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Elder Scrolls Online Wiki Guide: Everything about The Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online Wiki covers all you need to know in Bethesda's MMORPG entry in the Elder Scrolls Series.  Find information from Elder Scrolls Online DLCs, Character Creation, Classes, Skills, Sets, Companions, Crafting, Lore, to guides on how to complete Quests, walkthroughs on various Group Dungeons and Trials, how to play PvP and so on in The Elder Scrolls Online. Choose your class, gear up and prepare for your journey across Tamriel in The Elder Scrolls Online here.


What is The Elder Scrolls Online?

The Elder Scrolls Online is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) set in Tamriel, the ancient land that includes the provinces of Morrowind, Daggerfall, and Skyrim. ESO takes place during the Age of Heroes, 1,000 years before the events of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. This is the time of the Interregnum between the end of the Second Empire with the assassination of the last Akaviri Potentate in 2E 430 and the founding of the Third Empire under Tiber Septim in 2E 897 (3E 1). The Interregnum was a period of chaotic political change and constant warring between the various provinces of Tamriel as they struggled for dominance over the Imperial throne in the Cyrodiilic heartland. Embark on an epic adventure to save the land from a seemingly unstoppable evil in a sprawling storyline that can be experienced on your own or with friends.


Should I start ESO in 20XX? Is it too late to start playing ESO?

It may be daunting for new players to jump into a long-running MMO like The Elder Scrolls Online since they have to catch up on years of content that veteran players have already experienced. To add on to this, new players might be hesitant to start investing time and money in an MMO that might be on it's last legs. However, ESO is far from a 'dead game' and is definitely worth playing even in 2023.

The Elder Scrolls Online has frequent content updates providing fresh and new content to players so that there's always something to be doing. Every year since 2017, ESO releases a Chapter DLC that introduces hours worth of new story content, huge new locations and areas to explore, and sometimes even introduces new game mechanics, such as the card game Tales of Tribute added with the High Isle DLC or new character classes, such as the Arcanist coming with the Necrom Chapter DLC on June, 2023. These Chapter DLCs are only one of the multiple DLCs released each year for the game.

Bethesda's community team and the ZeniMax development team are also actively listening to the community and adding valuable quality of life improvements with each update. Since the launch of The Elder Scrolls Online, several QoL improvements that have been made to the game included allowing trade between different guilds, the addition of daily dungeon finders, allowing EXP gain from crafting, the addition of further progression after reaching maximum level, the removal of the subscription model, and so much more. These quality of life changes has made it even easier for players to enjoy the world of Tamriel with friends and have made it much easier for newer players to catch up and get into the groove of the game.


The Elder Scrolls Online

cover homepage elder scrolls online wiki guide 300px
Release Dates PC & Mac - 4th April 2014
PS4 & Xbox One - June 9th, 2015
Publisher Bethesda Softworks
Developer ZeniMax Online Studios
Platforms PC, Mac, PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S
Players Multiplayer


ESO System Requirements

Windows Requirements

Recommended Specs

  • OS: Windows 7 64-bit
  • Processor: Intel® Core i5 2300 or AMD FX4350
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Direct X 11.0 compliant video card with 2GB RAM (NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 750 or AMD Radeon™ HD 7850) or higher
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 85 GB available space

Minimum Specs

  • OS: Windows 7 64-bit
  • Processor: Intel® Core i3 540 or AMD A6-3620 or higher
  • Memory: 3 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Direct X 11.0 compliant video card with 1GB RAM (NVidia GeForce 460 or AMD Radeon 6850)
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 85 GB available space


Mac Requirements

Recommended Specs

  • OS: Mac® High Sierra v 10.13
  • Processor: Intel i5 processor
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: AMD Radeon Pro 560 graphics (4GB of VRAM)
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 85 GB available space

Minimum Specs

  • OS: Mac® High Sierra v 10.13
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo processor
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: AMD Radeon Pro 560 graphics (4GB of VRAM)
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 85 GB available space


DLCs for The Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online DLC is divided into three categories: Zone DLC adds a location and questing, Dungeon DLC adds challenging endgame dungeons, and Chapter DLC adds a new region and significant content. "Chapters" are expansions not included with ESO Plus, and only available for purchase with real money (not in Crown Store) during the first year they are live. For example, The first Chapter, "Morrowind", became available for purchase with crowns as of May 21st 2018 - a full year after its release. The next year, it became part of ESO Plus. DLC is paired with large free updates that make changes to the core game.


