Quests are the main form of leveling in the Elder Scrolls Online. ESO features detailed questing with engaging backstories and motivations for your character as well as the NPCs. The voice acting also contributes to immersion, delivering a questing experience akin to that of the solo Elder Scrolls Games.


Questing by Area


Main Quest

The Main Quest of Elder Scrolls Online follows a level tiered progression. After exiting the prologue area, your character will roam in its designated faction and you will be called back to the hub at specific levels to initiate the next phase of the Main Quest. All of these events are instanced and solo, but some have the assistance of NPCs.

Name Zone Skill Point
Soul Shriven in Coldharbour The Wailing Prison Yes
The Harborage The Harborage Yes
Daughter of Giants The Foundry of Woe Yes
Chasing Shadows The Harborage Yes
Castle of the Worm Castle of the Worm Yes
The Tharn Speaks The Harborage Yes
Halls of Torment The Halls of Torment Yes
Valley of Blades The Valley of Blades Yes
Shadow of Sancre Tor Sancre Tor Yes
Messages Across Tamriel Stirk --
The Weight of Three Crowns Stirk --
Council of the Five Companions The Harborage Yes
God of Schemes Heart's Grief Yes
Cadwell's Silver The Harborage --
Cadwell's Gold The Harborage --


Quests with Skill Points

Quests with Skill Points n Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) are the special quests that grant a skill point upon completion. Skillpoints allow you to advance your character by unlocking different abilities, granted to you through different skill lines. Some quests can grant you skill points, see the table below for more information.

See the Skillpoint page for more information on where else to get points.

  • Each quest listed grants +1 Skill Point.
  • Most of these quests are listed in sequence but many are part of long questlines that have prerequisites. Please see each individual quest page for details.


ESO Quests with Skill Points

Base Game

  • There are a total of 11 Skill Points granted through the Base game's Main Story Questline.
  • There are a total of 49 Skill Points granted through the Faction Quests by Region. As of the One Tamriel update, these regions and quests are no longer locked by the player's Faction and all players may complete these quests.
  • There are a total of 24 Skill Points granted through each Group Dungeon quest. There is at least one Group Dungeon per region.

Quests by Region

Region Quest Name Quest Giver Location

Alik'r Desert

A Reckoning with Uwafa Throne Keeper Farvad Tu'whacca's Throne, Myrkwasa
Alasan's Plot Talia at-Marimah, Prince Azah Tava's Blessing, Hollow Wastes
Amputating the Hand General Thoda, Talaia at-Marimah Motalion Necropolis, Tigonus
Blood and Sand Tharayya Group Dungeon: Volenfell


Rites of the Queen Queen Ayren Tanzelwil, Lluvamir
Sever All Ties Razum-dar Firsthold, Vafe
The Veil Falls Alandare The Veiled Keep, Calambar
Banishing the Banished Keeper Cirion Group Dungeon: The Banished Cells I
The Plan Keeper Cirion Group Dungeon: The Banished Cells II


The Parley Wyress Rashan Jackdaw Cove, Mournoth
Storming the Garrison High King Emeric Bankorai Garrison, Ephesus
To Walk on Far Shores Keeper of the Hall The Far Shores
Jumping Ship Shifty Tom Group Dungeon: Blackheart Haven


Light from the Darkness King Laloriaran Dynar The Moonless Walk, Shrouded Plains
Breaking the Shackle Vanus Galerion The Great Shackle, Black Garrison
The Final Assault Vanus Galerion The Reaver Citadel, Fist of Stone
Mind of Madness Gasteau Chamrond Group Dungeon: Vaults of Madness


Plague Bringer Varon Davel Obsidian GorgeRedolent Loam
The Seal of Three Ordinators Tribunal Temple, Mournhold
The Judgement of Veloth Aspera the Forgotten Eidolon's hollow, Siltreen
Mine All Mine Tevur Sadri Group Dungeon: Darkshade Caverns I
What Was Lost Shatasha Group Dungeon: Darkshade Caverns II


