Fungal Grotto is a 4-person dungeon in Elder Scrolls Online. It is located all the way at the western edge of Stonefalls. Players can use the Group & Activity Finder tool to easily find groups to tackle this dungeon with.

Veteran Walkthrough & Strategies

Veteran Fungal Grotto is a somewhat difficult VR5 Veteran dungeon. The presence of poisonous attacks makes the dungeon harder for werewolves so plan ahead. Ranged DPS would prove more fruitful than Melee due to the excessive amount of AOE attacks employed by the bosses.

Mephala's Fang

Boss Mechanics:

  • 2 healer ads
  • AOE Circles around the tank that poison those who are in it. These do not disappear, even after the boss is dead.
  • Poisonous Spray (Conal AOE)


  • Focus on the 2 ads first.
  • Tanks should try to face Mephala's Fang away from the rest of the group so they can avoid the Poisonous Spray
  • Don't stand in the AOE circles as they can do heavy damage that could potentially kill you.


 Gamyne Bandu

Boss Mechanics:

  • Glow of Hand followed by a beam of light that connects two players who will take high amounts of damage until the beam breaks.
  • Summons Shadow Tormentors that will chain down a random player. Just one of the Tormentor needs to be killed to free the player in time. If unsuccessful, the chained player suffers heavy damage from a spike that runs through the player.
  • Boss replaces himself with 4 Obsidian Aspects occasionally that all need to be killed to make the boss reappear.


  • When the Hand starts to glow, all players except the tank must spread out. After the beam connects, the 2 players must run away from each other until the beam breaks.
  • Once a player is chained, focus all attack on only one Tormentor as this is enough to break the chain and free the player.
  • All 4 Obsidian Aspects need to be killed before the boss reappears. These Aspects can do heavy damage if not blocked. It is best to use AOE and crowd control abilities such as Volcanic Runes to take down these Aspects.


Ciirenas the Shepherd

Boss Mechanics:

  • 3 Spider ads that give the Boss damage reduction as they die


  • Forget the spiders. Taking them down first just makes the Shepherd more difficult to harm and unnecessarily prolongs the fight. The spiders will automatically perish once the boss is down. Focus on the boss.
  • Use Volcanic Runes or other AOE crowd control on the spider ads to keep them from doing you any substantial damage.


Spawn of Mephala

Boss Mechanics:

  • Portal at the back of the room that will teleport the player closest to it into a room filled with spiders that must all be killed for the player to teleport back.
  • Red Circle that expands quickly underneath the Boss and explodes, severely damaging anyone caught inside of it.
  • Light beam circles that deal substantial damage to the player caught in it.


  • To avoid the portal, kite the Boss towards the bridge furthest away from the portal
  • Run away from the boss immediately as soon as she starts to glow as a rapidly expanding Red Circle attack will follow
  • The 2 circles can overlap so avoid being caught in more than one at the same time as it can prove to be fatal.


Reggr Dark-Dawn

Boss Mechanics:

  • Whirling attack in a small circle around him
  • Magicka Drain
  • Heavy attack that does severe damage


  • Attack the Obsidian Warriors on the sides of the room BEFORE you aggro Reggr. Also make sure to DESTROY the Oblivion Husk AFTER you have killed the boss or else you won't be able to activate the next boss.
  • Bring potions to quickly restore drained Magicka.
  • Tank must block the Heavy attack and keep the boss focused towards himself as the Heavy attack will instantly kill any other player if they get hit.


Vila Theran

Boss Mechanics:

  • Teleportation around the room, dropping black holes along the way that expand and do large amounts of damage
  • High DoT attack


  • Stay close to your group to minimise the area of Black Hole AOE drops. Then move away together to the other side until the next teleport and repeat the same.
  • Tanks and DPS should have some ranged options as it is often difficult and risk to get into Melee range with this boss.
  • To avoid the high DoT attack, you should run to the wayshrine that has a large forcefield around it. Inside that forcefield the DoT will stop.You can then exit the wayshrine and continue to fight.


  • ??

Fungal Grotto Information



Fungal Grotto Map

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Set Drop

NPCs in the area

  • Defender Two-Blades
  • Vila Theran

Notable Items

  • ??


  • Goblins
  • Durzogs
  • Dreugh
  • Mudcrabs


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