Undaunted Pledges are repeatable Group Dungeon quests in The Elder Scrolls Online. They are unlocked at level 45, and accessible through the Undaunted Enclave at the player's Alliance Capital. These special assignments allow the player to continue the quests from the regular dungeons, expanding and bringing them to an ultimate conclusion. You must first take the quest: Taking the Undaunted Pledge


Pledge Information

Pledges have undergone some major changes with the release of the One Tamriel update. In the past, there were 2 Daily quests: a Normal and a Veteran, and players were rewarded Bronze, Silver or Gold Keys for their participation. Now there are 3 Daily quests, and these can be run at any difficulty. Running them on Normal rewards 1 Pledge Key. Running them on Veteran rewards 1 Pledge Key and 1 Monster Mask of that Dungeon. Running them on Veteran *hard mode* rewards 2 Pledge Keys along with the Monster Mask of the Dungeon. This means players can potentially acquire 6 Keys a day, if they run each Pledge on Veteran and get the Challenge.

 *Veteran hard mode: right before the boss fight, there is usually a scroll on the ground (Scroll of Glorious Battle).... activating it will increase the difficulty.  These hard mode bosses also reward a collectible Undaunted bust of that boss for furnishing your home.

There are now 3 NPCs that give these quests instead of 2. They will give players a quest from the following pools and players can use their Pledge Keys to open one of 3 chests, granting a shoulder piece (as well as other loot) from that pool.


 As of Scalebreaker DLC in August 14th 2019, the NPCs below have a "store" for players to purchase sets from.

ESO Scalebreaker Update 23 Pledge Keys 640x423With the Scalebreaker Update, Undaunted Keys will now be located in the currency tab and no longer take up valuable inventory space. You can also now spend your keys directly via a store with the three pledge masters (Urgarlag Chief-bane, Glirion the Redbeard, Maj al-Ragath) in a number of ways which are as follows:

  • The mystery coffers now sold by each respective pledge master function similarly to the previous chest interactions. These provide a guaranteed monster set shoulder piece from among the dungeons associated with the pledges that NPC offers, along with a chance at a number of other rewards, for a single key.

  • The pledge masters also sell more specialized coffers at a cost of five keys each, and these will provide you with a guaranteed monster set shoulder piece from only two potential sources, allowing you to spend more keys to narrow the potential reward pool.

  • The monthly monster shoulder style pages will be available directly from the merchant for 50 keys each, in addition to continuing to be a rare drop from the mystery coffers, at the same rates as previously seen with the Undaunted chests. Note that you’ll need to log in with each character for their pre-existing keys to be converted into this new account-wide currency.


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    • Anonymous

      Im confused about the vet pledges. so if i do the pledge on normal then ill get a single key. then on vet i also just get a single key? or is the monster helm in addition to the one that already drops from doing the dungeon? the wording makes it seem like the pledge awards a monster helm, just making sure it means that its the one you already get regardless of pledge

      • Anonymous

        2 important details that are missing from this article. (1:) Not all hard modes are activated via reading the scrolls. Some require a special condition instead. eg... Darkshade Caverns 2 requires you to defeat the final boss without deactivating the poison. And (2:) There's a 4th undaunted quest-giving NPC named Bolgrul. His quests involve public delves. They are much easier/quicker, can be done solo, and rewards you with ornate apparel/weapons and various low-value loot. He doesn't give away any keys, but he can help grind out your Undaunted skill tree faster

        • Anonymous

          Are the Mercenary motifs still being dropped from the undaunted chests? I used at least 10 keys and only got shoulders and Sould gems.

          • Anonymous

            I am really new at this game and so do I get the quests out of the land that my character is from she's a Wood Elf dragonknight altmer Dominion or can I start at another area or doesn't it matter and what are pledges.. what does that mean and I'm seeing NPCs what does that mean and for the undaunted portion of these events is it just that I only have to complete dungeons to be able to get keys and chests how do I get a key to open a chest and how do I get the tickets to get the feather and what do I have to do in order to possibly obtain the island as one of the exceptional drops during the undaunted event

            • Anonymous

              This is great now I don’t keep looking for the shoulder in the wrong chest I got velidreth first try in divines cp160

              • Anonymous

                I took the level 45 undaunted pledge. Maj told me to do the Wayrest sewers. so I went there and got my ass handed to me very quickly. Am I supposed to be doing this solo or in group mode?

                • Anonymous

                  I got all sets ( this good ones ) than for me GAME IS OVER ??? because in ESO there is no end game content and i hate PvP ( besides its so laggy !!!!! ) ofc there are trials but i dont know who do this - this looks stupid, wave after wave of npc s without content

                  • Anonymous

                    Keep your keys until veteran level!
                    Items scale per level, so there is no point in getting any valuable item pre veteran level

                    • Anonymous

                      Should you save your keys until you reach a veteran level before opening your first chest or should you open the chest at level 45?

                      • Anonymous

                        Just for clarification, when you use a key does it drop the shoulder that would be found in the dungeon that was just completed? Or does it drop any shoulder from the pool that is available from that chest?

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