Morrowind is the first Chapter DLC added to the The Elder Scrolls Online. It was released on the 6th of June, 2017 for all platforms and adds several new pieces of content including Vvardenfell, a location featured in The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind, as well as a new class - the Warden - and a new PvP mode - Battlegrounds

eso morrowind

Morrowind is in dire peril and it’s up to player heroes to help Vivec, the legendary warrior-poet, and Guardian of Vvardenfell, solve the mystery of his mysterious illness, regain his strength – and save the world from ultimate destruction.


Summerset is The Elder Scrolls Online's second Chapter DLC released on the 21st of May, 2018 for PC and on the 6th of June, 2018 for consoles. This DLC added the Summerset and Artaeum zones, the Psijic Order, a new NPC faction, the Cloudrest Trial, and much more.

summerset dlc eso

At the behest of Queen Ayrenn, who has opened Summerset to foreigners by royal decree, players will embark on a sweeping adventure to rejoin the infamous Khajiit spy Razum-dar, meet the mighty sages of the Crystal Tower, and fight for Tamriel’s fate once more. Amongst the beauty of the ancestral home of the High Elves, shadows rise and rumors spread of strange disappearances. A corrupting influence works to destroy High Elf society from within, and now, whispers stir of Daedric followers organizing in the shadows.



The third Elder Scroll's Online Chapter DLC, Elsweyr, was released on May 21st, 2019 for the PC and June 4th, 2019 for consoles. It adds many new exciting content including the new zone Elsweyr, the Necromancer, a new class imbued with living dead magics, and a new enemy - Dragons.

elsweyr dlc eso

Travel to Elsweyr, the land of the Khajiit in The Elder Scrolls Online an upcoming chapter that will introduce a new story in a new zone. ESO introduces a new chapter that involves a war against the Dragons that will unfold over an epic climax.


Greymoor is the fourth Chapter DLC added to The Elder Scrolls Online. Released on the 26th of May, 2020 for PC and on the 10th of June for consoles, this DLC introduced a new zone, Western Skyrim, the Antiquities system and 2 new skill lines - Scrying Skills and Excavation Skills, allowing players to discover and equip lost artifacts, and other group content.

greymoor dlc eso wiki guide

Greymoor (sometimes spelled Graymoor), also called Black Moor or Darkmoor, is a settlement located in the tundra of Whiterun Hold, immediately west of the Skyrim city of Whiterun. Fort Greymoor guards the strategic crossroad which connects Whiterun with the Reach, Hjaalmarch, and Haafingar. Supernatural harrowstorms plague Western Skyrim, and dark beasts, led by a powerful Vampire Lord, devour souls to further their mysterious plans. In The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor, The Elder Scrolls Online’s newest Chapter, you must defend the besieged Nords and uncover the evil behind this monstrous resurgence.



The 5th Chapter DLC added to The Elder Scrolls Online is Blackwood. It was released on June 1, 2021 for PC and June 8, 20201 for consoles, and added Blackwood, a brand new location, the Companions mechanic, a new feature that allows the player to recruit NPC allies who will travel and fight alongside you, as well as 2 new Companions, and other group content.

blackwood chapter elder scrolls online wiki guide

This major upcoming chapter, Blackwood, continues the adventure in the Gates of Oblivion. In Blackwood’s main storyline, players will investigate a conspiracy that involves the deposed Longhouse Emperors and uncover a deadly pact that reeks chaos for the people of Blackwood. It seems the Prince of Destruction, Mehrunes Dagon is behind all of it, but what exactly is his motive for Blackwood and Tamriel?

