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Location Craglorn
Stages ??
Rewards ??
Achievements ??

Dragonstar Arena is a Location in Elder Scrolls Online. 

Only the strongest and bravest warriors dare to face the challenges of the Dragonstar Arena.

The Dragonstar Arena is a group-based arena in Upper Craglorn.

It is similar to the Trials in Craglorn, but is aimed at groups of four players rather than twelve. It comprises numerous waves of enemies across ten arena environments, and has both a Normal and Veteran mode. Veteran runs are recorded on a leaderboard system.

You cannot respawn at the wayshrine until your entire team has been defeated, making soul gems a necessity for mid-fight resurrecting. A scamp named Kizna offers basic services in between rounds.

Fighting in the arena grants access to loot chests after every round, which can contain items from several unique, powerful sets.



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    • Anonymous

      D'Artoognan on NA/PC Soloed the first arena and boss by using absorb magic to heal from the mages and switched to two hander for dps in between. Very difficult. Boss hits hard.

      • Anonymous

        Amazing info just came back to the game and was wondering what all these master/arena weapon talk was about. Absolutely astonishing the amount of info here! I no longer have anymore questions!! I even know the secret to life with this info! 10/10 would click link again!

        • Anonymous

          Dragonstar Arena is an arena located near the town of Dragonstar, in the Upper Craglorn area of Craglorn, High Rock.

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