Dreugh King Slayer is a Set in Elder Scrolls Online.

Dreugh King Slayer Set

LEVEL 50      CHAMPION 160

(2 items) Adds 129 Weapon Damage.

(3 items) Adds 129 Weapon Damage.

(4 items) Adds 833 Weapon Critical

(5 items) Gain Major Brutality at all times, increasing your Weapon Damage by 20%. When you kill an enemy, you gain Major Expedition for 20 seconds, increasing your Movement Speed by 30%.


Dreugh King Slayer Information

  • Type: Heavy Armor
  • Level Range: Any
  • Style: Dunmer
  • Enchantments:  Maximum Health, Health Recovery, Fiery Weapon
  • Traits:
  • (Armor & Shield) Any
  • (Necklace & Ring) Healthy
  • (Weapons) Any


Where to find

  • Fungal Grotto  (Normal and Veteran)
  • Dungeon bosses and mini bosses will now drop a set piece 100% of the time.
  • Mini bosses will drop either a hand, waist, or feet set piece.
  • Bosses will drop either a chest, shoulder, head or leg set piece.
  • The final Boss of a dungeon will drop weapons or jewelry.
  • Normal mode dungeon bosses will drop blue-quality items.
  • Veteran mode dungeon bosses will drop purple-quality items.

Unique Set Pieces


Focus.pngCrabclaw Charm

Dreugh King's Totem

  • Type: Lightning Staff
  • Dropped by: Kragh the Dreugh King, Fungal Grotto I
  • Enchantments: Charged Weapon
  • Traits: Sharpened

Mender's Mark


Webspinner's Brace




  • Values listed are at Legendary Champion 160
  • This set is bind-on-pickup
  • This set has Weapons of every type



Dunmer Helm Dwarven.pngDunmer Cuirass Dwarven.pngDunmer Pauldrons Dwarven.pngDunmer Greaves Dwarven.pngDunmer Sabatons Dwarven.pngDunmer Gauntlets Dwarven.pngDreug_King_Slayer-GreatSword.pngFocus.png

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