White-Gold Tower is a 4-man dungeon in Elder Scrolls Online. It is located in the Imperial City. Players can use the Group & Activity Finder tool to easily find groups to tackle this dungeon with.

Veteran Walkthrough & Strategies

The Adjudicator

Boss Mechanics:

  • Frontal conal attack
  • Grab attack on the tank
  • Zombie spawns
  • Every so often will send one random person into one of the four locked cages.  This is timed and not based on HP.
  • Towers on the sides will coat the ground in flames


  • General
    • Bringing a charge-type ability if you're capable can allow you to charge out of the cells instead of picking the locks.
    • If you cannot charge out of your cell, you or a party member will have to lockpick the Intermediate difficulty door open.
    • Some kind of self-healing is recommended, as the healer may be across the room dealing with a jail cell.
  •  Tank
    • Keep the boss faced away from the group.  The cone attack can easily kill people trying to lockpick a cell.
  • DPS
    • Don't let the zombies overrun the party.
    • Free the healer if they are jailed.
    • Don't get hit by the boss' frontal cone attack.  If she is charging up and facing you, block.
  • Healer
    • Ground effect heals (such as Healing Springs or Refreshing Shadows) will hit people in cells to help with the fire damage inside them.
    • Regeneration can be a big help to mitigate the fire damage while someone lockpicks if the cell is on fire.

 Players will have to fight the following three bosses at the same time.

Micella Carlinus

Boss Mechanics:

  • Dragonknight skills
  • Standard of Might
  • Extended Chains - target random player
  • Engulfing Flames
  • Caustic Armor

Otho Numida

Boss Mechanics:

  • Caster skills
  • Teleport - target player with the most aggro
  • Standard of Might
  • Heal

Cordius Pontifio

Boss Mechanics:

  • Nightblade skills
  • Standard of Might
  • Ambush - target random player
  • Steel Tornado


  • General
    • Interrupt Otho's healing.
    • Party member who is targeted by Ambush should immediately beware of the followup Steel Tornado and apply either block or roll in counter.
    • Suggested kill order: Otho, Cordius, then Micella.
  • Tank
    • Keep the attention of Cordius and Micella, and keep them separated from Otho to allow the DPS to kill Otho with minimal interruptions.
  • DPS
    • Focus Otho down first, bashing heals as necessary.
    • Having a moderate ranged damage option is recommended, between the banners and personal AoEs on the bosses melee will not always be an option.
  • Healer
    • Warding or emergency healing the Ambush target can save them from being finished by the Steel Tornado that immediately follows.


The Planar Inhibitor

Boss Mechanics:

  • Ignores taunt, and focuses on the last person to use the pinion at the center of the room.
  • Stacking debuff if one player uses the pinion multiple times in a row.
  • Ground eruptions for high damage.
  • Blue flame aura that snares.
  • Portals that spawn enemies will appear, and one player will be selected as the only person able to kill/close the portals.


  • General
    • Alternate the pinion usage between 2 or more party members to avoid the stacking debuff.
    • Run away from the boss when she has the blue fire aura, as it deals heavy damage and snares.
    • The red fire phase does not deal much damage, and you do not need to run away from her in this phase.
    • If the colors on your screen become washed out, you are the person capable of damaging portals and should do so.
    • If the boss is focusing on you and you need to run, lead her around the outside edge of the room.  Try and keep the pinion area clear so it can be used as soon as it's available.
    • Everyone should have a ranged attack for dealing with portals as fast as possible.
  •  Tank
    • Swap to a more damage-oriented setup if possible.
  • DPS
    • Burn any adds that are alive from portals.
    • You can engage the boss in melee during her red phase, but not blue.
  • Healer
    • You can be selected to kill portals, so bring a damaging ability to the fight.


Molag Kena

On Veteran difficulty, this boss has an optional hard/Undaunted mode that may be activated by reading from a scroll nearby. Activating the scroll will increase the boss' health and damage output, and cause the lightning walls to move significantly faster. Successfully defeating the boss on this hardmode will reward the party with 2 Undaunted Keys if they have the appropriate daily pledge quest.

Boss Mechanics:

  • Creates lightning orbs that float around the room, dealing damage and stunning on contact.
  • Summons Storm Atronachs, which choose a random party member and explode on contact with that party member. This attack can instantly kill you.
  • Lightning walls spanning the entire room, that spin.
  • A frontal cone large knockback.  Can be blocked to prevent knockback.
  • The edges of the room are instant death.
  • Becomes invulnerable at 60%/30% health, until 4 adds are killed to remove her shield.
    • Until the adds are dead, Molag Kena will create waves of lightning that deal damage and knock you towards the walls of the room to instantly kill you.
  • At 30% HP, when Molag Kena is vulnerable again, she will summon two Storm Atronachs, and two lightning walls for the remainder of the fight.


  • General
    • Run away from the Storm Atronachs if they are targeting you.  Kill them if they aren't.
    • The lightning walls can be dodged or blocked through them.
    • Stay relatively close to the boss when she is invulnerable, as she will try to knock the party backwards into the lethal walls around the arena.
    • Coordinate a direction of movement with your group for the invulnerability phase. (i.e. clockwise or counter-clockwise)
  • Tank
    • Blocking her frontal cone will prevent the knockback.
    • You can still be targeted by the Storm Atronach, so you may need to kite.
  • DPS
    • Kill any Storm Atronachs that are up, but don't let them touch you if they are locked on to you.
    • Blocking the lightning walls is the cheapest (in terms of Stamina) way to deal with them.
  • Healer
    • The party can easily be split up during this fight, due to all the movement required.  Be prepared to run around and find people to heal them if necessary.

Alternate Strategy:

  • It is possible to largely ignore the lightning walls if the party sticks together.  If the healer keeps persistent ground heals active (e.g. Healing Springs, Prayer) and everyone blocks, the damage from the walls can be healed through, even on hardmode.
  • The major danger with this strategy is the atronach summon, which will require the entire party to momentarily split up to avoid the initial summon damage and figure out who is the Atronach's target.
  • If attempting this strategy, Molag Kena should be tanked relatively close to the edge of the arena, to minimize how often the party will be struck by the lightning walls.



  • ??


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      Missing 2 things about the final boss:
      1) When the Storm Atronoch explodes, it is an instant death.
      2) When the adds channeling lightning die, their explosion is an instant death. This applies to the adds right before the boss fight as well.

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