Champion System changes with ESO Blackwood Chapter: As part of the free update that accompanies the Gates of Oblivion year, the champion system undergoes a revamp. 

Preliminary changes:

♦ CP cap is being increased from 810 to 3600

♦ Redesign from 9 to 3 Constellations

♦ Passives can be swapped at anytime out of combat

Champion System was introduced in Elder Scrolls Online in Update 6. It is a Passive Skill system that rewards the player for continuing to play past level 50. Only Players Veteran Rank 1 or higher can earn Champion Points, but once earned can be spent differently for each character the player possesses on his/her account. The Champion System revolves around the Constellations Craft, Warfare, and Fitness.



ESO Champion Points

In the Champion System, all of your level 50 characters earn Champion Points as they participate in activities that grant experience. Only 50+ characters are capable of earning Champion Points, but those they earn are available to all your characters (even non-50 characters). That means any time you earn a Champion Point, each of your characters on that megaserver can spend it however they like. Each character can invest the total number of Champion Points you've earned differently.

The Champion Point cap has been raised to a total of 3600 Champion Points. 



Enlightenment is a new mechanic to help you earn Champion Points. Over time, your account will accrue Enlightenment. You do not have to be logged in to accrue Enlightenment.

As you participate in activities that grant experience to your level 50 character, Enlightenment provides you with a bonus to Champion Point progression, helping you earn points faster. Eventually, you may run out of Enlightenment, but don’t worry—more Enlightenment is added to your account every 24 hours.

Activities that grant experience include questing, killing enemies, fighting in Cyrodiil, exploring dungeons and delves, and facing Trials and the Dragonstar Arena.


The Constellations


The Craft is one of the three Greater Constellations in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO), which mainly focuses on utility and sneaking. These constellations are all part of the new Champion System that launched with Flames of Ambition DLC in March 2021. The New Champion system contains three Constellations: Craft, Warfare, and Fitness, each contain dozens of skills that you can use to strengthen your character. Unlike the old Champion system, there are no minor Constellations.

The skills also changed greatly, they no longer provide linear bonuses. Instead, each skill will have different stages, you need to invest enough points to unlock the bonus of each stage. 

Each constellation has 4 slots for certain passive skills, and you can swap passives any time out of combat.


Craft Champion Points



star-iconFleet Phantom 

Reduces the Movement Speed penalty of Sneak by 5% per stage. (5 stages, 40 pts)



Increases the cost which merchants buy goods from you by 2% per stage. (5 stages, 50 pts)



Reduces your fall damage taken by 7% per stage. (5 stages, 50 pts)


star-icon2Sustaining Shadows

Reduces the cost of Sneak by 1% per stage. (Add to champion bar to activate. 50 pts)


star-icon2Professional Upkeep

Reduces the cost of repairing your armor by 1% per stage. (Add to champion bar to activate. 50 pts)


star-icon2Steed's Blessing

Increases you out of combat Movement Speed by 1% per stage. (Add to champion bar to activate. 50 pts)


star-icon2Liquid Efficiency

Whenever you use a potion or poison you have a 10% chance to not consume it. (Add to champion bar to activate. 75 pts)


star-icon2Angler's Instincts

Increases your chance of catching higher quality fish by 10%. (Add to champion bar to activate. 25 pts)



Adds 10 minutes to the duration of any eaten food or drink per stage. (Add to champion bar to activate. 3 stages, 30 pts)


star-icon2Soul Reservoir

When you resurrect yourself or another player you have 33% chance to not consume a Soul Gem. (Add to champion bar to activate. 100 pts)



Reduces the cost of Wayshrine usage by 10% per stage. (5 stages, 100pts)


star-iconSteadfast Enchantment

Your Weapon Enchants decay 20% slower per stage.  (5 stages, 100pts)


star-icon2Treasure Hunter

Increases the quality of items you find in treasure chests. (Add to champion bar to activate. 75 pts)


star-icon2Master Gatherer

Reduces the time it takes to harvest by 10% per stage. (Add to champion bar to activate. 5 stages, 75pts)


star-iconFortune's Favor

Increases the amount of gold you find in treasure chests and safeboxes by 10% per stage. (5 stages, 50pts)


star-iconInspiration Boost

Increases your crafting inspiration gained by 10% per stage. (3 stages, 45 pts)


star-icon2Meticulous Disassembly

Improves the chances of extracting Woodworking ingredients and allows the refining of more powerful resins from raw materials. (Add to champion bar to activate. 100 pts)


star-icon2Gifted Rider

Increases your Mount Speed by 2% per stage. (Add to champion bar to activate. 5 stages, 100 pts)


star-icon2War Mount

Improves your mastery with mounts, removing all mount Stamina costs outside of combat. (Add to champion bar to activate. 120 pts)


star-iconOut of Sight

Reduces the radius you can be detected while Sneaking by 1 meter per stage. (3 stages, 30 pts)


star-icon2Friends in Low Places

Removes 1000 gold from your bounty once per day when committing a crime where bounty is added.

