Guilds in Elder Scrolls Online are a huge part of the game.  Feel free to add your tips.

There are two types of guilds in the game. Player-created guilds and AI guilds that give you quests and skills. Visit the NPC Guilds page for information on them. Player Guilds in the Elder Scrolls Online are a way for players to create larger persistent social circles, making it easier to work together and achieve common goals. Player Guilds are player-made groups with their own chatrooms, player ranks, bank, guild store and bonuses. You can find a list of active player guilds and their purpose on our Player Guilds page.


Guilds and Players

Guild relationships are formed at the player level, not the character level. When a player joins a guild, all of their characters will gain access to that guild, regardless of their Alliance affiliation. Like your characters, guilds do have alliance affiliations. This distinction is important when the Guild joins a Campaign in the Alliance War. A guild can only claim a keep for its affiliated Alliance.

Each player can join up to five guilds, but a single player can only lead one guild at a time.

Creating a Guild

To create a guild, open the Guild menu by pressing the G key. Then press the E key to begin creating a guild. You will need to give your guild a unique name and chose its Alliance affiliation, then select "create" to create your guild. 

Consoles: Press the "Options" Menu, then "Social", find "Guilds" and "Create a new guild".

Types of guilds you can make really depend on what you want. However some guilds have turned into their categories. 

  • PvP
  • PvE
  • RP
  • Trading 

These are the most common and your guild can have more then one purpose then just PvP, PvE, ect.  You can make it anything you want for any reason.   

Inviting Members

To invite new members to a guild you must have permission to invite them. Permissions are granted by a guilds leadership.

Consoles: Press the "Options" Menu, then "Social", find "Guilds" and select the one you want to add members to. From here, go down further to "options" "add member" and type the ID of the person you want to invite. They must be in the same server!.

To invite a new member to a guild you have already joined, open the guild menu by pressing the G key and navigate to the Roster tab. Press the E key and enter the player's user ID, preceded by an @ symbol, or one of their character's names. You can invite players to a guild even when they are not online if you know their user ID or one of their character's names.

Quitting a Guild

To leave a guild you are a member of, press G to access your guild's menu. Navigate to the "Roster" tab, find your name in the list and right-click on it to show a personal menu. Select "Leave Guild" and press E to confirm.

Consoles: To leave a guild, find it under "Options" > "Social" "Guilds", and then navigate down to the "Leave Guild" menu.

Guild Chat

Guild chat is initiated by the chatline "/g1" through "/g5". The number 1 through 5 indicates the corresponding number of the guild you want to chat with. For example, typing "/g2 Hey Everyone" will change your chat channel to that of the second guild on your list, and then send the message "Hey Everyone" to that channel.

Consoles: There's only voice chat available at the moment. Go to "Options" "Social" "Voice" and find your guild group, then select the room you wish to join.

Guild Ranks

Guild leaders can create, delete, and reorder the guild ranks.

  • Hold left-click and drag to arrange the guild ranks. This can be done in the list itself.
  • Guild leaders can also assign unique icons for each rank.
  • Guilds can have 10 ranks, including the Guildmaster rank.
  • Each guild rank has its own set of permissions. When creating a new guild rank, you can clone the permissions of a previously existing one.


Guild Heraldry


  • This feature unlocks once a guild has reached 10 members.
  • Guild leaders can design special guild heraldry that will appear on equippable tabards . Customization of your heraldry costs a fee in gold that is automatically deducted from your guild’s bank. To modify the guild’s heraldry, guild leaders can click the heraldry tab on the Guild window (displayed before the history tab).
  • There are over 250 colors, 63 backgrounds, and 136 crests available for creating a heraldry.
  • Once a heraldry has been designed, any guild member can purchase a tabard by visiting the Guild’s Store and searching for items of type ‘Guild Items’.
  • If a guild leader changes the tabard, all tabards update in real-time.


Guild Banks

When a guild's membership reaches the appropriate size, it can unlock the Guild Bank feature (10 active accounts).

