City of Ash is another 4-man dungeon in Elder Scrolls Online.It is found in Greenshade. The suggested level for this dungeon is between 28-31. There are 3 mini bosses and 3 bosses located inside, all of which can drop loot. The loot in this dungeon scales to your level. The dungeon has 3 quests to offer - Razor's Edge, Return to Ash and City of Ash Pledge - all of which grant you some loot or skill points for completing. Players can use the Group & Activity Finder tool to easily find groups to tackle this dungeon with.

Veteran Walkthrough & Strategies

Veteran City of Ash presents some very challenging but fun boss fights for Veterans. The City of Ash is engulfed in flames (loads of them!) so bringing along some fire resistance jewelry might not be a bad idea.

Xivilai Rukhan

Boss Mechanics: This boss is assisted by two ranged Dremora friends, a Mage and an Archer. The boss typically deals a heavy attack which can be blocked. Upon the death of his companions, the boss will spawn series of Flame Atronachs who typically can be ignored.

Strategy: Deal with the two ranged assistants first as quickly as possible because the Mage and the Archer can randomly teleport in front of or behind you. The tank should keep the boss facing away from the rest of the group, and deal some AOE when possible. The healer should position himself between the tank and DPS to provide constant healing to low healthed allies or employ "healing over time" effects at the earliest instance possible. The DPS should kill the Mage quickly with ultimates and potions and repeat the same for the Archer. Once done, fight the boss from atleast an 8 meter range if possible to avoid the damaging read circles. If the tank loses aggro, block Rukhan's attacks till the tank has the boss aggro'd again.

Urata the Legion

Boss Mechanics: Urata spawns 20 additional mobs which have to be cleared in order to fight him. She constantly spawns red circles on players to penalize those who stay still too long.

Strategy: Attack the ads first and use them to attain ultimates faster. Avoid the red circles and continually attack at the same time. The tank should use taunts from range and stun the ads as much as possible. The healer should have an easier job of just keeping an eye on players getting damaged from the red circles. Use a combination of Combat Pray, Healing Ward and Barriers to delay death and buy time to use Health Springs. You should attack the boss as much as possibe and just avoid the red circles.

Xivilai Boltaic & Xivilai Fulminator

Boss Mechanics: These two bosses are very alike and simple to strike down.
Strategy: Just nuke the two of them and move on.

Horvantud the Fire Maw

Boss Mechanics: This boss will truly challenge your skills. He often spews hot lava that shall vaporize players if not agro'd away from the team. This boss also starts with earthquakes that cause rocks to spring out of the floor, which if not blocked can deal a lot of damage. He also stomps to cause red circles which are best avoided by spreading out.

Strategy: Face the boss away from the group and roll out of the cleave attacks. Stay spread out from each other during the stomping and watch the ground for the red circles. Step out of them but stay near, as you will immediately have to go back to them to protect yourself from the damage. Use ultimates when possible to deal as much damage to ads and the boss.

Ash Titan

Boss Mechanics: This boss is very similar to the Titan in Elden Hollow. The aggro will cause the boss to throw fire circles at your feet. The boss will also occasionally jump to cause waves of fire to push you back. There will also be ads but they deal very little damage.
Strategy: The tank's aggro is very important this round. Taunt the ads but keep the boss agro'd as much as possible. Avoid the big red circles and heal through smaller ones. Always be ready to roll to avoid double red circles spawning at your feet. The healer must keep the tank alive to avoid losing to the boss. Rest of you should just charge in and attack as much as possible while avoiding the waves and big red circles.

Valkyn Skoria

Boss Mechanics:

Recommended Group: 1 tank, 1 healer with some dps, 2 dps. If you want to do the challenge at higher VR levels, you can have 1 tank/healer and 3 DPS and burn through the heals the boss gets.



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      Veteran COA2 is still one of my favorites. It was the first hard vet dungeon I ever completed and it still holds near to me since it was my "first eso big boy" achievement. Now I can run through it nearly blindfolded DPS'n everything down with a PUG group. #returntoash

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