Elden Hollow is a 4-man dungeon in Elder Scrolls Online. It is located in Grahtwood, and is accessed through a ruined entrance slightly West of Elden Root. Players can use the Group & Activity Finder tool to easily find groups to tackle this dungeon with.

Veteran Walkthrough & Strategies

Akash gra-Mal

  • This fight is an interesting and fun one, even though it doesn’t hit that hard it is perfect for to teach dps aoe awareness. Overall the boss can be an easy burn with almost any group composition. The boss uses three abilities, the first acting like a reverse uppercut, instead of knocking the player backwards the player will be knocked to the group for a lot of damage unless it is blocked. The second ability the boss uses is an aoe overhand swing. The boss will follow the player it is aggro’d too, however if it is the tank, the attack can be easily mitigated. Note: This ability can help teach new dps’s awareness. Finally, the boss will cast a forward conal aoe attack that will damage and knockback anyone in front of them unless the ability is blocked.. This only does a quarter damage to dps so the ability isn’t much to worry about. Note: Again the forward conal aoe can help teach new dps’s awareness and it is suggests to fight the boss from the back instead of all around. The abilities have a loose pattern it follows and that helps determine what ability will be used next. conal -> overhead swing -> knockdown -> conal -> knockdown -> overhead swing


  • Chokethorn can actually be a difficult boss especially if your dps’s don’t pay attention or your group has a low burn power (low dps). This boss as three abilities of note. First, like stranglers this boss will pull a player to it dealing minimal damage but is a pain and will interrupt rotation since there is a slight delay before you completely get pulled in. Next, Chokethorn will summon healing strangers that have low heath that start to heal the boss, it is minimal healing to the boss, however it does stack up. I’d suggest groups with low dps to have one dps work on the boss and the other dps kill the healing strangers because then the boss will heal faster than you can burn. Finally the boss has a large aoe attack that expands from Chokethorn. This ability will do about 90% of your health even through block and if it is aggro’d on you, will definitely kill you. This is a player awareness test because this is a large damage aoe and can wipe the group so if you want to train players on not to stand in “red stuff” this is an amazing boss.

Nenesh gro-Mal

  • This boss is located patrolling in between one group of mobs. Before starting to burn the boss down you’ll need to kill all the adds because they’ll become a nuisance, furthermore let the tank taunt the boss so it isn’t running loose and attacking your healers/dps’s. Ability-wise, this boss definitely seems like the lightning brother to Akash gro-Mal. His abilities are composed of a sorcerer’s lightning form which deals barely any damage at all, a two-handed uppercut ability which deals decent damage unless it is blocked then it is almost completely useless and finally a mage fury like ability that the boss will cast down on himself, however unluckily for the boss this ability can be interrupted. Overall this boss has to be the easiest in the dungeon and a group should have no problems managing him and the adds.


  • The boss was easily burnable after the Alit add was killed and most of the times the boss won’t even be able to hit you besides it’s single target bite. However for the sake of knowledge the boss has two abilities of any note. First the boss will jump up and smack down whoever it is aggro’d on, however once it jumps you can strafe to the side and completely dodge the attack. Then the final attack is a conal aoe and the boss will have a sucking animation then a chomp animation. Just like the first ability step to the side and completely avoid any damage at all.

Canonreeve Oraneth

  • This boss has to be the best fight of the entire dungeon due to having a large set of good abilities and not too hard of a fight, however she can still wipe a group if they mess up. Her first ability is works similarly to lightning form except Canonreeve Oraneth will spawn a frost circle at her feet instead of turning fully to lightning, thus same effect, different visuals. Next Oraneth will pull back her hand and will throw a ball of poison at whoever she is targeting. It deals decent damage if the player isn’t being healed and since it is a ranged ability the player can roll dodge away from it. Generally after the boss uses both of these abilities she will cast a stun aoe at the players feet which will pull the player down, it can be dodged out of or the player will need to break cc. After a few seconds this aoe will spawn four Darkfern Skeletons that the group will need to aoe burn down. Finally the boss has an ability much like Chokethorn which will be casted an aoe that grows out from her feet. This ability will one shot players if they aren’t blocking or roll dodging out of. If this ability kills more than two people then she can definitely wipe the group. However, overall the fight isn’t the tough ESO has to throw at you but it makes for some good player awareness training.


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