A Blacksmith in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO), mines the mountains of Tamriel for the metals they need to work their craft. Blacksmiths use these raw resources at a Blacksmithing Station, one of the many anvils commonly found in cities and towns throughout Tamriel. Here they can refine raw metals, improve existing items, research new traits, and deconstruct weapons and armor they have found throughout their journey.

A skilled Blacksmith will always seek to learn new techniques to better their skills at the forge. Finding special crafting books is the key to learning new Racial Styles, and researching Traits allow for the creation of higher quality weapons and armor. Deconstructing stolen items may contribute more IP to the blacksmithing skill line than the deconstruction of found and purchased items.

This crafting profession makes heavy armor and melee weapons. Once you have your materials gathered you simply need to go the appropriate crafting station and select what weapon or armor piece you'd like to make. In Elder Scrolls Online, when you make a weapon or armor piece you will pick the recipe you'd like to make and then add a Style. The Style will determine the cosmetic properties of the piece. Once the style is selected you will choose the trait for that piece (see list below). This enhances the piece with preset qualities. After your piece of equipment is created you can further enhance it with Honing Stones. These can be found in crafting nodes across Tamriel.

Blacksmithing Tips

  • Deconstructing dropped items or those crafted by others is the best way to gain inspiration and level up
  • Putting points into Metal Extraction will increase your chances to extract special tempers, and is therefore highly advisable
  • Start with your Research as soon as possible, the best crafted sets require many traits researched per piece.
  • See the Writs page for details on daily changes to get inspiration experience and special tempers.




Blacksmithing in ESO

Raw Materials

 Name & Icon Description Available at

Iron Ore

Refined into Iron Ingots

 Level 1-14
Metalworking Rank I

High Iron Ore

Refined into Steel Ingots  Level 16-24
Metalworking Rank II

Orichalc Ore

Refined into Orichalc Ingots  Level 26-34
Metalworking Rank III

Dwarven Ore

Refined into Dwarven Ingots  Level 36-44
Metalworking Rank IV

Ebony Ore

Refined into Ebony Ingots  Level 46-50
Metalworking Rank V

Calcinium Ore

Refined into Calcinium Ingots  Champion Rank 10-30
Metalworking Rank VI

Galatite Ore

Refined into Galatite Ingots  Champion Rank 40-60
Metalworking Rank VII

Quicksilver Ore

 Refined into Quicksilver Ingots  Champion Rank 70-80
Metalworking Rank VIII

Voidstone Ore

 Refined into Voidstone Ingots Champion Rank 90-140
Metalworking Rank IX 

Rubedite Ore

Refined into Rubedite Ingots  Champion Rank 150-160
Metalworking Rank X


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    • Anonymous

      I am a player on eso and I want to now how can I get by research time done faster in the game then like waiting a howl year for it to be do.

      • Anonymous

        Hello I have a question should you be a member of DLC to be able to make armor in skyrim online? because I have not succeeded find very difficult to make something. Hope someone can help me :) thanks and bye

        • I am a champion level 263....I have researched my traits at Magnus' Gift crafting station.....I am not missing any styles....but the item I am crafting still does not come up as a Magnus ' gift....what am I doing wrong?

          • Very nice work & very informative. I did notice though for the Voidstone Ore. From what I remember, Voidstone Ore can also be found in Craglorn regardless of alliance but it is not written on this article.But nonetheless, Very informative article, top marks.

            • Anonymous

              So I stumbled across one of the forges that have the ability to make set. I have learned 8 traits...the requisite is to have 6. It won't let me create (apparently I don't have the knowledge). It looks like you need specific traits rather than just 'any 6' is that the case?

              • Anonymous

                So basically, I go back to Daggerfall, and a random quest with the black arrow appears in my navigation bar on top of the screen. I walk and find this crafting contest thing, and the I need to meet one of two people. One explains enchanting, alchemy, and cooking, the other can certify blacksmithing, and these other two paths. (I'm sorry, I forgot them) I talked to the blacksmithing one, and then went to talk to the other guy before making any decision. But as soon as I finish talking to the cooking/alchemy/enchanting guy, I can't really go back and chat with the blacksmith. I just talk, and them my only option is to say "goodbye" Jeez, so I went back and chose enchanting. Is there any way I can learn blacksmithing and enchanting?

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