Spindleclutch is a 4-person dungeon in Elder Scrolls Online. It is located in the northeastern part of Glenumbra. This beginner dungeon for the Daggerfall Covenant players is a quick cave infested with spiders. Players can use the Group & Activity Finder tool to easily find groups to tackle this dungeon with.

Normal Walkthrough & Strategies

Normal Spindleclutch can be a moderately difficult experience for players not used to Elder Scrolls Online dungeons. This is especially true for tanks, who may be coming from other games where the expectation is of total control over all mobs. Be patient and work with your group to prioritize targets for both the tank(s) and the dps.


Boss Mechanics:

  • Summons spider minions throughout the fight
  • Will devour dead spider minions to regain health


  • Tank
    • Focus on boss. Only tank adds when healer is in danger
  • DPS
    • Burn down the boss. Ignore adds as much as possible to avoid allowing the boss to devour dead minions and self-heal.
  • Healer
    • Run to the tank if adds are becoming a problem for you.

The Swarm Mother

Boss Mechanics:

  • Spawns adds throughout the fight
  • Powerful melee heavy attack
  • Charges at a random member of the group


  • Tank
    • Focus on keeping the boss occupied. Only tank adds if healer is in danger or you have extra resources.
    • Boss will randomly charge group members, regardless of an active taunt
    • Block boss's heavy attack (high damage and a knock-back)
  • DPS
    • Focus on the adds whenever they are spawned to reduce stress on the healer. Collapsing onto the tank and using AoE is an effective way to handle these adds.
  • Healer
    • Tank's health can spike if a heavy attack is not blocked
    • Random members of group will be charged for heavy physical damage

Trash Mobs
At this point the trash mobs change from groups of spiders to groups of fighter's guild members. You will fight Evokers (caster DPS), Infantry (melee DPS/tanks), and Corrupted Healers (healers). These pulls can be difficult due to their size, so an effective strategy is necessary to get through with as few deaths as possible.

Strategy A: Ideally, your group should focus DPS in the order of Healers -> Caster DPS -> Melee. The tank should pick up the melee mobs and bash the caster DPS as much as possible. This can be very resource intensive and may be too much incoming damage or complexity for under-geared or newer tanks/healers.

Strategy B: If the stress of strategy A is too much for your tank or healer and is causing wipes, you can also follow the DPS order of Caster DPS -> Healers -> Melee. In this way, your DPS burn the most threatening mobs first, reducing stress on the tank. Tanks should only focus on the melee mobs, keeping them away from the group.

Cerise the Widow-Maker

Boss Mechanics:

  • Pulls with a group of Fight's Guild trash mobs
  • Self buffs to increase damage output
  • Can immobilize players
  • Heavy attack


  • Tank
    • Focus attention on the boss and follow the same strategy as the trash mob pulls.
  • DPS
    • Focus on the trash mobs using the same burn order that you have been using through previous trash mob pulls (either Healer -> Caster DPS -> Melee or Caster DPS -> Healer -> Melee). Finish with Cerise herself.
  • Healer
    • Expect heavy damage on the tank due to Cerise's powerful attacks and other mobs.


Big Rabbu

Boss Mechanics:

  • Pulls with a group of Fight's Guild trash mobs
  • Can pull players to him (instant)
  • Directional charge (his path will be shown in red)


  • Tank
    • Tank Rabbu and any other mobs according to the strategy you used for Cerise and other trash mob pulls.
    • Get out of the way of his charge attack (which will be highlighted on the ground in red)
  • DPS
    • Focus on the mobs using the same strategy as Cerise and other trash mob pulls. (Either Healer -> Caster DPS -> Melee or Caster DPS -> Healer -> Melee)
  • Healer
    • Similar to Cerise, expect the tank to take heavy damage.
    • Anyone who gets in the way of Rabbu's charge will need significant healing


The Whisperer

Boss Mechanics:

  • Boss is activated after the last trash mob is killed in her chamber - you will not have any downtime.
  • Randomly incapacitates a group member with madness and dealing damage. (Spectral spiderlings will be seen descending from the ceiling after this is cast)
  • Randomly knock back players in melee range
  • Pulls all players to her with webs, then begins casting a powerful AoE attack. (Red circle will grow outward from the whiperer, indicating the damage area.) This can 1 shot players with low health - dodge roll out.

Strategy: This fight is all about avoiding and healing through damage.

  • Tank
    • Keep aggro on you and dodge roll out of her AoE attack.
  • DPS
    • Dodge-roll out of the AoE attacks
  • Healer
    • Watch for targets of Madness and melee knock-backs, which will require quick healing
    • Be prepared to heal allies who do not get out of the AoE attack in time.

Veteran Walkthrough & Strategies

Veteran Spindleclutch is quite possibly one of the easier VR5 Veteran dungeons and is rather vampire/wereworf friendly. However if you are a VR1 player, be warned that you may not survive all the veteran bosses due to lack of DPS/heals. Fortunately for you though, if you find yourself low on DPS, you can skip the second boss ( Blood Spawn).