High Isle

The High Isle DLC is the sixth Chapter DLC to be added to The Elder Scrolls Online. This DLC was released on June 6, 2022 for the PC and on June 21, 2022 for consoles. It added the new locations High Isle and Amenos, two new Companions, Ember and Isobel Velois, and a new card game with both PvE and PvP settings - Tales of Tribute.

high isle preview dlc eso wiki guide

This year's story takes place in the previously unexplored region of The Systres Archipelago. The storyline in High Isle sees players uncovering a plot conceived by The Ascendant Order, a secret order of knights with chaotic motives, threatening to disrupt the peace summit and condemning Tamriel to endless conflict. The group is led by a mysterious knight known only as the Ascendant Lord.



The new and upcoming seventh Chapter DLC is called Necrom and is projected to be released on the 5th of June, 2023 for the PC and the 20th of June for consoles. It will add new zones Telvanni Peninsula and Apocrypha, 2 new companions, Sharp-As-Night & Azandar Al-Cybiades, a highly requested new class - the Arcanist - and many other new group content to enjoy.

necrom chapter dlc elder scrolls online wiki guide 300px

The Daedric Prince of Knowledge, Hermaeus Mora, harbors and protects many secrets best kept from mortals and Daedra alike. Now, the One Who Knows’ most closely guarded mysteries are threatened by forces unknown and reality itself is at risk! Discover the Dark Elves of the Telvanni Peninsula and investigate a scheme that threatens to unravel reality itself—Hermaeus Mora needs mortal assistance, but can the Prince of Knowledge truly be trusted?


The Elder Scrolls Key Combat & Gameplay Features

Skill Bar Notes

  • All classes have six slots available on two hotbars.  (Sorcerers who use the Overload ultimte will have three hotbars). Instead of cooldown, stamina or magicka will be used to control frequency, and they are meant to be intertwined with auto attacks to ensure effective rotations.
  • Five of the six slots are available to be filled from the class skill pool. The sixth however (ultimate) is reserved for when the player has enough "finesse".
    • Finesse is accumulated in combat by reacting to the situation: interrupting a spell, blocking a power attack, or performing combos with your group. It will also increase your magic find rewards and experience gain.


Weapon Attacks

Use the left mouse button to perform attacks with your equipped weapon. Mouse combat has 3 functions:

  • Click to perform a light attack.
  • Hold the left mouse button to begin charging a heavy attack.
  • Holding both left and right mouse buttons will interrupt the enemy.

Heavy attack damage scales depending on how quickly they are released. A heavy attack becomes full charged in approximately 2¼ seconds. Most weapons will automatically release a fully charged heavy attack. Fully charged heavy attacks with bows need to be manually released.

Players sometimes refer to heavy attacks that are manually released before they are fully charged as medium attacks. The game only uses the terms light, heavy and fully charged heavy attacks.

Active Abilities

Active abilities are those used to perform actions in combat. They must be player activated and are mapped to the number keys 1 through 5. You can shortcut these skills by accessing the Skills menu (K) and dragging and dropping any active ability icon onto the bar. The letter R will be used for Ultimate Skills.

  • At level 15, you gain the ability to have two different weapon sets equipped. Each weapon set has an ability shortcut bar, so your second weapon set can have its own set of 6 abilities. To set your secondary abilities, swap your weapon set by pressing “`” and slot abilities as outlined above.
    • Mid-combat weapon swapping is possible at the cost of stamina and magicka, from level 15 onwards. It will allow players to have mid-combat weapon-tied skill swapping as well. When out of combat, you may chose to change your class and ultimate abilities at your leisure.
  • All abilities have an activation cost, generally in magicka or stamina. If you have enough resources, you can press the corresponding key to execute that ability.
  • Ultimate abilities are executed by pressing the “R” key. When you use your ultimate, you'll notice that its icon becomes darker. To use it again, fill the icon up by engaging in combat.
  • Some abilities can be toggled on and off by pressing their related hotkey. Ability tooltips help you recognize toggled abilities.
  • Area of Effect abilities now deal full damage to all targets hit, instead of having a damage penalty after hitting 7 or more targets. Secondary effects from those Area of Effect abilities (snares, stuns, etc.) are still capped at 6 targets.


