set: Maw of the Infernal
Difficulty: Very Easy



City of Ash II


Zone: Greenshade
Gear Sets: Burning Spellweave, Sunderflame, Embershield
Monster Set: Valkyn Skoria
Difficulty: Easy

Crypt of Hearts I


Zone: Rivenspire
Gear Sets: Shroud of the Lich, Leviathan, Ebon Armory
Monster Set: Ilambris
Difficulty: Medium

Crypt of Hearts II


Zone: Rivenspire
Gear Sets: Shroud of the Lich, Leviathan, Ebon Armory
Monster Set: Nerien'eth
Difficulty: Medium



Elden Hollow I


Zone: Grahtwood
Gear Sets: Light Speaker, Barkskin, Undaunted Bastion
Monster Set: Chokethorn
Difficulty: Easy

Elden Hollow II


Zone: Grahtwood
Gear Sets: Light Speaker, Barkskin, Undaunted Bastion
Monster Set: Nightflame
Difficulty: Easy



Spindleclutch II


Zone: Glenumbra
Gear Sets: Prayer Shawl, Spelunker, Knightmare
Monster Set: Blood Spawn
Difficulty: Easy

Tempest Island


Zone: Malabal Tor
Gear Sets: Overwhelming Surge, Storm Master, Jolting Arms
Monster Set: Stormfist
Difficulty: Easy

Vaults of Madness


Zone: Coldharbour
Gear Sets: Worm's Raiment, Oblivion's Edge, Rattlecage
Monster Set: Grothdar
Difficulty: Medium




Zone: Alik'r Desert
Gear Sets: Treasure Hunter, Crusader, Duneripper's Scales
Monster Set: Tremorscale
Difficulty: Medium

Wayrest Sewers I


Zone: Stormhaven
Gear Sets: Combat Physician, Toothrow, Sergeant's Mail
Monster Set: Slimecraw
Difficulty: Easy


Dragon Bones DLC Group Dungeons


Horns of the Reach DLC Group Dungeons

Bloodroot Forge

bloodroot forge group dungeon

Zone: Craglorn
Gear Sets: Flame Blossom, Blooddrinker, Hagraven's Garden
Monster Set: Earthgore
Difficulty: Hard

Falkreath Hold

falkreath hold group dungeon

Zone: Craglorn
Gear Sets: Draugr's Rest, Pillar of Nirn, Ironblood
Monster Set: Domihaus
Difficulty: Hard



Imperial City DLC Group Dungeons

Imperial City Prison

imperial city prison group dungeon

Zone: Cyrodiil
Gear Sets: Scathing Mage, Sheer Venom, Leeching Plate
Monster Set: Lord Warden
Difficulty: Medium

White-Gold Tower

white gold tower group dungeon

Zone: Cyrodiil
Gear Sets: Spell Power Cure, Essence Thief, Brands of Imperium
Monster Set: Molag Kena
Difficulty: Medium



Shadows of the Hist DLC Group Dungeons

Cradle of Shadows


Zone: Shadowfen
Gear Sets: Gossamer, Widowmaker, Hand of Mephala
Monster Set: Velidreth
Difficulty: Medium



Wolfhunter DLC Group Dungeons

March of Sacrifices


Zone: Greenshade
Gear Sets: Hanu's Compassion, Blood Moon, Haven of Ursus
Monster Set: Balorgh
Difficulty: Medium

Moon Hunter Keep


Zone: Reaper's March
Gear Sets: Moon Hunter, Savage Werewolf, Jailer's Tenacity
Monster Set: Vykosa
Difficulty: High



Wrathstone DLC Group Dungeons


frostvault 1

Zone: Eastmarch
Gear Sets: Icy Conjuror, Mighty Glacier, Tzogvin's Warband
Monster Set: Stonekeeper
Difficulty: Medium



Scalebreaker DLC Group Dungeons


Harrowstorm DLC Group Dungeons


icereach group dungeons eso wiki guide min

Zone: Wrothgar

Gear Sets: Bani's Torment, Hiti's Hearth, Titanborn Strength

Monster Set: Mother Ciannait

Difficulty: Medium

Unhallowed Grave

unhallowed grave group dungeons eso wiki guide min

Zone: Bankorai

Gear Sets: Draugrkin's Grip, Aegis Caller, Grave Guardian

Monster Set: Kjalnar's Nightmare

Difficulty: Medium


Stonethorn DLC Group Dungeons

Stone Garden

stone garden group dungeons eso wiki guide min

Zone: Greymoor Cavern

Gear Sets: Elemental Catalyst, Kraglen's Howl, Arkasis's Genius

Monster Set: Stone Husk

Difficulty: Medium

Castle Thorn

castle thorn group dungeons eso wiki guide min

Zone: Western Skyrim

Gear Sets: Talfyg's Treachery, Unleashed Terror, Crimson Twilight

Monster Set: Lady Thorn

Difficulty: Medium


Flames of Ambition DLC Group Dungeons

The Cauldron

the cauldron group dungeons eso wiki guide

Zone: Deshaan

Gear Sets: Unleashed Ritualist, Dagon's Dominion, Foolkiller's Ward

Monster Set: Baron Zaudrus

Difficulty: Medium

Black Drake Villa

black drake villa group dungeons eso wiki guide

Zone: Gold Coast

Gear Sets: True-Sworn Fury, Kinras's Wrath, Drake's Rush

Monster Set: Encratis's Behemoth

Difficulty: Medium


Waking Flame DLC Group Dungeons

The Dread Cellar

dread cellar eso wiki guide

Zone: Blackwood

Gear Sets: Crimson Oath's Rive, Rush of Agony, Scorion's Feast

Monster Set: Magma Incarnate

Difficulty: Medium

Red Petal Bastion

red petal bastion eso wiki guide

Zone: Glenumbra

Gear Sets: Grisly Gourmet, Silver Rose Vigil, Thunder Caller

Monster Set: Prior Thierric

Difficulty: Medium



Ascending Tide DLC Group Dungeons


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