One Victor, One King Thane Mera Stormcloak Windhelm
Eternal Slumber Gakurek Mistwatch
Songs of Sovngarde Queen Nurnhilde Skuldafn
Nobles' Rest N/A Group Dungeon: Direfrost Keep


Bloodthorn Assassins Captain Aresin Castle Daggerfall
Purifying the Wyrd Tree Wyress Gwen Beldama Wyrd Tree, Daenia
The Fall of Faolchu Darien Gautier Camlorn, Cambray Hills
Angof The Gravesinger Darien Gautier Cath Bedraud, King's Guard
Deadly Whispers Praxin Douare Group Dungeon: Spindleclutch I
Blood Relations Guardian Sud-Hareem Group Dungeon: Spindleclutch II


The Grip of Madness Soldier Garion, Captain Elonthor Southpoint, Long Coast
Heart of the Matter Laranalda Reliquary of Stars, Green Hall
A Lasting Winter Githiril Falinesti Winter Site, Tarlain Heights
Ancient Remains Bakkhara Group Dungeon: Elden Hollow I
Consuming Darkness Speaks-with-Lights or Kargand Group Dungeon: Elden Hollow II


Throne of the Wilderking Spinner Maruin Spinner's Cottage, Wilderking Court
Pelidil's End Captain Jimila Seaside Sanctuary, Drowned Coast
Striking at the Heart Queen Ayrenn Hectahame, Green's Marrow
Razor's Edge Gilraen Group Dungeon: City of Ash I
Return to Ash Fingaenion Group Dungeon: City of Ash II

Malabal Tor

Reap What is Sown The Green Lady Dra'bul, Broken Coast
Buyer Beware BatabaRaelys, Jurak-dar Vulkwasten or East of Belarata or outside Belarata
Restore the Silvenar The Silvenar Silvenar, Silvenar Vale
Eye of the Storm N/A Group Dungeon: Tempest Island

Reaper's March

The First Step Hadam-do Rawl'kha, Jodewood
Motes in the Moonlight Shazah, Ebarat Moonmont, Jodewood
The Den of Lorkhaj Shazah or Khali Dune, Dawnmead
Knowledge Gained Warlock Carindon Group Dungeon: Selene's Web

The Rift

Through the Shroud Lieutenant Belron Vernim Woods, Stony Basin
Shattered Hopes Jorunn the Skald-King Honrich Tower, Ragged Hills
Stomping Sinmur Vigrod Wraithbane Trolhetta Cave, Smokefrost Peaks
Fires of Battle Talres Voren Group Dungeon: Blessed Crucible


The Blood-Splattered Shield Count Verandis Ravenwatch Ravenwatch Castle, Eyebright Feld
The Liberation of Northpoint Skordo the Knife Northpoint, Westmark Moor
The Lightless Remnant Count Verandis Ravenwatch Doomcrag, Boralis
Lover's Torment Alanwe Group Dungeon: Crypt of Hearts I
Edge of Darkness Alanwe Group Dungeon: Crypt of Hearts II


The Skin-Stealer's Lair Ukatsei Ten-Maur-Wolk, Reticulated Spine
Keepers of the Shell Vicecanon Servyna or Keeper Uxith-Ei Hatching Pools, Leafwater
The Dream of the Hist Vicecanon Heita-Meen Loriasel, Venomous Fens
Force of Nature Sister of Flood Group Dungeon: Arx Corinium


The Death of Balreth Walks-in-Ash Ash Mountain, Daen Seeth
The General's Demise Tanval Indoril Fort Virak, Zabamat
Sadal's Final Defeat Tanval Indoril Tormented Spire, Varanis
Kings of the Grotto Vila Theran Group Dungeon: Fungal Grotto I
Lighting the Shadows Defender Two-Blades Group Dungeon: Fungal Grotto II