Blocking & Counterattacks

Holding the right mouse button will block regardless of whether you have a shield, and reduce damage from enemy attacks. Blocking consumes stamina, and shields have the best damage reduction.

  • If you block an enemy's strong attack (enemy has yellow aura as executing), you'll be able to break their defenses and open them up for a devastating counterattack using a strong attack of your own.


Interrupting Enemies

When enemies glow red, it means that the attack they are using (or are about to use) can be interrupted. To interrupt the attack, press the left and right mouse button at the same time. Interrupting consumes stamina.


  • Press the “Ctrl” button to enter stealth mode. This decreases the chance that enemies will detect you, and some abilities can only be used while in stealth.
  • In this mode, your targeting reticule becomes an eye. If the eye begins to open, you're in danger of being detected and may need to move. If it opens all the way, you've been spotted.
  • Moving while in stealth, consumes stamina, but this can be mitigated by some set bonuses.


Dodging and Breaking Free of Crowd Control

  • To dodge enemy attacks, double-tap the movement keys in the direction you'd like to dodge. If you time it right, you'll avoid damage from the attack. Dodging costs stamina.
  • Some enemy attacks may hold you in place. To break this effect, you can press both mouse buttons at once. This also costs stamina.



  • Synergies are group combos possible when playing as a team, and they trigger secondary effects that can be activated by pressing “X” when prompted.
  • Synergy abilities: Special group coordination skills that unleash stronger attacks. They are cross-class and give players the opportunity to make their attacks unstoppable
  • Enemy synergy: Creatures will work together and create and execute the same deadly combos as the player, and are being coded to be smart enough to seek out strength in numbers. Some factions will have their own special combined attacks.
  • Dragon Bones DLC removed Synergies from the global cooldown, and they can now be activated while using other abilities.



  • When you defeat enemies, they often leave behind loot. To collect the loot from nearby defeated enemies, approach the corpses and press “E.” You automatically collect loot from several corpses—no need to interact with each one.



  • Avoid Death by using Quick Potions Slots (Q) allow for the consumption of health and other potions that share a 20-30 second cooldown. Foods and other such regeneration and boost items are also available.
  • If your health is reduced to zero, you've died, and your equipped items will suffer durability loss. If you have a full soul gem of the appropriate level in your inventory, you have the option to revive at the location where you fell. If you don't, you can return to the nearest Wayshrine.
  • To fill soul gems, you'll need Soul Trap, an ability gained through the Soul Magic skill line.


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      Dobry den ked zakupim The Elder Scrolls Online Collection: High Isle instaluje sa vsetko naraz alebo si mozem vybrat co chcem nainstalovat ide mi oto ze zaklad uz mam naistalovany chcem len instalovat ostatne

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        Hi everyone.
        Need some help with a question.
        I am playing 4 toons in ESO, and am wondering if anyones knows a viable method of transferring crafting mats between them.

        • I'm still new to the game and its hard for me to stay motivated to play the game. Do you have any tips for someone new to the game to have fun. I'm am playing pve at the moment.

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            La pre expansión Greymoor se me ha instalado en XBOX ONE y me ha cambiado el idioma, no entiendo cómo y si alguien sabe cambiar al inglés como lo tenía antes.

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              So I guess I ran my limit of how many hours I've played Skyrim and I'm playing the free ESO weekend at the moment. The biggest thing that I'm not liking is the odd language. Like what is nurfing, etc? Maybe, this language set doesn't include me? The load times for the game and then the updates, killed 2 days of playing. My feeling is I will not see enough of the game to want to play it. The unexpected internal error that told me to go to customer service only to find that the fix was to turn the computer off and turn it back on again was a real joke on me. Bethesda should have just told me up-front. The Naryu Virian fight was totally senseless pointless. Only stopped after I ignored it. The "Oval vision" restriction reduces vision on the screen by about 25% was just plain frustrating. The overly colorful game and less than realistic bright colors made me think of a kids cartoon. Guess I'll go back to the Skyrim game.

              • I was considering picking up this game and trying to cos-play Solaire. I know he’s a tank with heals but I’d like to have survival and good dps with some heals and wear a sword with shield not just dual wield or 2hander is it possible? Dps is the problem.

