The Maelmoth Mysterium


The Lonely Troll, Solitude

Western Skyrim


Aggrieved Greaves
Average Leveled Gold

The Maelmoth Mysterium is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO). It is part of the Greymoor Expansion.

Quest Information

A prideful historian named Narsis Dren found himself trapped in an illusion while researching an ancient mage. Assisting him in his investigation may lead to some exciting discoveries.



  • Narsis Dren (transformed into the Peculiar Bottle), either in The Lonely Troll inn or outside Proudspire Manor in Solitude.



  • Speak to the Peculiar Bottle
  • Speak to Borfree Dull-Blade
  • Read Narsis' Journal
  • Find the three verses scattered around Solitude
  • Return to Narsis and dispel the illusion with the verses
  • Retrieve Maelmoth's Journal from Mages Guild
  • Go to the Meditation Grotto near Kilkreath Temple and solve the puzzle
  • Go to Kyne's Shrine and solve the puzzle there
  • Go to Sabre Cat's Leap and solve the final puzzle
  • Enter Folgunthur Barrow
  • Enter Maelmoth's Mysterium and read Maelmoth's Collection Notes
  • Warn Narsis against touching the bottle, or not
  • Take the cursed Narsis back to Deem-Vilax at the Mages Guild




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