Sir Hughes' Fate Sir Edmund Firebrand KeepAlcaire
The Return of the Dream Shard Count Hosni at-Tura At-Tura Estate, Menevia
Vaermina's Gambit Abbot Durak WayrestGavaudon
Deception in the Dark Investigator Irnand Group Dungeon: Wayrest Sewers I
No Second Chances Yahyif Group Dungeon: Wayrest Sewers II



  • Quests are listed by order of the DLC's release date.
  • There are a total of 63 Skill Points granted by the main questlines of all DLCs up to Markarth and 18 Skill Points granted by the Group Dungeon quests added by DLC up to Stonethorn.
  • Note that the quests Broken Bonds, The Mind Trap and Bright Moons, Warm Sands are special introductory quests for new characters created while having purchased the Morrowind, Summerset and Elsweyr DLCs respectively. Each character can only complete one of these quests depending on which DLC Chapter the character was created in. Characters created prior to Morrowind cannot acquire these quests.

Quests with Skill Points by DLC

DLC Region Quest Name Quest Giver Location

Imperial City

Imperial City The Sublime Brazier Drake of Blades Imperial Sewers
Planemeld Obverse Sister Terran Arminus Group Dungeon: White-Gold Tower
Summary Execution Lyranth Group Dungeon: Imperial City Prison


Wrothgar A King-Sized Problem Talvia Aliaria Orsinium
The Anger of a King Shield-Wife Razbela Orsinium
Blood on a King's Hands Chief Bazrag Orsinium

Thieves Guild

Eastmarch Partners in Crime Quen at any Outlaws Refuge Fulstrom Homestead
Hew's Bane Cleaning House Andarri, Thrag, Zeira Thieves Den, Abah's Landing
The Long Game Andarri, Thrag Thieves Den, Abah's Landing
A Flawless Plan Andarri, Thrag Thieves Den, Abah's Landing
Forever Hold Your Peace Andarri, Thrag Thieves Den, Abah's Landing
Prison Break Andarri, Thrag Thieves Den, Abah's Landing

Dark Brotherhood

Gold Coast Signed in Blood Speaker Terrenus Anvil Lighthouse
A Lesson in Silence Note from Astara, Grazda Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary
Questions of Faith Kor, Grazda Dark Bortherhood Sanctuary
A Special Request Astara, Grazda Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary
Dark Revelations Astara, Grazda Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary
A Ghost From the Past Green-Venom-Tongue, Grazda Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary
The Wrath of Sithis Astara, Grazda Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary
Filling the Void Speaker Terrenus Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary

Shadows of the Hist

Shadowfen Silk and Shadow Hides-the-Ashes Group Dungeon: Cradle of Shadows
Sap and Stone Heem-Jas Group Dungeon: Ruins of Mazzatun


Vvardenfell Divine Blessings Vivec Vivec City
Family Reunion Veya Releth Balmora
The Heart of a Telvanni Sun-in-Shadow or Arith Sendrul Tel Aruhn Tower or Sadrith Mora

Horns of the Reach

Craglorn Blood for Blood Filand Group Dungeon: Bloodroot Forge
Falkreath's Demise Gurund Group Dungeon: Falkreath Hold

Clockwork City

Deshaan To The Clockwork City Eldrasea Deras or Lilathra Clockwork Crossroads Wayshrine or Elden Root
In Search of a Sponsor Neramo Brass Fortress, Clockwork City
The Strangeness of Seht Divayth Fyr Chancel of Records, Clockwork City
Deepening shadows Provost Varuni Arvel Clockwork Basilica, Clockwork City
Lost in the Gloam Provost Varuni Arvel Clockwork Basilica, Clockwork City
Unto the Dark Proctor Luciana Pullo Brass Fortress, Clockwork City
Where Shadows Lie Proctor Luciana Pullo Mechanical Fundament, Clockwork City
The Light of Knowledge Sotha Sil Clockwork Basilica, Clockwork City

