Gifted Rider

Constellation Craft
Stages 5
Points per stage 20
Max Bonus 10%
Slot Required

Gifted Rider is a star within the Constellation Craft in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO). Each constellation has 4 slots for certain passive skills, and you can swap passives any time out of combat.



Gifted Rider Information

This was added with Flames of Ambition DLC in March 2021. 




Increases your Mount Speed by 2% per stage. (Add to champion bar to activate. 5 stages, 100 pts)






Angler's Instincts  ♦  Breakfall  ♦  Fade away  ♦  Fleet Phantom  ♦  Fortune's Favor  ♦  Friends in Low Places  ♦  Homemaker  ♦  Infamous  ♦  Liquid Efficiency  ♦  Meticulous Disassembly  ♦  Professional Upkeep  ♦  Rationer  ♦  Reel Technique  ♦  Soul Reservoir  ♦  Steadfast Enchantment  ♦  Steed's Blessing  ♦  Sustaining Shadows  ♦  Wanderer


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    • Anonymous

      I have The Elder Scrolls Online for PS4 Pro. I have no idea why but I cannot add points to one of the perks I want. I can't figure out how to add to champion bar. I have put points in several perks on the three champion skill trees. Blue, RED and Green. I was able to put two things on champion par from Blue and RED. even though I have spent points on several perks on the green tree I can only put one of them on the champion Bar. I can't spend my points on the perk I am like Champion level 80 I believe.

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