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                  Why the hell are these homes so expensive to purchase?I think zI would rather play Skyrim,at least it's more reasonable to buy a home or to purchase land to build.I hate online games,esp. after buying game for $60 & then spending another $60 for a year of psplus to play.So very disappointed.It one sense I enjoy the online part where some people help you progress & invites to dungeons.I purchased Summerset but yet cant use the jewelry table.I still haven't figured out the campaign thing & when I find the places under attack I got killed too easily by the enemy.WTF Why are they not making another one like Skyrim without having to go online ?

                  • Anonymous

                    5 years after this games release and npc spells STILL GO THROUGH FREAKIN WALLS AND MOUNTAINS! I mean to be fair I never expect any game with Bethesda's name on it to function properly but this is complete incompetence. You would think a group of college kids made this game. I am terrified over what Elder Scrolls 6 will look like.

                    • Hi All. I am new to ESO. I joined to play with some friends who also play. I have a quick question. Does anyone know if we all need to be on the same expansion to play together? Right now we all have Morowind. I am considering getting Summerset (because it is on sale until Dec 11) but my buddies don't want to. If I get Summerset and they do not will we still be able to game together? Thanks in advance for your response.

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                          How in the world an I suppose to know where it get my monster shoulder pieces if I don't know the chest, and where to get my monster Helms if I don't know the dungeon.

                          • Hi all I have a group in game called black veil brotherhood if anyone wants to join a chill and calm easy group please join .. of wish .. We do dugons and map runs also sky shard runs .. we do quests and help eachother out .. social group also We have group and chat on Facebook Group : black veil brotherhood ESO group Chat: black veil brotherhood

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                              Hello, I’m new to eso. Ive been saving up my gold to buy a horse for 10th but every stables I visit only sell horses for 42.7k. Can someone help me please. Thanks you.

                              • I am new to ESO but I have played alot of other MMOrpg I as a player want a game that has a fun feel Challenging But not where it is not defeatable. I love storyline I really really love Skyrim and all the previose versions Oblivion Morrowind Daggerfall Areana. These games gave birth to all the other games we have today. So me personally want to say Thank you. Pls I know people always want to have the best Character its a lot like the old D$D in the 70's If there is no threat of death or failure then it is not fun. We are not in God Mode. I think what people want is not to be nerfed or change they have a lot of time invested in their PC just to have all their hard work gone. Again Thanks to all your Staff for their hard work. Plus this game is huge it took me 12 hours to download WOW I can't wait to see what awaits me.

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                                  this is weird but my account is glitched or something... im currently standing in summerset isles, at the wayshrine... is this a glitch or is eso performing correctly. ps no one is here and everyone in the game was "offline"