The Guild Bank can be accessed by speaking with Bankers at most major cities. If a guild's membership drops below a certain threshold, members will no longer be able to place items into the guild bank, but guild members with appropriate permissions will always be able to remove items. It is wise for guild leaders to set permissions responsible to protect valuables in the guild bank.

Guild Bank Gold

  • This feature unlocks once a guild has reached 10 members.
  • Anyone in a guild can deposit and withdraw gold into the guild bank.
  • Note that withdrawal permissions are on a guild rank basis.
  • Some systems (Heraldry/Guild Traders) can directly deposit or withdraw from the Guild Bank.


Guild Stores

When a guild's membership reaches the appropriate size ((50 active accounts)), it can unlock the Guild Store feature.

The Guild Store can be accessed by speaking with Bankers at most major cities. If a guild's membership drops below a certain threshold ((50 active accounts)), members will lose the ability to post new items, but guild members will always be able to purchase or cancel posted items.

Players can expand the network of players they can trade with by joining large or mercantile guilds. These are guilds whose membership focuses on trading of goods.

Guild Traders


  • Guilds can hire merchants from The Gold Coast Trading Company in locations across Tamriel to serve as public outlets for their guild stores.
  • Guilds will participate in a blind bid that lasts one week to win the traders’ services for one full week. You can only bid on one trader at a time, and the highest bidder will be the winner. If you lose you will not receive your gold back.
  • Guilds can also hire a trader for a flat fee, as long as the trader is currently un-hired.
    • You can hire the trader during a bidding cycle, though you’d only be hiring him for the remaining time that’s left on the bidding cycle.
    • This hire lasts up to a week, until the end of the current bidding cycle, and is first come first served.
  • A hired trader will display the guild store of the hiring guild to all channels.
  • Guild traders can mainly be found in zone capitals, though a few can be seen selling wares throughout various overworld zones.
  • A trader in Craglorn and the capitals can range in bids between 100 million and 500 million gold on consoles, and 30 mill on PC. However a trader in lower but populated citirs such as Davons watch will set your guild back only 1 million or more. The lowest tier is the starter islands and out of the way kiosks. 


Please note that active accounts means current subscriptions, your alts do not count and people who have cancelled their subscription will not count either!

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    • Anonymous

      Looking for an small roleplaying guild ( less tan 50 players, werewolf excepted) to join, preferably an new active guild.
      xbox one gt - ScathDrachen

      • Anonymous

        just started a ps4 guild on elder scrolls online we are a family first based guild if you interrested plz join up we are on a north american server blood crazed demon slayers im the guild leader i hope to see you all around where under social and pvp

        • Anonymous

          Looking for a guild? Join DCUnited PC NA look us up in the guild finder. We are a new branch of the United Eso guilds and have partner guilds of full 500 members teaming up with us for content. We are here to help: Need training gear?... We provide it. Need a leveling partner?.. We are here to help.

          • Anonymous

            Hi all! Our Lady of the Sea is an RP, Social guild based around a Knight style, with ficus on defending the vulnerable and healing the sick. Accept all experience levels, and casual to hardcore players. No requirements or stress about continual guild activity. I'm giving out free werewolf bites to members who join and stay a while :) psn @jubooju for an invite - Hana

            • Anonymous

              Any trade guilds that don't have requirements to join? I'm not a frequent player so I can't meet the trade guild requirements

              • Anonymous

                Expendable Heroes is a PS4 EU Social Guild recruiting new members. Newbies and pros both welcome. Please apply via our Facebook Group page, ESO - Expendable Heroes

                • Anonymous

                  General Guild Info about
                  Elder Scrolls Online (EU)

                  Culture refers to the cumulative deposit of knowledge, experience, values, notions of time, roles, spatial relations, concepts of the universe and possessions acquired by a group of people in the course of generations through individual and group striving.

                  Growing guild is sending invites to Cyrodiil-focused players. AD-PVP-Raids, fully equipped luxury guildhome and TS as well as advanced players' advice at your sevice.

