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Faction Neutral
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Apocrypha is a Location in Elder Scrolls Online. Apocrypha is the home of forbidden knowledge and Hermaeus Mora's plane of Oblivion. It was added with the Necrom Chapter DLC and is accessible to all characters of all levels and Factions.

Players gain access to Apocrypha (after downloading the DLC) by travel to the Telvanni Peninsula zone and make your ways to the Necrom city. You need to find a portal in Necrom Bindery, it will take you to Apocrypha.

All enemies, and resource nodes are Battle Leveled.

Apocrypha has the following Overland Sets: Necrom Sets


DungeonsPublic Dungeons (Delves)


crafting stations iconCrafting Stations

  • Artisan's Hermitage
  • Versicolor Carrels

Group%20DungeonGroup Dungeons




eso house icon elder scrolls onlinesConnected Realms

  • --

Group%20BossElite Spawns

  • Chthon Plaza 
  • Deepreave Quag
  • Runemaster's Acropolis
  • Libram Cathedral


achievement categoryicon craftingCrafting Motifs & Styles

  • Shroomtender
  • Gravegrasp
  • Telvanni Walnut (dye)
  • Sanity's Orchid (dye)
  • Mora's Mauve (dye)


Apocrypha Maps

Apocrypha Set Crafting Stations

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Apocrypha Survey Maps

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Apocrypha World Bosses

Apocrypha Treasure Maps

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Apocrypha Skyshards

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Apocrypha Dungeons

apocrypha delves eso wiki guide


Apocrypha Quests

The player arrives in Apocrypha after ??

"Description goes here."

[insert quest page here]

All Apocrypha Locales & Apocrypha Trivia:

Cities, Settlements & Farms

  • Example
  • Example
  • Example
  • Example
  • Example
  • Example
  • Example

Connected Realms

  • The Infinite Panopticon
  • The Mythos

Striking Locales

  • Altar of the One Who Knows
  • Fractured Monolith
  • Study of the Lost Cipher
  • Syzygial Rostrum

World Events

  • Fallen Hues Edifice
  • Writhing Wastes Edifice

Points of Interest

  • Cenotaph of the Remnants
  • Rectory Corporea
  • The Feral Gallery
  • The Ravening Morass
  • The Sidereal Cloisters


  • Apogee Nadir Wayshrine
  • Cipher's Midden Wayshrine
  • Feral Gallery Wayshrine
  • Forlorn Palisades Wayshrine
  • Soundless Bight Wayshrine
  • Speiran Tarn Wayshrine
  • Stilled Shallows Wayshrine
  • Tranquil Catalog Wayshrine
  • Writhing Wastes Wayshrine


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