Dragon Bones

Bankorai Casting the Bones Yisareh Group Dungeon: Fang Lair
Stormhaven Plans of Pestilence Jorvud Davaux Group Dungeon: Scalecaller Peak


Summerset Buried Memories Ritemaster Iachesis Ceporah Tower, Artaeum
Lost in Translation Ritemaster Iachesis Ceporah Tower, Artaeum
The Crystal Tower Valsirenn Ceporah Tower, Artaeum


Greenshade The Great Hunt Hanu Group Dungeon: March of Sacrifices
Reaper's March Moonlight Ascent Adonatus Varian Group Dungeon: Moon Hunter Keep


Murkmire Sunken Treasure Famia Mercius Lilmoth
Missing in Murkmire Famia Mercius Lilmoth
Whispers in the Wood Kassandra Lilmoth
Death and Dreaming Kassandra Lilmoth
The Swamp and the Serpent Xukas Swallowed Grove
The Remnant of Argon Famia Mercius Root-Whisper Village
By River and Root Famia Mercius Root-Whisper Village


Gold Coast The Guiding Light Tharayya Group Dungeon: Depths of Malatar
Eastmarch Lock and Keystone Tharayya Group Dungeon: Frostvault


Northern Elsweyr Bright Moons, Warm Sands* None; Elsweyr Starting Quest Star Haven Adeptorium
A Rage of Dragons Abnur Tharn, Anais Davaux, Zamarak Riverhold, Defense Force Outpost, Sleepy Senche Mine
Two Queens Lyrrsazhi, Abnur Tharn Rimmen


Northern Elsweyr The Sanguine Successor Chevalier Renald Group Dungeon: Moongrave Fane
Grahtwood The Azure Blight Allanwen Group Dungeon: Lair of Maarselok


Southern Elsweyr The Dragon's Lair Sai Sahan, Danouida Senchal
Reformation Sai Sahan Dragonguard Sanctum, Tideholm
Uneasy Alliances Nahfahlaar, Sidura Dragonguard Sanctum, Tideholm
Order of the New Moon Aeliah Renmus, Sidura Senchal Palace, Dragonguard Sanctum
The Pride of Alkosh Sai Sahan, Sidura Dragonguard Sanctum, Tideholm
The Dragonguard Sai Sahan, Sidura Dragonguard Sanctum, Tideholm
The Dark Aeon Sai Sahan, Sidura Dragonguard Sanctum, Tideholm
New Moon Rising Sai Sahan Dragonguard Sanctum, Tideholm
The Pride of Elsweyr Sai Sahan Dragonguard Sanctum, Tideholm


Wrothgar The Frozen Isle Arvnir Group Dungeon: Icereach
Bankorai Unhallowed Grave Shelaria Group Dungeon: Unhallowed Grave


Western Skyrim Dark Clouds Over Solitude Lyris Titanborn Kilkreath Temple, Haafingar
The Vampire Scholar Maugh, Melina Cassel, Svana Blue Palace, Solitude, Haafingar
Daughter of the Wolf Svana, Maugh, Melina Cassel Solitude, Haafingar


Black Reach: Greymoor Caverns Method and Madness Gwendis Group Dungeon: Stone Garden
Western Skyrim Blood of the Past Gwendis Group Dungeon: Castle Thorn


The Reach The Despot of Markarth Count Verandis Ravenwatch Markarth
Blood of the Reach Gwendis or Count Verandis Ravenwatch North Markarth Wayshrine or Understone Keep
The Study of Souls Gwendis or Count Verandis Ravenwatch North Markarth Wayshrine or Understone Keep
The Awakening Darkness Arana or Gwendis Rebel's Retreat or Markarth
The Dark Heart Gwendis Rebel's Retreat or Markarth Wayshrine
A Feast of Souls N/A Blackreach: Arkthzand Cavern
The End of Eternity N/A Blackreach: Arkthzand Cavern
Kingdom of Ash N/A Blackreach: Arkthzand Cavern
Second Chances Lyris Titanborn Markarth


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