Mad Mortine

Boss Mechanics:

  • 7 Blood Fiend ads. (each with health of 6,621)
  • Heavy attacks such as charging and landing on the Tank from the air.

Strategy: Deal with the ads first, calling the targets so your group can focus fire. Use AOE or AOE crowd control abilities to rid your group of the Blood Fiends first. Tanks ought to be wary of the Charge and Jumping attacks from the boss and block those. Tanks should also taunt the boss and any ads that may harass your other group members. Following the above would make this boss a walk in the park!

Blood Spawn

Boss Mechanics:

  • High DPS however can be skipped by running across the right side of the room or simply dashing for the next room. Blood Spawn will deaggro once you're out of the room.
  • Ground Pound AOE that affects only the middle part of the room in 3 ticks. This can deal damage of up to 1500 or more ! You can predict the attack when Blood Spawn runs back to the middle of the room, if he is dispositioned, and stops attacking for a few seconds.
  • Rockslide that take part around the outer edges of the room, making it a dangerous place to be. Being hit by the falling rocks will kill you instantly. The outer edge will become smaller and smaller as the fight progresses.
  • Enrage that takes place at the 2 minutes mark into the fight. Blood Spawn essentially spams the Ground Pound AOE for the duration of the enrage, dealing almost unhealable amount of damages. NOTE: It will be very difficult to defeat Blood Spawn if his health is not <10% when he starts to enrage.

Strategy: The key to defeating Blood Spawn is speed and proper coordination.

  • As for the Tank, this is a standard "tank and spank" fight. Taunt the boss often but additionally beware of the heavily damaging charges that can cause knockbacks if not blocked.
  • For the Healers, this fight is about predicting the Ground Pound AOE and dropping healing circles ahead of time to lessen the damage caused by the traumatasing AOE.
  • Avoid the outer edge at all costs. The rockslides after each Ground Pound AOE will be fatal and could cost you the fight.
  • Try to reduce Blood Spawn's health around or below 10% ideally before the 2 minute mark.


Praxin Douare

Boss Mechanics:

  • Waves of ads that make the boss immune for the duration of the wave. A total of 4 waves which each wave becoming progressively harder.

Wave 1: Around 15 spider Swarms having
Wave 2: 6 Spider Swarms and 1 Swarm Mother Nightmare with
Wave 3: 2 Groups of Humanoids with Healer for each group.
Wave 4: Total of 3 ads - Whisperer Nightmare in the middle with a Healer and Evoker on either side. Dealing with this last wave and the boss at the same time can be quite difficult.

  • Frontal attack that takes form of 3 slow moving beams.

  • Circle on a random group member that kills that member instantly if he crosses that circle. The circle will also instantly kill any other group members that come into the circle.

  • Magicka / Stamina Drain that makes using abilities even more difficult.

Strategy: Attack the 4 waves of ads before attempting to take down the boss.

  • The first 2 waves will be easy to handle but the 3rd wave requires you to use AOE and crowd control tactics. The 4th wave requires the Tank to deal with the main spider while the DPS fight the other 2 ads and interrupt their heals.

  • The Boss frontal beams are rather slow and should be easily avoided. Tank should face the boss away from the group.

  • If you get the circle, do not go outside of it or you will die instantly. Other group members should stay away from the circle or they too can die instantly if it touches them.

  • Bring potions to recover against the magicka/stamina drains.


Flesh Atronach Trio

Boss Mechanics:

  • No special attacks

  • Charge up attacks that can hurt if not blocked

  • 10-30% heal for the remaining boss when one dies

Strategy: Tanks should block the charge up attacks. Everyone should focus on one at a time for the quickest takedown.

Urvan Veleth

Boss Mechanics:

  • 2 Boneman Archers and 2 Boneman Warrior ads.

  • The ads all have AOE attacks that need to be interrupted

  • Boss Temporarily turns into a red circle which follows the Tank around until he appears again.

Strategy: The tank should kite the boss when he becomes a red circle to minimize damage.

Vorenor Winterbourne

Boss Mechanics:

  • Red Circle that ticks hard and should be avoided immediately.

  • An Unavoidable attack on each group member that does about 1,000 HP damage but could occasionally crit, leading to instant death. You can block this.

  • Siphoning one of the NPCs on the cross to regen his health. That NPC needs to be killed (unless you are aiming for Undaunted Achievement.) NOTE: If you don't kill that NPC, the next siphon would have Vorenor Winterbourne siphoning from 2 NPCs at the same time, followed by 3 afterwards and so on.

    The challenge for Gold Key is to not kill any of the innocents crucified and dps through the heals.



  • ??

Spindleclutch Information



Spindleclutch Map




Set Drop

NPCs in the area

Cerise the Widow-Maker

Guardian Sud-Hareem

Praxin Douare

Notable Items

The Whisperer's Song, Verse 1

The Whisperer's Song, Verse 2

The Whisperer's Song, Verse 3

Where Magical Paths Meet (Lorebook – "Dungeon Lore")





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