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Since I'm here, also: ZOS, the constant nerfs are inanely ridiculous. Every single fight in Cyrodiil is basically a tank/resource fight. This is Legitimately a broken core mechanic now. Also, nerfing gap closers? bc people complain about how a different class performs? Also equally ridiculous as this will result in even more tank/sustain fights. If people want to Tank/Sustain fight then PLAY A TANK. The different classes are exactly that DIFFERENT CLASSES, The "complainee" simply needs to build better or adopt a different play style. EVERY CLASS should have weaknesses, this is the basis of fairness and diversity of classes and builds in MMOs. After Vicious death was nerfed, it was all downhill from there. Everything has been nerfed since, consistently. Rather than nerf everything in the game, why not focus on the REAL ISSUES such as performance? The cloak and dagger/no response on performance/lag(IN CYRODIIL) is insane. I understand from a marketing POV, that if you announce it cannot be fixed you may lose user base. But we DESERVE that answer, as a person that has spent literally hundreds and hundreds of dollars on this game(If not a grand), it is insane that the play experience has dropped so exponentially, that everything is getting nerfed(resulting in poor play experience) as well as the Horrid Lag Issue(resulting in terrible play experience) Instead of Nerfing everything, just release a couple sets to counter-act others(Not that its necessary, people should just adopt a different playstyle if they have issues with their performance. JUST LIKE ANY OTHER GAME, instead of complain to you guys and hope you guys take a Nerf Bat to the game and make it easier for their builds, this is a GAME, players WILL die. You can't just decrease all damage in the game and make it to where everyone has to build tanks/templars! This is honestly insane guys, stop now please before you completely ruin this game. Please. I've Golded out numerous sets and and every single one has been nerfed. Viper's sting, this is total trash now, what are you going to do with a weak dot against heavy armor Meta templars/tanks with high heals, high damage output, high sustain, very high damage mitigation? I'll tell you, you will attempt to gank one and they will utterly destroy you. Now if you're stam Nightblade, you HAVE to run a bow. This has resulted in Endless snipes from Nbs(Due to the LAG you're hit by 6 snipes before you even see the first register and you're dead) That is simply insane on its own, My stam Nightblade is a Melee build. E.g. Clever Alchemist, this set particularly benefited Nightblades. Now its basically not even viable, it counter acts the stealth aspect of nightblades sustain(CLOAK IS NB SUSTAIN) NBs are assassins, they are not meant to have a 10min long Tank/sustain fight. And that is exactly how it is now. I have a character of every class, I can tell you that if you want to survive and also be O.P. in PvP Templars/Tanks are doing it the best. They have insane resistance(heavy armor Meta) with Strong damage output and high resource management and damage mitigation along with insta heals. This is The exact meaning of O.P. If you guys want to Nerf anything THAT would be it, perhaps make it to where blocking constantly ticks down stamina when holding block, or make the insta cast heals cost more. Because honestly guys its insane, I have a templar which was my main, and from my point of view it is definitely the most O.P. class by far. When you go into Cyrodiil now, all you see is Tanks/Templars in Heavy Armor Meta with sword and board and massive damage output, with massive heals, in massive zergs. Its ludicrous. Nightblades should be able to to take these guys down but its not even viable, as NBs are meant for high damage output and low sustain. They are meant to hit very hard but if caught die very easily. Sorcs have always been a little O.P. with high damage output and uncritable damage shields but thats OKAY, Nbs could counter-act this with very high damage output/stealth, but not so much anymore. Their good sets have been nerfed to an unplayable state. I feel that stam builds are only favored by Heavy Armor and sword and board now. It's totally sad, the mefium armor passives are just pointless if you have to run Heavy Armor and join everyone else in the Tank/Sustain fight. And as far as that goes, MAGICKA users are using sword and board and mitigating all damage and then bursting hard with magicka that has not even been used yet(Templars are a very good example of this) Last year the game was very evenly matched on all classes, now if you really want to compete in Cyrodiil you basically have to run Heavy Armor Meta/Sword&Board/Templar/tank, at least logically this is definitely the most recommendable playstyle. It is really sad, there is no diversity/dynamic play now. It is for a fact, undeniably, fundamentally broken. I cannot even fathom the reason as to these nerfs but it is totally destroying this otherwise beautiful game that I love so dearly. Please do not Nerf anymore to the request of a few people that are QQ because they died in-game, ITS GOING TO HAPPEN. I died countless times before all of these nerfs but even so I thoroughly enjoyed the game and it's diversity, it was a thing of beauty truly, If I died I would just think "I guess I need to work on that, or well he got me" and then I would look at the recap and see what I could do differently or adopt something to counteract that situation. Please ZOS bring back the BUFFS to classes and Pleeeease ZOS counteract these Nerfs and bring ESO to its former glory. I am a monthly subscriber and always have been, I've purchased countlesssss things from crown stires/homes/etc. I've invested alot into this game and now its like being Batman and watching Gotham burn.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      i buy it the elder scroll online now i come to play and download again from eso website and i can't reddem my code please help i use my first code it's says invalid code how to get a new one? it is possible to get somehow i don't wanna lose my game??

                                      • Anonymous

                                        bought the elder scrolls online for the ps4 at gamestop but it will not let me play... does anyone know what I have to do.. thinking about returning it to gamestop since I cannot play the game.. The case says no game subscription required but apparently that is not true...

