God of Schemes


The Harborage, Heart's Grief


Great Axe of the Titanborn
or The Emperor's Blessing
or Sword Saint's Blade
and a leveled Glyph of Health
1 Skill Point
Soul Magic Rank 6

God of Schemes is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online. 

Quest Information

The time has come to confront Molag Bal and reclaim my soul.





  • Talk to the Prophet in the Harborage.
  • Talk to Abnur Tharn.
  • Talk to Mannimarco in Heart's Grief.
  • (Optional) Free Mannimarco.
  • Talk to Abnur Tharn in the Seat of Tyranny.
  • Choose a Companion.
  • Receive Akatosh's blessing.
  • Defeat Molag Bal.
  • Reclaim your soul.
  • Talk to Meridia.
  • Talk to the surviving Companions.
  • Talk to Cadwell.




  • Note: Completing this will enable access to the veteran content. 
  • Video Guide: Click here



Prerequisite & Next Quest

Text Guide:
The God of Schemes is the final regular quest in Elder Scrolls Online, and includes the final boss battle of the regular campaign. Upon reaching level 50, and completing The Groundskeeper storyline in Coldharbour, this quest will become available to you.
Upon entering Coldharbour, you will need to fight your way to the ritual sight. With the help of the companions, this should be an easy task. You will also be given the chance to help your former enemy, should you choose to. Once you reach the ritual sight, you will be given a choice. There is no right answer, so pick the NPC you wish to begin the ritual. Once complete, you will become charged with divine power. With this power you will be able to one shot most enemies as you walk through the area.
With your new found power, proceed through the area. You will have little worry from the enemies, as you can kill them in just a couple swings. The one thing to be wary of is Molag Bal. He will be throwing huge balls of magic at you, and even with your new powers, you won't survive the attack so make sure to keep an eye on the ground for any large AoE attacks. As you get closer to him, you will face increasingly large amounts of enemies. Titans can still hit you pretty hard, so try to limit how many you are fighting at once. Using a bow or other ranged attacks is a great way to deal with them before they become a real threat.
When you first encounter Molag Bal, he will be quite large. When he grabs you, make sure to hit the prompt to use your new found powers on him. This will disintegrate him, forcing him to reappear at his normal size. Now you can begin the real battle.

Vanquish Molag Bal
Before running in, make sure you have some health potions equipped. It is also helpful to have defensive buffs ready and any healing ones you might have. Finally, equip a few damage of time abilities if you have them, as they will be useful later in the fight. Approach the boss and begin wailing on him. He has three attacks during the first stage, a normal melee swing that can be blocked easily enough, a front facing cone attack and finally an attack where he disappears then falls from the sky. This final attack is easy to avoid as the AoE circle can be easily seen while the attack happens. Continue attacking until you have taken off about 40% of his health and he will disappear.
The next stage will have you facing a small army of Titans. This may seem overwhelming, but it's in fact quite easy. Simply begin blocking and you will see a golden glow around you. This will bounce back the magic balls the Titan shoots. Continue blocking while the Titans shoot you until they have all died. Shortly thereafter Molag Bal will return.
The final phase will be the same as the first, although now he have a new magic attack where he summons magic meteors to hit the ground. Again, this is easily dodged if you just keep an eye to the ground so you can step out of the red circles. He will also use his magical attack more frequently, forcing you to run around more. This is where having DoT abilities comes in handy, as you can lay some DoTs on him, causing damage while also allowing you the freedom to dodge around him. Continue fighting until you bring him to 5% HP to win the battle.

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