The Parley


Evermore, Nchu Duabthar Threshold


Seventh Legion's The Negotiator
1 Skill Point
High Leveled Gold

The Parley is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online. 

Quest Information

The Reachmen threat has been averted, but Evermore is still in danger, and Queen Arzhela needs my help.





  • Return to Queen Arzhela
  • Talk to Gabrielle Benele
  • Talk to Darien Gauthier
  • Tell Gabrielle to Open the Portal
  • Enter Portal to Parley Site
  • Go to the Strategic Position
  • Return to the Strategic Position
  • Queen Arzhela Died
  • Get Down to the Queen
  • Return to Evermore Castle
  • Talk to Queen Arzhela
  • Watch the Portal


Notes, Prerequisite & Next Quest


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    • Anonymous

      I helped the queen escape, but when I go to the portal Gabrielle is frozen & I can't enter the portal, just keep killing the same bad guys over & over & over again with no change . I even tried logging out once I got far enough away from something. & want in combat. Can't move on to do anything, starting to be annoying

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