                  Contact @Aldul, @Vandora for more information

                  • Anonymous

                    I just started a guild on ps4 called Vengeful Hollows, anyone who wants to join is welcome to, however I haven't yet done anything more than create it. I have alot of work left to do. Psn name: dustinskitso

                    • Anonymous

                      I'm going to create a TRADE GUILD named... Hah i won't tell it yet. All lvls are welcome minimun requirements, no monthly fees or minimun sales per week. Frendly people, raceism will not be tolerated. Only requirement is that YOU KNOW HOW TO SPEAK/WRITE/UNDERSTAND ENGLISH LANGUAGE! I will post the invite information in eso zone chat soon.

                      • Anonymous

                        All I want is my own shop, why is this so unique of an idea? Please to any game designers reading these posts... I'm sure I'm not the only one who wants this. Just give me my own space and I'llbarter goods on my own. Be nice if this was an official function. How cool that would be!

                        • Anonymous

                          Hi all new guild killing squad recruiting for new members we are na Xbox one guild all levels welcome please msg me if ya interested fizzykiwiboyo

                          • Anonymous

                            The Banekrs Trade Guild is recruting wisper in game @capunsa_radu88 we also do PvE and PVP(DC Aliantz) we are 490 players and we have 2 rules no WTB/WTS/WTT in guild chat and 4day offline get u kickt if u don`t anounce Guild Master or Officers

                            • Anonymous

                              Underworld warriors are focused on dungeons and trading we have hi level characters willing to help the weaker ones

                              • Anonymous

                                Shattmore knigts is now recruiting we are a new up and coming guild looking to hit that 50 mark. We are open to everyone that needs a guild and that is looking to gring through some dungeons plus run through cyrodil with force get in contact with either gamer tag Ckmf91 or beginnation07 for more information hope to hear from you all.

                                • Anonymous

                                  evolution-gaming is recruting new members! We're an international guild looking for people who play PvE and/or PvP active and for fun! We've got 100+ active members(mostly VETERANS), 24/7 TS3, free WW and VAM bites for longer members and we do TRADING. If you are interested, contact me. Everyone is welcome!
                                  Just add @Kay-Oh and ask for an invite

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Council Of Five is recruiting. Ebonheart Pact. Trading. PvP. PvE. Treasure hunting. And all kinds of crafting. New players welcome. We are always happy to help

                                    • Anonymous

                                      Sweetroll Swindlers is now recruiting. We are a growing PVE, Trading/Crafting-focused guild.
                                      Our hired trader for this week 12/4-12/11/2016 is Borgrara at Morkul Stronghold in Wrothgar. Wrothgar is the location of the Orsinium Morkul daily quests, bringing regular foot traffic & great sales!
                                      Undaunted Dailies & Trials, invites over text chat regularly. Guild Trader and Officers devoted to securing trading locations weekly, raffles to support expenses. We are looking to up our business and get into some of the prime trading locations in Tamriel. Come be a part and help us get our guild into the big time!
                                      Trader access given to all members, guild bank access after acknowledging agreement on official guild website or Facebook Groups.
                                      Growing guild with over 200 members, relaxed environment, good humor, sarcasm. Adult & respectful behavior expected.
                                      Excellent resource for developing new builds, bank access to high quality set items, motifs, guild master crafters at no fee besides materials required. Full support provided.

                                      Visit the following link for guild application:

                                      Visit us online at:

                                      • Anonymous

                                        VII Imperial Legion is a VERY serious, PvP, PvE, and Roleplay guild,we have three captains.Captain of the Agents.Captain of the Gaurds.Captain of the marines.Currently only the Captain of Agents is recruitment for that part of the guild.Requirements-- Need to be an archer- Dark brotherhood DLC for assassinations- Marksman hood- Medium imperial armourMessage AwkwardGamer321 on Xbox Live for recruitment enquirys.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          I must be blind or its not there but how would I change the name of my guild? I'm guessing g you need to have over 100 members but I'm not sure.

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