March of Sacrifices is a 4-player group dungeon located at a Hircine statue southwest of Serpent's Grotto in Greenshade in The Elder Scrolls Online. It is part of the Wolfhunter DLC. It features Normal and Veteran Modes. Players can use the Group & Activity Finder tool to easily find groups to tackle this dungeon with.

As of Update 19 (Eso patch ??), the last boss of the dungeon drops the ?? Style motifs chapters, and all bosses in the dungeon drop the crafting material: ??

March of Sacrifices Veteran Walkthrough & Strategies

 This is a challenging dungeon in Veteran modes. Players should form a well-geared party at the endgame level.

"In March of Sacrifices, you and your team must escape Hircine's Hunting Grounds, a place of perpetual conflict between predator and prey, by participating in his dangerous game. Your target: A powerful Indrik. Your rewards: A boon from the Daedric Prince himself!

However, you are not the only hunters competing to win Hircine's favor, and you'll quickly discover that many have been invited to participate. Be warned: As you stalk and fight your way through this extraordinary Daedric realm, you might find that you yourselves are the ones hunted!"

Suggested group composition for March of Sacrifices

  • 1 Tank
  • 1 Dedicated Healer
  • 2 DPS

Short summary of the dungeon goes here.

You will also encounter challenging enemies:

  1. Aghaedh of the Solstice
  2. Wyress Rangifer, Wyress Strigidae, Wyress Ursus
  3. Bloodscent Archers
  4. Bloodscent Assassins
  5. Bloodscent Guardians
  6. Frost Lurchers
  7. Sea Lurchers
  8. Wispmothers


The Wyrd Sisters

Level: CP 160



There are three sisters here, each has their own aura so keep them apart so they don't get each other's buff. 

Kill order: ??


  • Ursus (Sword and Board Boss): Green aura. Tank can block her heavy attack, which may one-shot any other player through blocks. Will occasionally Charge a player, knocking them back and doing moderate damage to them. Block if seen coming.
  • Rangifer (Healer): Yellow aura. This boss can heal her allies easily.
  • Strigidae (Nightblade Archer): Blue aura, debuffs players with Silence. This boss can snipe a player, including tanks if not blocking. She will occasionally teleport strike a random player, making her aura go in undesirable areas. Stay out of her silence for it blocks all Magicka based abilities, ultimates, and synergies.

Tank: Taunt the Ursus and keep her away from her sisters.

DPS: Focus the Healer and once it's dead, then DPS split between Ursus and Strigidae.

Healer: Stay near the center to heal everyone.


Aghaedh of the Solstice

Level: CP 160



This boss has four mini Spriggans around it, each has different AOE's attached to them. (in different colors: Green, Blue (Slow), Orange and Red (Damage))

Lurchers of the same color will spawn during the fight, when one of the Lurchers dies,  it'll drop a glowing light of their color on the ground that needs to be picked up with the Synergy button.

Each player will need to pick up their own color. When the boss will start channeling ability, players must stand in the circle matching the color they picked up.


  • ??
  • ??
  • ??

Tank: Tank needs to taunt the boss and all Lurchers so that they all can be cleaved down. Do not forget to pick up a synergy when a Lurcher dies.

DPS: Cleave down Lurchers and focus boss. Focus the Lurchers if DPS is on the lower side.

Healer: Get out heals when the group splits to the different AOE's.


Dagrund the Bulky

Level: CP 160



This boss has different elemental attacks like fire, ice, and lightning. Occasionally the boss will raise the sword and channeling AOEs. Fire AoE will spread out from the boss and bounce off of walls; ice will spawn under players and lightning will hit players periodically.

Every minute the boss leaps into the air and channeling 4 elemental attacks on each player. Block or dodge the attack otherwise, you will be killed, especially DPS. At different health percentages more adds will spawn, they have elemental attacks as well. 


  • ??
  • ??
  • ??

Tank:  Focus on boss, not the adds since they can't be chained.

DPS: Focus on adds until the boss' HP drops to 15%. When boss leaps keep a distance so you have enough time to dodge.

Healer: Stay in the center to heal the whole group.



Level: CP 160



Hunting Phase: The area is covered by heavy fog, and if you are not in stealth you will be punished by teleport into air and fall. Every time you're teleported into the air during a single phase, the higher you will drop from until the third time you will be killed. (Do not attempt to resurrect a player because it will reveal you. ) This phase also occurs at health percentages of 80%, 55%, and 20%. Immediately enter sneak and spread out to the four cardinal directions of the room when notification of the Hunt beginning. Keep an eye on your stamina. Vampire is recommended for the stealth movement buff.

With each progressing Hunting Phase, there will be more attacks that may pull you out of stealth. Spread out when AoEs are coming, send one player to the-wisp.


  • Wisp: A friendly wisp will be floating around the area. The wisp will have a green AOE around it when it lands, and a player must go to that place and Synergize it. This needs to be done three times for each phase. It will then find the boss and you can exit stealth until the next Hunting Phase.
  • Light Attack: Tacyr has a frontal cone cleave attack so do not stand in front of the boss.
  • Stampede: Tacyr will rear up and send out ethereal Indriks at each player. Block or dodge it or you will be knocked out.
  • Fire Rampage: Tacyr will gain a shield and start rampaging leaving a firewall in her wake. Try to stay out of those.
  • Lightning Prance: The lightning ability will wipe the group within about two or three stampedes, which is within about two seconds. Interrupt it ASAP.

Tank: Turn boss whenever possible, and watch out for the lightning prance. 

DPS: Focus on adds when they spawn.

Healer: Do not attempt to heal while in a Hunting Phase as this will get you revealed. If you have long-lasting heal over time abilities, refresh them right before the Hunting Phase beings.


Level: CP 160



The area consists of three islands, the boss has different elemental attacks, like poisonous spores and a lightning attack. After the poison AOE move out of the water to dodge the lightning attack.  

When the boss drops to low HP the arena will be covered in darkness and fog. The boss will throw an AOE on one player and chase him/her. You need to pull the boss THROUGH the blue pillar of light. All group members need to get to that pillar of light as well so when the boss is broken out of the darkness, tank can take immediate control.

Some wolves will spawn during the darkness phase. The longer the dark phase lasts, the more wolves that spawn. These wolves stay when the darkness phase is over, you need to be careful of them when searching the pillar of light.


  • Ground Slam: Large AOE around boss with high damage, strongly advised to dodge it. 
  • Breath Attack: A conal attack that will follow the target, usually the tank if taunted.
  • ??

Tank: Taunt boss whenever possible.

DPS: Kill the spawns if possible during the dark phase.

Healer: heal like your life depends on it


  • Dungeon Gallery


March of Sacrifices Information

  • Location: At a Hircine statue southwest of Serpent's Grotto in Greenshade.
  • Suggested Level: CP 160
  • Final Boss: Balorgh



March of Sacrifices Map




  • The Wyrd Sisters
  • Aghaedh of the Solstice
  • Dagrund the Bulky
  • Tarcyr
  • Balorgh

Set Drop

NPCs in the area

  • Hanu (Quest Giver)
  • Hircine
  • Balorgh
  • Dagrund the Bulky
  • Foral
  • Hunder
  • Maveld Bearfang

Notable Items

  • ?? Lorebooks


  • Aghaedh of the Solstice
  • Wyress Rangifer, Wyress Strigidae, Wyress Ursus
  • Bloodscent Archers
  • Bloodscent Assassins
  • Bloodscent Guardians
  • Frost Lurchers
  • Sea Lurchers
  • Wispmothers



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