Holiday Events are seasonal celebrations in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO). During special time periods, recurring and coinciding with real-life events, players will be able to participate in themed activities that yield special rewards.


What are ESO's Holiday Events?

  • The Witches Festival (Halloween) - Running Sometime Fall  (2017: October 20th - November 1st) (2016: October 13th - November 1st)
  • New Life Festival (New Year) - Running Sometime Winter (2017: December 14th - January 2nd) (2016: December 14th - January 4th)
  • Jester's Festival (Spring) - Running Sometime Spring (2018: Unknown) (2017: March 23rd - April 4th)
  • Anniversary Event (April) - Running in April (2018: Unknown) (2017: April 4th - April 18th)
  • Midyear Mayhem (Summer) - Running Sometime Summer (2018: Unknown) (2017: July 20th - July 31st)
  • ESO 10 Million Stories Dungeons Event: Random Dungeons grant daily special rewards (2017: Nov 30th - Dec 06th)
  • Orsinium DLC Anniversary Event: Double crafting node gathering and motif drops in Wrothgar, Double rewards for Wrothgar World Boss and Delve quests.
  • Thieves Guild DLC Anniversary Event: Double crafting node gathering, double motif drop rate from World Bosses


How to participate in ESO's Holiday Events?

During the event period, the Crown Store offers special items that must be used to trigger a special quest. Completing the quest will grant a unique buff allowing players to obtain special items through activities in Tamriel.

Some of the events are PvP-centric, and require access to DLC content such as the Imperial City or Morrowind's Battlegrounds.


Holiday Event Achievements & Rewards

The individual pages list all known achievements and rewards for participating in the events. During these events, player experience (or Alliance Points) gain is boosted by 100%.

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