You must be level 50 for this passive to activate, and your current bounty must be at or greater than 1000 gold. (Add to champion bar to activate. 25pts)



Increases the value of fenced items by 15%. (Add to champion bar to activate. 25 pts)



When you kill an enemy with Blade of Woe, you become invisible for 5 seconds after a short delay while distracting nearby enemies or potential witnesses. While under this effect you can cast Blade of Woe. (Add to champion bar to activate. 75 pts)


star-icon2Cutpurse's Rat

Increases the chance to get higher-quality loot when pickpocketing. (Add to champion bar to activate. 75 pts)


star-icon2Fade away

Escaping from a guard wipes 25% of your current Heat, but not Bounty. (Add to champion bar to activate. 50 pts)


star-icon2Reel Technique

Decrease the time it take for a fish to bite by 25%. (Add to champion bar to activate. 100 pts)



You have a 10% chance to find a second furnishing plan whenever you find a furnishing plain in the world. (Add to champion bar to activate. 75 pts)


star-icon2Plentiful Harvest

You have a 20% chance to gain double the yield from normal resource nodes per stage. (Add to champion bar to activate. 5 stages, 100 pts)




Old Constellations

The WarriorThe Mage, and The Thief are known as the guardian constellations. They each have three lesser constellations in their charge, and together they represent aspects of power. Every constellation contains different abilities that you can purchase with Champion Points.

When you earn a Champion Point, that point will be assigned to the Warrior, the Thief, or the Mage, in that order. Once you earn a point in the Thief, for instance, your next point will be assigned to the Mage, and the next after that to the Warrior. You choose which of the three constellations under that sign to spend your point on.



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    • Anonymous

      10 Apr 2021 03:39  

      the new system wont let me assign a point in any area of the new trees, is any one else having these issues ????/ please help ?? ready to quit this game after 3 years, maybe its time ?? lollll

      • Anonymous

        17 Mar 2021 05:09  

        I have been trying for hours to figure out how to assign skills to the champion bar. I’m completely lost. Where is the tutorial please?

        • Anonymous

          08 Mar 2021 15:28  

          You could invest 120 Point in one of the three original trees to get 1 great benefit.
          For example: No stamina usage of your mount while out of combat.
          With the new system, you still need 120 for the same skill, but you have to invest additional 110 to even get there, increasing the cost of that skill to 230 Points....

          I haven't looked at the other trees so far, but I'm far from happy about this overhout atm

          • Anonymous

            21 May 2019 18:52  

            I have between 30 and 40 points in each section of the 3 constellations. What do I need to do in order to activate my "rank 10" abilities? I do not have the option to activate them when I receive additional champion points.

            • Anonymous

              11 Nov 2018 03:39  

              Interestingly enough, and I didn't see this listed on the page, but each point gives you bonus stats when assigned to any constellation to a respective resource. Warrior gives more HP per point assigned to one of the three constellations, Thief is stamina, mage is magicka.

              • Anonymous

                15 Jul 2018 20:12  

                Champion points - is the cap for each toon or for the entire account? For example say there are a total of 720 champion points to spend and you dump them all into a single toon does that mean the other 4 toon get zero points? Thanks in advance.

                • 07 Jun 2018 02:31  

                  In Summerset DLC, the Champion Point cap has been raised by 30 points (10 in each red/blue/green constellation) for a total of 750 Champion Points. Most likely the scaling has been adjusted too.

                  • Anonymous

                    19 Jan 2018 02:59  

                    New to ESO and not lol 50 yet. My question is once I do hit lvl 50 on a character and start champion lvls do my other characters gain normal xp and skill points like they did before I had a lol 50 character?

                    • Anonymous

                      01 Feb 2017 13:58  

                      I have a level 9 character with over 180 champion points to spend? That's not veteran level 9. Has this changed or is my character just glitching?

                      • Anonymous

                        21 Dec 2016 18:40  

                        I had always wondered how some of the high level players got their insane attack power and resistance. I had heard of champion points but I didn't know their exact purpose, this page was very helpful.

                        • Anonymous

                          This is a step forward09 Jun 2016 08:01  

                          I think that the champion system is a huge step forward but, it will anger many players who have made it to veteran rank. I have no problem with this system and have stopped leveling my level 39 argonian until this happens, but will not in anger or anything. I just want the most of this new system.

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