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ADDENDUM April 8th 2012: Despite the below listed rules being quite simple and for the good of the community, there has been and continues to be a number people seeking to challenge these rules, complaining about "censorship" and their right to "freedom of speech," and then when they ultimately get banned, acting with disbelief, hysteria, or both. So after due consideration it seems we need to add some context to the rules. This context is as follows:

The Elder Scrolls Online Wiki and the chat did not spring into spontaneous existence. God did not make it because He loves you. There is no philosophical or United Nations mandated Human Right to Have A Dark Souls Wiki and a Chat. Nor is this a government-mandated programme paid for by your taxes. It exists through the effort of myself and the moderators, who put in time (and in my case also money) so you all can have a place to find information and discuss the game. It would not be much fun for anyone if the chat were deluged by spam. It would not be a welcoming community for all Dark Souls fans if we allowed profanity, bullying, or obscene material. I would also add that the American concept of Freedom of Speech refers to the government not being able to suppress political dissent. You would have to have a very distorted view to think that demanding to post a sexist joke on a game wiki was any form of astute politcal commentary. So, posters' privileges here are granted on mutual consensus of what is acceptable on the understanding you are on a private site. Hence the very simple rules below.

But perhaps it can be summed up simply this way: this wiki and chat exist through the effort of others and is made available to you on condition you don't act like an inconsiderate brat. If that really is too much to ask, go elsewhere.

I must also add my sincere thanks to the fans who abide by chat rules and have contributed to the wiki, who by far outnumber the fools.

  1. No flaming, no cursing (at least not too much), no insulting
  2. No stupid names like MrBigCock.
  3. No pornography, no links to pornography, obsence or nude images including hentai and cartoons/animations. This applies to profile images as well.
  4. No console wars.
  5. Be friendly, be helpful, Be gentle .
  6. Dont spam either text or links or anything, this includes links to other chatrooms.
  7. NO BACKGROUNDS. Images to the side are ok, all other background colors are prohibited. No obnoxious or illegible colors or fonts, no giant emoticons or gifs. *And if you see Manatubear has a background, it's because he is a moderator and attempting to get attention to his enforcing
  8. No discussion, or promotion of glitches, hacks, save edits. This chat is to ensure the integrity of the game remains.
  9. Last but not least: always listen to moderators! When a moderator tells you to stop doing something in the chat, or to do something such as change your username color, this is them utilizing their discretion to apply the rules and as such their say becomes the rules. Arguing with the moderators will be counter productive and get you nowhere. If you encounter a situation where you feel that a moderator has abused his/her power, you can contact FexDS*, EmergenceDS* or Castielle101* please provide screenshots or chatlogs if possible and always contact the moderators yourself, second party requests will not be accepted.
- Impersonating a mod will lead to a ban.

  • If you feel either of those two people have wronged you, they own the chat so you are SOL.

Example of what not to do:

Mod: Stop spamming, drop the caps.
Mod Derp has been banned
Derpette: OMG how could you ban Derp! He's the love of my life, now I can't live without him! I hate you!
Derpette: Mods suck!
Mod: Derpette has been banned
... ad infinitum.

Regarding our Moderating Bot

Problems in Elder Scrolls Online Wiki? Let us know, thanks! - Castielle101, FexDS, Emergence & Mod team

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    • Anonymous

      Hello. I left the game for 36 lvl very dissatisfied with it, and I will leave negative reviews everywhere. The reason for this is that I often get dropped from a party in a dungeon when auto-collecting a party. I stood on auto-selection, in the dungeons that I have open and have already gone several times, but today too often I stayed in the city, and the party goes to the dungeon without me, and moreover, I also have a 15-minute penalty. This is terrible for a game that claims to be of good quality. Now I will play only singles from the Betsezda company and only free ones, because the company does not know how to make online games.

      • Anonymous

        I'm on ps4 looking for a werewolf bite. My ps4 username is FadedxEchos please message me if you're willing to bite me. I am willing to pay some gold if necessary. Thank you in advance.

        • Anonymous

          Hi guys, new to game here. If I want to start the game as warden I should buy 1500 crown expansion on steam store right? How to get the class unlocked?

