Banished Cells is a 4-man dungeon in Elder Scrolls Online. It is located at the northern tip of Auridon. The suggested level for this dungeon is 12. There are 4 mini bosses and 1 boss located inside, all of which can drop loot. The loot in this dungeon scales to your level. There is also one quest, Banishing the Banished, which grants you some loot and a skill point for completing (until recently this quest was bugged and could not be completed, it may still be bugging sometimes. Players have been making sure all in their party abandon this quest and re-pick it anew when entering the dungeon, and it seems to be working). You will receive 1 Skill Point for completing the quest here and 1 Skill Point for completing the Veteran quest. Players can use the Group & Activity Finder tool to easily find groups to tackle this dungeon with.

Veteran Banished Cells II Walkthrough

Maw of the Infernal

Boss Abilities

  • Fire pool – Places a pool of fire at his target's feet, which deals minor damage and debuffs resistances.
  • Fire breath – Targets a random player with a conal fire breath attack.  Best to dodge out of the way.


  • This boss is essentially a tank check, and there are two strategies for handling the boss on veteran.  If the tank has enough self-support with shields and self-healing, and the healer can provide stacked heals, then simply taunt the boss and hold him in the middle of the platform.  The tank should maintain taunt and keep the boss turned away from the rest of the party, and let the fire pools stack in one spot.
    DPS and the healer can simply remain grouped loosely behind the boss, but be prepared to dodge the occasional fire breath cone.
  • The alternative approach is for the tank to taunt the boss and begin trailing him around the outskirts of the area.  Do not run, as that will spread the fire pools out over a larger area.  Watch out for rubble obstacles, and just slowly walk the boss around.  In this approach, ranged DPS and the healer should remain in the middle area, while any melee DPS can trail the side of the boss, keeping pace and avoid the fire pools.

Keeper Imiril

Boss Abilities

  • Draining orbs – The two braziers at the back of the room will spawn blue floating orbs with damage-over-time effects underneath.  The orbs will relocate throughout the fight.
  • Flee and add waves – The boss will run into an orb and disappear.  She will be replaced with a pile of adds, a different type each time she disappears, starting with banekin, then winged matriarchs, and finally clannfear.


  • Everyone should avoid the draining orbs as best as possible.  If a player has to cross an orb, it is best to roll-dodge through it.  The tank should try to taunt to the boss and walk her away from the largest pile of orbs for the best area of attack.
  • The banekin and clannfear adds can be rooted as they come out of the orb.  The tank should be prepared to do this within a second of the boss fleeing, and be prepared to pull or chase clannfear and matriarchs as they target ranged allies.  The boss will return on a timer, so DPS players should be prepared to go all out and dump ultimate on the adds, especially the clannfear, so that there are no more adds when the boss returns.
    When the boss does return, she will telegraph with a large red circle and a spinning blade attack.  Everyone should be prepared to evacuate the area, but be careful not to run into a draining orb.  The tank can mitigate the attack with a self-shield and block.  More draining orbs will also be spawned when the boss returns.

Sister Vera and Sister Sihna

Boss Abilities

  • Harvester attacks – Both Sisters demonstrate the usual harvester attacks, notably an interruptible channeled cast that should be bashed or at least absorbed by the tank.
  • Self shield – A golden shield will form around the midsection of one Sister at a time.  Players should attack the Sister without the shield as it cannot be broken, and only goes away on a timer.  The shield will swap Sisters after 20 seconds or so, and players should move attacks to the other.


  • There are two basic approaches to this fight.  The standard approach is for the tank to range taunt the Sister with the shield, and slash taunt the other Sister.  Meanwhile, the DPS players should follow the tank and attack the Sister without the shield.  It's important to reserve ultimate until the shield swaps harvesters, so that ultimate is not wasted just before the shield is applied.
  • A second approach is for the tank to range taunt both Sisters, then jog to the back corner of the area.  This will force the further Sister to approach the tank for line of sight, and typically results in both harvesters being located close together.  At this point, DPS can lay down AoE attacks and ultimates with little regard to the shield.
  • In either approach, the tank should maintain taunt on both harvesters and keep them facing away from the rest of the group.  It is not terribly deadly to ignore the channeled attack, but it can relieve the healer's work to interrupt if stamina allows.  If the group is following the second approach, it's also important to avoid bashing the harvesters back apart.

High Kinlord Rilis

Boss Abilities

  • Curse bubble – The boss will choose a player at random and encapsulate them in a bubble, tinted either blue or red.  The player will be disabled and rise up to the ceiling before the bubble pops and the player falls to the ground with a corresponding blue or red curse applied.  This curse slows movement and debuffs the player's attacks.
  • Healing orbs ("feasts") – Two orbs will periodically spawn from Rilis' original starting altar. They float towards him and heal him when they reach him, so one or both DPS players should destroy the orbs before then.
  • Daedroth adds – Along with the feast orbs, the boss will summon a Daedroth add.  The daedroth should become DPS priority after the feast orbs are eliminated, as they have a conal fire breath attack and a stomp that generates three ground-based fireballs that can knock players down.
  • Ghost fire – Rilis will summon pools of blue ghost fire where players are standing. This is a highly damaging ground AoE and all group members should evacuate the circles as soon as possible.
  • Teleport – The boss will occasionally teleport a third of the way across the arena.  He will follow-up the teleport with a summon of the feasts and the daedroth add.
  • Heavy blow – Following the ghost fire attack, Rilis will heavy attack his target (hopefully the tank). This attack is preceded with the yellow sparkle indicator, and the player must block this or suffer knockback and heavy damage.


  • Deal with the effects of the curse bubble by using Purify, Purge, or running to the cleaning rune that matches the color of the curse.  The red rune is at the bottom of the stairs near the entrance to the arena, and the blue rune is on the opposite side of the arena.
  • Eliminate the feast healing orbs before they reach the boss, then focus on the Daedroth.
  • The tank can range taunt the Daedroth add and keep it close to Rilis so DPS can eliminate it with AoE instead of wasting targeted attacks.
  • Drop ultimates on Rilis just after he teleports.

Strategy - Hard Mode

The Veteran Hard Mode version of this dungeon is achieved by defeating Rilis while 3 Daedroth are still alive.

  • Follow the strategy above until the boss is around 20% health.  At this point, apply minimal DPS while waiting for three Daedroth adds.  The tank should maintain ranged taunt on the boss, but primarily the tank should be self-shielding and -healing while keeping the three Daedroth apart from the rest of the group (ideally right where they spawn, at the altar).  Meanwhile, DPS should be ready to drop ultimates and AoE on the boss as soon as the third Daedroth is spawned.


  • ??


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