                                        • Anonymous

                                          i am constantly being booted back to the login screen.... first everything becomes unresponsive then i get kicked back to the login screen with no error message please help me!

                                          • Anonymous

                                            im having a eso plus issue, I bought it but i created a new character for a dark brotherhood quest, a stealthy character, but it said i didnt have the ESO plus subsciption

                                            • Anonymous

                                              I'm having a launcher issue, there is the message: "another copy of the launcher is already running, and must be shut down before you can start a new one."
                                              Can anyone help me? I really want to play TESO.

                                              • Anonymous

                                                Hi, there is an issue about explaining one of weapon enchantmens. I and no one else for sure can not tells me how that enchantment works.
                                                "Increase chance to aply status effect by xx%." One theory is it influences weapon enchantment, so am I right when enchantment is suppressed by poison, poison acts more often? I that is right, Widowmaker set works more often too? Thank you for help

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  This is bs, my stam dk runs out of resources so fast now. its all because the nerf to reduced cost with cp. by removing cp reduce cost they nerfed all players that have low max resources that rely on reduced cost to have some sustain. my stam dk required reduced cost but since Morrowind changed warlord and magician, my sustain is bs. they really should put warlord and magician back to how they were.

                                                  • Anonymous

                                                    dose anyone know if it is possible to trade an unused cd key for The Elder Scrolls® Online
                                                    Gold Edition PC version for a The Elder Scrolls® Online
                                                    Gold Edition STEAM version? Or is it even supported for steam yet?

                                                    • Anonymous

                                                      My friends game crashes as soon as he hits press A to start on xbox. I tried logging in as him on my Xbox and it did the same. Just shuts the game down. Any solutions?

                                                      • Anonymous

                                                        Is anyone else having trouble with the scroll or the quest for the werewolf bite not showing up but have the devour buffer?

                                                        • Anonymous

                                                          Can't access undaunted pledges I have it in skill tree i am lvl 4 undaunted, also lvl 50. I don't have the letter in my mail not sure if I read it .

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                                                            Ich hab ein Problem mit dem Fehler 210... ich hab auch schon alles ausprobiert was im Forum stand, kann mir irgendwer helfen? :(
                                                            Danke im voraus :)

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                                                              i deleted my first toon and ever since i dont get my crowns as an eso plus memmber, i have to cancel my subscription to get them

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                                                                Immediately after starting the game comes out a bug report. This started happening after the new update homestead. someone please advise?

                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                  Can't redeem my explore's pack code it keeps saying invalid code.I brought the collector editon(Molag Bal figure)when the game came out.I know is 2017 but finally I can play it but can't redeem the explores's pack why?!I redeem the imperial editon pack easily with no problem.

                                                                  • What do you charge to craft these sets: julianos and twice born star?
                                                                    What I want is (all divines)
                                                                    Heavy chest- TBS
                                                                    Medium legs-TBS
                                                                    Gloves, boots, belt-TBS
                                                                    Or ....
                                                                    The same thing but with julianos. CP 160?
                                                                    If there's anyone who can and is willing to craft these let me know what you would need from me.
                                                                    I'm on xb1. Would appreciate any help

                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                      Try out my new build that I created for PVP/PVE. I hope you have fun and Have fun in Cyrodill!


                                                                      • Anonymous

                                                                        I need v16 hundings rage medium armor with divines. I have the mats. Xbox one NA GT: Rs Nexuz Message me if you can craft me hundings

                                                                        • Anonymous

                                                                          can anybody craft me 1 sword, 1 restoration staff and 4 body pieces of kagrenac's hope? Willing to pay gold. Im on ps4, if you can do thisfor me, you can add my psn; com2kill and send me a message, thanks

                                                                          • Anonymous

                                                                            Can anybody craft me a DPS set for my Stamblade Khajitt lvl 35.. Ps4- NA server.. Would be greatly appreciated and willing to pay gold

                                                                            • Anonymous

                                                                              Anyone know if you can transfer what you bought from the crown store to a different character? I launch a build that I don't use to buy the imperial update but got a few other things like vampire bit and mimic stones but I only have access to them under that build.

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