          • Anonymous

            hi guys, I want to know, if anyone can provide that info - does sorc - overload heavy attacks prock ( knightslayer ) set ?

            • Anonymous

              Quick question, how do you get out of cold harbour, to enter the undercroft, without lock picks? Did not pack any with us before we entered and now can't get out. Any help would be appreciated

              • Anonymous

                I fired the auriel's bow at the sun while in whiterun and hit a quest character he's glitched to constantly open a conversation with me so I can no longer move more than one or two steps before he opens a conversation again. How do I restart my game without losing all my items and skills. PS this is also on Xbox one

                • Minor Update needed on Refers to Grand Soul Gems. The only leveled soul gems left in the game are stuffed away in player's banks/inventory. :-)

                  • Anonymous

                    Im on Xbox One, Skyrim Special Edition. I have 2 glowing green orbs that float just under my eyes about 2 inches below my eyes on my face. Can someone help my vanquish this enemy?

                    • Anonymous

                      Things ive tried: Repairing Client Making Client Admin Making ESO Admin Checked software updates (GPU + Windows) >----- Rebooting PC + Reparing Client -----< Only thing that seems to work, and only for 9-12hrs before i have to repeat it to consistantly play for more than 30min-1hr Currently Reinstalling the Game So the issue is, unless i do the above, i am unable to play for more than 1hr, averaging anywhere from 30min-1hr, i dont get an error of disconnect which would be due to internet connection, and i dont get an error involving anything going wrong on ESO server side, it more like the game Timing Out rather than dc'ing or crashing, and idk how to fix that with any outside help from ESO Staff, because my ISP checked my connection to their servers while i was online, and until this "Time Out" happened, and they sat there with me for exactly 49min until it happened, they received no indication of packet loss, and no indication that the network was the cause of the disconnect, so im out of things to try, and was wondering if this reinstall doesnt fix it, could i get some help :(. Im also unable to contact ESO Staff because, as you have told me to use the Forums it requires a different account, however when i try to make an account it refuses to let me, doesnt tell me the username taken, doesnt tell me it exists, nothing. Ive tried contacting Staff via tickets in-game, this has failed as well, ive sent them 17 tickets, all of which have not been replied to via email or in-game. so im at a loss without some serious outside help The Client i am using is the Steam Client, not the official Bethesda ESO launcher, and as far as ive read, this issue only exists with those using the Steam Launcher, and the answers that ESO staff give players is a cut&dry copy-paste response, and none of it works, even with linked accounts Steam users are unable to use the Bethesda Launcher given to them via the folder thats within the Steamapp Game Folder because we do not have Bethesda account, and the cherry on top is in order to even use the Bethesda Launcher we need to purchase the entire game+sub+xpac and we still lose everything we worked for because they are considered 2 different accounts, and Bethesda's response to this is " Steam users, we cannot transfer your Elder Scrolls Online data to be usable via our Bethesda launcher", and with my knowledge of accounts and computers, they can they just refuse to, yes there would be steps involved like contacting both Bethesda & Steam staff with account confirmations, but its not impossible, and the Reinstall failed as well. i have 10ombps down and 10mbps up, Running a Ryzen 5 1600, GeForce 1060 6g STRIX, 16g RAM. Maybe someone here can help me because support on my end at least has been useless.

                      • Anonymous

                        I'm making a templar healer, and I already have Earthgore. Should i combine with Olorime's and Healing Mage (Mending)?

                        • Anonymous

                          Newer player looking to join a guild and make some new online friends. Looking for some casual players that enjoy the game just as much as I do. Xbox Player... Gamertag is ncrozzi

                          • Anonymous

                            I'm a newb. I really don't understand rotations. I have leveled up CP50 and still dont get it. Can someone suggest a build and rotation for an Argonian Nightblade Vampire that fights with a sword and shield? Any help would be greatly appreciated

                            • Anonymous

                              can somebody tell me what the hell is the Registrar's legwrap???? and the gardening gloves??? its the same set but i cant find it anywere on internet why??

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