Dark Clouds Over Solitude


Western Skyrim


Surcoat of Solitude
Very High Leveled Gold
1 Skill Point

Dark Clouds Over Solitude is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online. It is part of the Greymoor Expansion.

Quest Information

The Icereach Coven and its allies can call down devastating and unnatural harrowstorms on Western Skyrim. Fennorian thinks these storms can turn people into harrowfiends and mindless harrowed. We need to inform Solitude.



  • Lyris Titanborn



  • Return to the Blue Palace and report to Queen Gerhyld.
  • Speak with Lyris Titanborn and search the surrounding area.
  • Have audience with High King Svargrim.
  • Speak with Svana.
  • Look for witnesses in Solitude.
  • Find Fennorian at Old Mjolen's camp west of Morthal.
  • Collect reagents for Old Mjolen's divination ritual.
  • Find nearby hunter's camp.
  • Go to Chillwind Depths and search for assassin.
  • Examine document's in hideout and talk to Fennorian.
  • Go to Silversnow Mine and explore it with Lyris and Fennorian.
  • Investigate the mining town.
  • Destroy Witch Pikes surrounding town.
  • Enter Kagnthamz and track down the assassin and witch.
  • Kill Pentarch Khorb
  • Search for Sister Tharda.
  • Witness summoning ritual.
  • Kill Sister Tharda.
  • Chase vampire and werewolf who escaped.
  • Return to the Lonely Troll in Solitude and report to Svana.




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