Jewelry in Elder Scrolls Online comprises two types of items: Necklaces and Rings. You may wear two rings and one necklace.

Prior to Update 18 and the introduction of Jewelry Crafting, jewelry was the one major class of gear that could not be crafted or deconstructed/researched. It had to be be found or purchased from vendors. The only option for customization that existed was that you could enchant some jewelry with the right kind of Glyphs. Now, those with access to the Summerset chapter can craft, deconstruct, research, and transmute jewelry, though jewelry found prior to this update may not be deconstructed.

All rings and necklaces are identical in appearance in your inventory (they do not appear on your character at all), but they may be of varying level, which affects their Traits as well as the level of Enchantment they may take.

Jewelry are part of all sets, "Weapon Sets" are those that are only consists weapon and jewelry.


Rings and Necklaces


Type Levels
Pewter Ring 1-24
Copper Ring 25-50
Silver Ring  10-70
Electrum Ring  80-140
Platinum Ring  150-160


Type Levels
Pewter Necklace 1-24
Copper Necklace 25-50
Silver Necklace   10-70
Electrum Necklace   80-140
Platinum Necklace   150-160


Jewelry Traits

Prior to Update 18, Jewelry could not be researched in order to learn its traits. However, each piece of Jewelry typically came with one trait already on it. This remains true for the most part. The standard traits amd their effects are shown in the following table:

In cases where it is numbers and not percentages are listed, values are for Champion Rank 160.

Trait Gem/Material Trait Properties Normal Fine Superior Epic Legendary


Increases Maximum Magicka by: 760 790 820 840 870


Increases damage against enemies under 25% Health by: 12% 14% 16% 18% 20%


Increases damage, healing, resource restore, and damage shield strength of synergies you activate by:  15% 20% 25% 30% 35%


Increases Maximum Health by: 836 869 902 924 957


Aurbic Amber
Increases jewelry enchantment effectiveness by: 24% 33% 42% 51% 60%


Increases Spell Resistance and Physical Resistance by: 1624 1684 1744 1784 1844


Increases Maximum Stamina by: 760 790 820 840 870


Gilding Wax
Increases Movement Speed by: 6% 7% 8% 9% 10%


Increases Health, Magicka and Stamina by: 380 395 410 420 435


Jewelry Enchantment


The following additive enchantments can be added to jewelry:




Denima Glyph of Stamina Recovery Adds Stamina Recovery
Kaderi Glyph of Bashing Increases Bash Damage
Makderi Glyph of Increase Magical Harm Adds Spell Damage
Makkoma Glyph of Magicka Recovery Adds Magicka Recovery
Okoma Glyph of Health Recovery Adds Health Recovery
Oru Glyph of Potion Boost Increases Potion Effects
Taderi Glyph of Increase Physical Harm Adds Physical Damage


The following subtractive enchantments can be added to jewelry:




Dekeipa Glyph of Frost Resist Adds Frost Resistance
Denima Glyph of Reduce Feat Cost Reduce Stamina cost of Feats
Haoko Glyph of Disease Resist Adds Disease Resistance
Kaderi Glyph of Shielding Reduce cost of Bash and Blocking
Kuoko Glyph of Poison Resist Adds Poison Resistance
Makderi Glyph of Decrease Spell Harm Adds Spell Resistance
Makkoma Glyph of Reduce Spell Cost Reduce Magicka cost of Spells
Meip Glyph of Shock Resist Adds Shock Resistance
Oru Glyph of Potion Speed Reduce the cooldown of Potions
Rakeipa Glyph of Flame Resist Adds Fire Resistance
Taderi Glyph of Decrease Physical Harm Adds Armor



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