A Special Request


Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary, Anvil Castle, Castle Kvatch


Unidentified Sithis' Touch Chest Armor
1 Skill Point
Average Leveled Gold
10 Dark Brotherhood Reputation

A Special Request is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online. 

Quest Information

Governor Fortunata of Anvil has taken a contract with the Dark Brotherhood. She's added a special request, however. She wants to meet with the assassin personally before completing the deal.



  • This quest is obtained in Gold Coast by talking to Astara Caerellius after reaching Rank 4 in guild reputation.





  • I should go to Anvil Castle and find out who Governor Fortunata ap Dugal wants to kill.
    Objective: Talk to Governor Fortunata
  • In order to carry out Governor Fortunata's contract, I first have to find a way to get inside Castle Kvatch. She suggested getting a key to the gatehouse from the castellan or I can talk to one of the officers at the gate and try to gain entry there.
    Objective: Infiltrate Castle Kvatch
    Optional Step: Talk to the Castle Gate Officer
    Optional Step: Obtain the Gatehouse Key
  • I'm inside Castle Kvatch. Now I need to locate and murder Commander Marcus Scipio, leader of the Order of the Hour.
    Objective: Kill Commander Marcus Scipio
  • I murdered the commander of the Order of the Hour. Now I need to find Count Carolus and tell him what happened to Commander Scipio to complete this contract.
    Objective: Find Count Carolus
  • I found Count Carolus in the midst of performing the Black Sacrament—the ritual used to summon the Dark Brotherhood. I should talk to him and see what this is all about.
    Objective: Talk to Count Carolus
  • It appears that Speaker Terenus came in response to the Count's Black Sacrament ritual. He wants to speak with me.
    Objective: Talk to Speaker Terenus
  • My new contract calls for the death of Governor Fortunata. I should meet Mirabelle at Anvil Castle and see if she has any advice on breaching the Pirate Queen's defenses.
    Objective: Find Mirabelle Outside Anvil Castle
  • I need to reach Governor Fortunata's private pantry on the upper level of the castle and put poison in her favorite wine. Mirabelle suggests I use the secret passage to get around. I can find an entrance wherever I see a red drape over an alcove.
    Objective: Poison the Wine Decanter
  • The wine decanter has been poisoned. Now to let Governor Fortunata know that I killed Marcus Scipio and see if I can get her to drink to her good fortune.
    Objective: Talk to Governor Fortunata
  • Governor Fortunata is so pleased that I completed her contract, she's invited me to share a drink on her private balcony. I should follow her to the balcony.
    Objective: Share a Drink with the Governor
  • Governor Fortunata is dead and Count Carolus's contract has been fulfilled. I should return to the Sanctuary and let Astara know what happened here.
    Objective: Return to Astara at the Sanctuary


Notes, Prerequisite & Next Quest


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    • Anonymous

      Would of been great to be told that lock picks are needed in order to do the part " talk to the governor" after adding the poison to the wine. Now I have no lock picks on me and there seems to only be one door to get in in. Really!?

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