Spindleclutch I is a 4-man dungeon in Elder Scrolls Online. It is located in the northeastern part of Glenumbra. Players can use the Group & Activity Finder tool to easily find groups to tackle this dungeon with.

Walkthrough & Strategies

Normal Spindleclutch I can be a moderately difficult experience for players not used to Elder Scrolls Online dungeons. This is especially true for tanks, who may be coming from other games where the expectation is of total control over all mobs. Be patient and work with your group to prioritize targets for both the tank(s) and the dps.


Boss Mechanics:

  • Summons spider minions throughout the fight
  • Will devour dead spider minions to regain health


  • General
    • Stack up around the boss to maximize area healing & damage output when dealing with adds.
  •  Tank
    • Focus on boss. Only tank adds when healer is in danger.
    • Bash the boss to interrupt the self-heal from devouring minion corpses.
  • DPS
    • Burn down the boss.
  • Healer
    • Run to the tank if adds are becoming a problem for you.

The Swarm Mother

Boss Mechanics:

  • Spawns adds throughout the fight
  • Powerful melee heavy attack
  • Leaps at a random member of the group


  • General
    • Stack around the boss to maximize area healing & damage output.
      • This also minimizes time lost when the boss leaps to a random target.
  •  Tank
    • Focus on keeping the boss occupied. Only tank adds if healer is in danger or you have extra resources.
    • Boss will randomly charge group members, regardless of an active taunt.
    • Block boss's heavy attack. (high damage and a knock-back)
  • DPS
    • Focus on the adds whenever they are spawned to reduce stress on the healer.
  • Healer
    • Tank's health can spike if a heavy attack is not blocked
    • Random members of group will be charged for heavy physical damage

Trash Mobs

  • At this point the trash mobs change from groups of spiders to groups of fighter's guild members. You will fight Evokers (caster DPS), Infantry (melee DPS/tanks), and Corrupted Healers (healers). These pulls can be difficult due to their size, so an effective strategy is necessary to get through with as few deaths as possible.
  • Strategy A: Ideally, your group should focus DPS in the order of Healers -> Caster DPS -> Melee. The tank should pick up the melee mobs and bash the caster DPS as much as possible. This can be very resource intensive and may be too much incoming damage or complexity for under-geared or newer tanks/healers.
  • Strategy B: If the stress of strategy A is too much for your tank or healer and is causing wipes, you can also follow the DPS order of Caster DPS -> Healers -> Melee. In this way, your DPS burn the most threatening mobs first, reducing stress on the tank. Tanks should only focus on the melee mobs, keeping them away from the group.


Cerise the Widow-Maker

Boss Mechanics:

  • Pulls with a group of Fight's Guild trash mobs
  • Self buffs to increase damage output
  • Can immobilize players
  • Heavy attack


  • Tank
    • Focus attention on the boss and follow the same strategy as the trash mob pulls.
  • DPS
    • Focus on the trash mobs using the same burn order that you have been using through previous trash mob pulls (either Healer -> Caster DPS -> Melee or Caster DPS -> Healer -> Melee). Finish with Cerise herself.
  • Healer
    • Expect heavy damage on the tank due to Cerise's powerful attacks and other mobs.

Big Rabbu

Boss Mechanics:

  • Pulls with a group of Fight's Guild trash mobs
  • Can pull players to him (instant)
  • Directional charge (his path will be shown in red)


  • Tank
    • Tank Rabbu and any other mobs according to the strategy you used for Cerise and other trash mob pulls.
    • Block Rabbu's charge attack if possible, which will stop it from hitting anyone else.
  • DPS
    • Focus on the mobs using the same strategy as Cerise and other trash mob pulls. (Either Healer -> Caster DPS -> Melee or Caster DPS -> Healer -> Melee)
  • Healer
    • Similar to Cerise, expect the tank to take heavy damage.
    • Anyone who gets in the way of Rabbu's charge will need significant healing.

The Whisperer

On Veteran difficulty, this boss has an optional hard/Undaunted mode that may be activated by reading from a scroll nearby.  Activating the scroll will increase the boss' health and damage output. Successfully defeating the boss on this hardmode will reward the party with 2 Undaunted Keys if they have the appropriate daily pledge quest.

Boss Mechanics:

  • Boss is activated after the last trash mob is killed in her chamber - you will not have any downtime.
  • Randomly incapacitates a group member with madness and dealing damage. (Spectral spiderlings will be seen descending from the ceiling after this is cast)  On Veteran hardmode, this attack is lethal and cannot be blocked, it must be dodged.
  • Random fires a poison projectile at a group member. On Veteran hardmode, this attack is lethal and cannot be blocked, it must be dodged.
  • Randomly knock back players in melee range
  • Pulls all players to her with webs, then begins casting a powerful AoE attack. (Red circle will grow outward from the whiperer, indicating the damage area.) There is enough time after the pull to simply walk out of range, but dodge rolling may be necessary if you are slow to react.


This fight is all about avoiding and healing through damage.

  • General
    • Avoid the AoE attack after she pulls everyone in.
    • If you aren't tanking and she turns to face you, you should immediately dodge roll, as she is going to fire one of her two potentially lethal (if in Veteran hardmode) attacks at you.
  •  Tank
    • Keep aggro on you.
    • Resurrect fallen party members when possible, as everyone else may be interrupted doing so by her lethal attacks.
  • DPS
    • Avoid the two lethal attacks if they are aimed at you.
  • Healer
    • Expect moderate to high damage on the tank.
    • On Veteran hardmode, party damage dealers will require almost no healing; they will either be full health or dead if they fail to dodge the lethal attacks.
    • On Normal mode, the attacks on the party can be survived and may require healing.

Spindleclutch Information

  • Location: Glenumbra
  • Suggested Level: 
  • Final Boss: The Whisperer
  • Achievements: 


  • Spindleclutch I Vanquisher
  • Spindleclutch I Conqueror
  • Quiet at Last
  • Veteran Corrupted Slayer
  • Veteran Spider Slayer
  • Spindleclutch I Survivor
  • Spindleclutch I Assassin


Spindleclutch Map




Set Drop

NPCs in the area

  • ??

Notable Items

  • ??


  • ??


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